Thursday, March 12, 2015

For A Good Time...Visit Dick!
Dick's Cabaret ~ Phoenix, AZ

Photo Source: Dick's Cabaret Facebook Page

GUEST REVIEW By FALKIRK ... His experience at Dick's Cabaret in Phoenix, AZ
   I went to Dick's last night for the second time in about six weeks. The last time was a Tuesday night, and I was the only one there with eight dancers. They all performed for me, even though I made it clear I was only there while I was waiting for some friends to land at the nearby airport to pick them up.
   Anyway, it set the tone as a surprisingly fun place. Last night, there was a little more activity (Wednesday) with some of the same dancers, some new.
   A refresher: Dick's has been around a long time and has made at least one major move in the last few years. It is in a warehouse district between the Phoenix Airport and University of Arizona-Tempe. At first glance it seems a little seedy (well, a lot seedy), but the dancers make all the difference. There is no smoking allowed, and there is no alcohol (state law). So it is all about the boys.
   They are each introduced and perform two songs while doing some amazing pole work. By the second song, they are in their underwear and the DJ prompts them for the last minute of their set and they become fully nude.
   After the dance, they circulate among the group and make contact with the customers. Most a very friendly and outgoing. Of course, looking to score a lap dance ($10) on the floor or a VIP dance ($20) in an area just off the entrance (not private). There they dance fully nude.
   The dancers were all very good-looking and well-equipped. They were predominantly Caucasian guys with one mixed race. It was easy to talk with them and learn their "stories." I learned that most were straight but loved working for men and truly, they seemed to enjoy what they were doing.
   They don't do costumes. Just street clothes. And they aren't on for very long. The pole work is awesome. These guys practice a lot and do things on the pole I didn't think was possible. One guy even did his stripping while on the pole!
   All in all, I think this place doesn't get higher ratings as a bar because it really is a place for the dancers. It is run by Cynthia, who I introduced myself to. She has been at it for years and reminds me of Darlene at the Gaiety in New York, the famous strip show palace that met it demise several years ago along with the Times Square clean up campaign.
   Finally, even though it is in area that could appear dicey at night, the place is well-lit and has a gated parking area. Go for a good time, anytime.
Thanks for the review Falkirk... Michael Hill
NOTE FROM MICHAEL HILL: I have spoken with some of the dancers online and on the phone. They are a great group of guys. If you're in the Phoenix, AZ area, you owe it to yourself to stop in and have some fun. Tell them Mike at Males In Motion says hi. And tip well for me!
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