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Who is Michael Hill? And what is Males In Motion?

Photo Source: Males In Motion     Photo by Michael Hill    Model: Mike
   Michael Hill is me! Lately I have been asked about who I am, what I do, and what is Males In Motion. I decided to write a blog and answer these questions for those who may not know. I am not and have never been an exotic male dancer. My approach to this industry is strictly from the side of the customer, fan and cheerleader. It is the customer who provides dollars to keep the dancers dancing, the bartenders pouring drinks, and pays the cover charge. It is the customer who supports a venue to keep the doors open. The customer is therefore, one of, if not the most important ingredient in the successful operation of a bar or club.
   I am a photographer, promoter, blogger and web developer. These four roles grew out of my passion for the entertainment world of exotic male dancers. For many years I worked for a corporation as a member of the IT staff. I traveled to different places in the U.S. and Mexico where the company had offices. During my travels I would always look for clubs that featured male dancers to visit during my off-work hours. I made some great discoveries along the way. Imagine the thrill of my first introduction to all-nude male dancers at Swinging Richards in Atlanta, Boxers N Briefs near St. Louis, and others.

Photo Source: Males In Motion     Photo by Michael Hill
   This was before the days of social media, yes, I'm that old. So, finding information about clubs that featured male dancers was not as easily attainable. In 2003, I was motivated to start a website, Males In Motion, where I could maintain a list of the clubs across North America. After that, any time I traveled for work or pleasure, I would have an available list online where I could check for clubs in the area and then, go have my fun. I soon discovered there were many other fans who felt the way I did, and they began to check the website during their travels as well.

Photo Source: Males In Motion     Photo by Michael Hill
   I dabbled in photography in high school and even wound up being the editor of the high school yearbook my senior year. I continued to enjoy photography in college and then after graduation as a hobby. It was often difficult to find the kind of images I wanted to use on my website so I began to go out and capture those images myself at clubs featuring male dancers. In time, I also started hiring local college students to be male models for promotional images for Males In Motion. For a couple of years, I even took promotional photos for local drag queens and entertainers. Today, I take only the photos that I want. Most of these are studio shots used on the website or blog. A few are promotional images for male dancers. When possible, I still enjoy capturing images of male dancers doing their thing in clubs or at events.

Photo Source: Males In Motion     Photo by Michael Hill
   Today I describe Males In Motion as a news and information service that promotes the world of exotic male dancers. Males In Motion is not an agency that provides male dancers for events. Nor are we a male review. Instead, we promote the exotic male dancer entertainment industry itself, male dancers and the clubs that feature them. We do this through our website Males In Motion, this Males In Motion blog, a Facebook Page, Twitter (@mimotion), Instagram (@mimotion5205) and Tumblr. I also serve as a consultant to male dancers, show directors, club managers/owners and promoters. And when the mood strikes, I hire male dancers for promotional purposes to appear at clubs and private parties.

Photo Source: Males In Motion     Photo by Michael Hill
   Males In Motion will turn 15 in September. Over these 15 years I have learned what customers are looking for in an entertainment experience with male dancers. I have learned how to convert the entertainment experiences into financial success for male dancers and the clubs where they perform. I have watched many clubs open their doors for the first time, as well as close their doors permanently. I know many of the pitfalls to avoid in this business. I try to share what I have learned with anyone in the business who will listen.

Photo Source: Males In Motion     Photo by Michael Hill
   Another question I am always asked is "where is your pic?" In this age of putting our whole world on social media for everyone to see, I am the mysterious figure who doesn't have any pics of myself online...or do I? The pics I use on the Males In Motion social media accounts, the website, in the blog, are all models I have hired or male dancers. I stay in the background so I am treated like any other customer who visits. I travel North America and visit clubs featuring male dancers and write reviews. I want to know the reality. I also consult with dancers, bartenders, club staff, managers, show directors, DJs, etc., and provide tips and information that I have gathered over the years. All is done for one help everyone be successful. If I can do this as just another regular customer, I get the true picture and hopefully any assistance I can provide will be more effective as a result. It's kind of like being a secret shopper. I will admit that over the years I have developed friendships with many people in the industry so it is becoming more difficult to go to some locations and slip in quietly and discreetly.

Photo Source: Males In Motion     Photo by Michael Hill
   For the male dancer, I can make recommendations that encourage customers to tip you more. This can be as simple as the style of underwear that will fit your body, and the best colors to wear. For the club manager/owner, I can recommend steps toward creating an atmosphere of true customer service where everyone feels welcomed and will want to return for future visits. For the show director I can provide inspiration to create new experiences for the customers. For the DJ's, I can provide tips on what music best motivates the dancers to move seductively, and the music that specific customer target markets want to hear. There are so many simple steps that can be taken that when combined, will have a major impact on financial success and customer enjoyment.

