Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Tip Jar: Be Smart And Avoid The Ugly Side Of Exotic Male Dancers

   Is there an ugly side to male dancers? Well, maybe not the exotic male dancers themselves but there is an ugly side to the business. Most customers and fans are amazing, but as we unfortunately know, there are people who do not have the best intentions toward others. Hopefully, I can provide a few tips and suggestions that will help the male dancer to play it safe.


Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   I recommend that you never allow anyone at the bar to buy you a drink and bring it to you. If they want to buy you a drink, go with them to the bar and watch the bartender make it and hand it to you. Do not allow another person to carry it to you. The wrong person could slip something into your drink. The motives for their behavior could be varied. Some might want to get you into a situation where their advances cannot be refused. Others just might want to fuck you up. Be smart.

   Keep your tips, clothing and belongings locked up. It is the hope that bars and clubs will have lockers that can be locked where you can store your belongings while dancing. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. I recommend that you find a room, an office, etc., where you can lock up your belongings. And I hate to say it, but if possible, lock them up where other dancers cannot get to them as well. I've heard many stories from male dancers about having a great night in tips only to have them stolen by some gutter trash. Sometimes it was by customers who had gained access to locations where the dancers had left their belongings. And other times it has been other dancers or staff members who have had sticky fingers. If needed, have someone you trust keep your belongings and tips while you are performing. Be smart.


Photo Source: Nick DiCristina
   If you drive to a bar or club, make sure any valuables are locked safely away, or at the least, put them out of sight. There are some locations with security staff that patrol the parking areas. But many do not. Bars and clubs are prime targets for late night thieves to break in and take your possessions. If they want something bad enough, they will break a window. Park in a well-lit area. Hide your possessions. Roll up the windows and lock the doors before getting out. Be smart.


Photo Source: Monster Bar - NYC
   When leaving the bar or club after you've completed your dancing obligation, I recommend that you walk out with at least one other person. This is no time to be macho. Have club security go with you, or at the least, have them watch you from the door until you get in your car and drive off. Everyone in the club has watched tips being placed in your underwear during the night. This makes you a target when you come out of the venue and head to your vehicle. If you've had a good night in tips, the amount you are carrying on your person in cash could be substantial. Never walk by yourself, particularly if you were not able to park close to the club. If you are a block or more away, have someone walk with you and then if needed, drive them back to the club. Be smart.

   Don't get fucked up at a gig! Do not get drunk! Do not get high! Keep your head straight. Getting drunk or high will only make it easy for someone to take advantage. They could relieve you of your tips without your knowing. They may relieve their other urges without your consent because you are unable to comprehend what is actually going on until it is too late. And you might not mind those nude photos of you that are floating around on the internet but you can't remember when they were taken. And I mean, if you're going to do nude photos, well, at least talk to a photographer like me who will be happy to take them for you in a safe and professional environment. Be smart.
   Until next time, be safe! And we'll see you at the club with dollars in hand!

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Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

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