Photo Source: Males In Motion     Photo by Michael Hill
   I am luckier than many. I combined the things I enjoy most - travel, photography, writing and exotic male dancers - and created my own career as a photographer and promoter. I chose to be a promoter because I wanted to participate in the success of my favorite form of entertainment which includes male strippers, go-go boys, pole dancers, male reviews, and nude male dancers. I promote the dancing boys because I enjoy watching, tipping and photographing them. I promote also because I want to assist clubs, venues, events and any other business that feature male dancers. It's purely selfish. I want them to be successful so that I can continue to enjoy male dancers the rest of my life. I have often joked that I'll be old, feeble and in a wheel chair and I'll still be wheeling up to the stage to tip the boys! And of course, I"ll need a male stripper for every birthday in my golden years. I'll never be too old for a lap dance.

Photo Source: Males In Motion     Photo by Michael Hill
   I hope I have answered your questions with this blog. If however, you have further questions, please feel free to add them to the comments below and I will reply. If you are interested in my services as a consultant, please let me know. I prefer to be contacted through social media. My social media accounts are listed at the bottom of this blog. Consulting for male dancers is always free. Depending on the type of request, it is usually free for clubs and their staff members as well. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Bulge - Social Media Finds Through June 10, 2018 (NSFW)

Photo Source: Blow ~ West Hollywood, CA     Photo by Brett Saari
   Blow in West Hollywood, CA is a new discovery this week. How did we miss it? We're glad to have made their acquaintance through social media. And love the dancing boys that are featured at the club. Check out all the other finds from the past couple of weeks. Some new, some revisited. We've provided a tease. As you read further in the blog, the dancers seem to be wearing fewer and fewer clothes. Enjoy! And thanks again for following Males In Motion.

   340 Nightclub in Pomona, CA always features male dancers who are well-endowed and as shown above, provide a nice rear view as well.

Sexy menu #sinfulstuds #sexyboys #fitness

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   Phoenix, AZ is one of our favorite cities for exotic male dancers. There are many clubs that feature male dancers weekly and several agencies that provide them. Sinful Studs (above) is one of those agencies. This dancer is performing at PLAZMA.

   If you love twinks, then you'll love Boxers 'N Briefs in Centreville, IL - across the river in the St. Louis metro area. Caleb Frost (above) is a long-time friend of Males In Motion. If you're in the area, stop in and spend some time with Caleb. Tell him Mike from Males In Motion says hello.

   I've included the dancer above from 340 Nightclub because he is cute and I love the shape of his body.

   Allusia introduces the go-go boys at Blow, a nightclub in West Hollywood, CA.

   Monster Bar in NYC always has hot male dancers. I also love their promo shots like the one above!

SPUNK at Monster πŸ‘Ή! #monsterbarnyc #spunknyc #thursdaynight #gogoboy

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   Another sexy male dancer pic from Monster Bar in NYC!

   X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA is one of our favorite places to play in the Northeast!

   Let the invasion begin!

   We've been following Michael Staxx for awhile. He and his twin brother perform at clubs around the country. They can also be found in tag-team adventures in more intimate videos. Check out his twitter page for more info.


   Thanks so much for taking a few minutes and checking out our latest social media finds. Continue to support the bulge in your area by tipping those dancing boys! And please let the bartenders and management of any establishment that you visit know that we are all grateful for all they do to keep the boys dancing! Until next time, get those dollars ready! I'll see you at the bulge.

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The TIP JAR: Mike's Five Recommendations For Selecting Underwear ~ What are the dancing boys wearing when they shake and bounce?

Photo Source: The Manhattan Monster Bar ~ NYC
   Ok, first let's make it very clear. I honestly don't give a sh*t about underwear brands and labels. If you have the money and want to pay $30 plus for a pair of underwear that makes you look amazing, go for it! If you want to pay less than $3 on eBay for a pair of underwear that makes you look amazing, go for it! I'm not a tipping snob. I'll tip because I think the dancer is sexy. I'll tip because I'm attracted to a specific dancer. I'll tip because they have a big dick! I'll tip because they have an amazing bubble butt! I'll tip because they have a cute face and their smile makes me melt. But I never tip because a male dancer is wearing a specific label or brand of underwear. I tip because the color, style or fit of that underwear catches my eye and makes me thirsty!
   Then why am I writing a blog featuring what exotic male dancers have been wearing during their performances over the past few months? Well, because I am wanting to feature male dancers in underwear that I think enhances their bodies and makes me want to tip. This will provide a cue to other male dancers who are searching for what to wear to encourage customers and fans like me to tip.


Photo Source: 340 Nightclub ~ Pomona, CA
   FIRST RECOMMENDATION: Be aware of colors and patterns.
If you are average to well endowed, wear bright colors that accentuate your vpl (visual penis line). Underwear that molds itself around the head of the penis is sexy as hell, and believe me the customers notice. Darker colors will tend to hide the vpl. And in a dark club, the fact that you are hung will be lost in the shadows. Prints and patterns although bright in color, will often have the same effect. The best option to show off a big cock is solid bright colors. My personal favorites are a baby blue and orange. But many other colors such as red, or neons or white all work quite well. If you are below average in the penis department, then I recommend you wear dark colors. This will make it less obvious that your bulge might not be the bait that lures them in. And besides, keep reading, we'll tell you how to use your best assets to reel-them-in.


Photo Source: 340 Nightclub ~ Pomona, CA
   SECOND RECOMMENDATION: Emphasize your ASS-ets.
If you were blessed with, or have worked to create a beautiful bubble butt, all I can say is thank you for sharing it. And please don't be offended when I give it a squeeze while tipping. If you were not given that amazing bubble butt and would like to enhance what you have been given, I have a couple of ideas for you. If you have a flat ass, select underwear that has a seam in the back. The seam visually splits your globes and gives you more of an appearance of curves. If you are at a club where you can, wear jock straps or buttless underwear so your crack is shown. A naked ass is a naked ass, and any true fan of an exotic male dancer is going to look. I also recommend that you give a thong or g-string a chance, but try them on and have someone you trust give an opinion. If you have very little or no curve at the bottom of your butt, they could make your butt look flatter.

Photo Source: Men Of Skin ~ Kansas City, MO


Photo Source: Stock Bar ~ Montreal, Quebec
   THIRD RECOMMENDATION: Think about style.
There are several types of underwear styles on the market including boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, thongs, g-strings, etc. Select styles that look good on your body. Boxers should only be worn for holidays and special events when the boxers have a theme on them to match. Fans and customers do not want to see boxers that are loose and therefore do not provide glimpses of the boy parts that they want to see. There is one exception to the boxers rule. If you are hung and the boxers are loose and you can make your junk bounce around inside the boxers, well, we strongly approve of that move.
   If you have muscular legs that will stretch the fabric, then boxer briefs (above) will look good. If on the other hand, you have skinny legs, boxer briefs that are loose, are a no-no.
   Trunks (above) look good on almost every body type. This is almost always a safe purchase.

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans, LA
   Contrary to popular belief, the tighty-whitey (above) is not dead. These are great if you have big balls, or create a great moose knuckle in your shorts. They are also the best for wet underwear nights. If you just can't see yourself wearing tighty-whities, then pick a brief in a different color. I like the ones that have a contrasting color on the crotch.

Cakes @elrubio1169 ... yep we have the best at @piranhavegas #piranhanightclub

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   If you have been blessed with a great ass like the one above on the dancer at Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas, show it off! Surprise your audience by slipping in a thong, g-string or jock strap. This will present that amazing butt in all its glory. The fans will notice, and tips are sure to follow.
   If you have been touched by the Gods and are hung like the proverbial horse, one of the pair of underwear with the built in penis pouch (above) is for you. This pulls your junk forward and pushes it out, emphasizing what Mother Nature has given you. Once again, the fans will notice, and tips will follow. Be prepared also for a few gropes.


Photo Source: Southern Nights ~ Tampa, FL

Photo Source: Southern Nights ~ Tampa, FL
   FOURTH RECOMMENDATION: Baggy is never in!
Underwear that is baggy looks like it is old and worn out. It is not sexy, and suggests that maybe you need someone to help you select underwear, or you need to find another occupation. Make sure it fits! (Above) If that means you buy a size smaller, then buy a size smaller.

   FIFTH RECOMMENDATION: Go for variety!
Different fans are turned on by different looks, styles, fits, etc. Keep a variety of different styles and colors that you know look great on you. Change underwear several times during your performance. This keeps your look fresh and enticing for the fan, and more fun for you! Check out the underwear variety on the male dancers (above) from Club Papi at Micky's in West Hollywood, CA. Several have decided to feature their bulge in their choice of underwear. All I can say is thank you and very nice!


Photo Source: Dick's Cabaret - Phoenix, AZ
   Thanks for reading this blog and following us. Until next time, go buy some new sexy underwear for you, or your favorite male dancer! Message me on Facebook, Instagram or make a comment below and tell me what you like about the underwear you buy! (Info for Males In Motion social media is at the bottom of this blog.)


Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital