Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Taking The G-String To New Heights ~ Christian - Males In Motion June Obsession

Photo Source: Macky Ray   Uncensored photo at bottom of blog
   At Males In Motion we absolutely love a male wearing a G-string. The English Oxford Living Dictionary defines a G-string as "A garment consisting of a narrow strip of cloth that covers the genitals and is attached to a waistband, worn as underwear or by striptease performers." A bartender named Macky Ray at Oilcan Harrys in Austin, Tx has been keeping us thirsty with pics he has been posting of one of the dancers featured at OCH. The dancers name is Christian. Perusing the images of Christian wearing a variety of different colored G-strings has been one of our recent guilty pleasures. In our opinion, Christian has single-handedly forced the G-string into the limelight once again. We are grateful.

Photo Source: Macky Ray
   Christian is in possession of all the assets that raise the G-string to new heights. We'll get to the obvious in a moment. Let's start with that smile. If you were getting ready to leave a club and a dancer flashed a smile like that, you'd turn around and walk right back in, up to the stage, and start sliding dollars in the strings.

Photo Source: Macky Ray
   If a dancer walks out with a chest like that, you're immediately going to be up on your feet and heading in his direction. It's one of those chest that you have to slide your hand across. And maybe, just maybe, stop for a second and pinch a nipple. No, there's no maybe about it, you are definitely going to pinch a nipple.

Photo Source: Macky Ray
   And your hand isn't going to stop at the chest. You'll move right along to his flat stomach and those abs. Yea, they are worth a visit or two, or three... And let's not forget those muscled arms. Those firm, tight, rock-solid muscled arms... Sorry, I slipped off into a Blanche Devereaux inspired daydream for a moment.

Photo Source: Macky Ray
   The G-string is designed to cover the essentials of what has to be covered. Let's just say that Christian has been blessed with the essentials. They are beautifully displayed in the soft fabric pouch of a G-string...and that is all he is wearing...just a soft fabric pouch. Everything else, not inside the pouch, is visible for the eye to see. Woohoo!

Photo Source: Macky Ray
   The Pièce De Résistance of the G-string is when the dancer turns around, you are then greeted with his naked ass. In Christian's case, it is one amazing ass. I think I should throw in here that a popular definition of Pièce De Résistance is "the main dish of a meal". *evil grin inserted here* I'll let you take that definition into your own daydream. (I can read your thoughts now, and you are so bad!)

Photo Source: Macky Ray
   I could go on and on, and most likely will in my daydreams. For all the reasons listed above and many, many more, we have selected Christian as our Males In Motion Obsession for June 2018. If you are in the Austin, TX area living or visiting, stop in at Oilcan Harrys and take a trip across the topography of Christian. Please tip him once for me and tell him that Mike from Males In Motion says, "THANK YOU SO KINDLY!" for wearing the G-string.

Photo Source: Macky Ray
  Until next time, don't forget to tip all the boys. And if they are wearing a G-string, tip them in the front, in the back, on each side, and let me know the exact level of softness of that fabric pouch.

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital


  1. Christian is a Fine Looking Guy! He sure knows how to properly wear and show off that g-string. He has a perfect Ass and a Smile that lights up the room. I hope he is shown a little more often here in your blog and all your Social Media sites.

    1. Thanks for the comment Joe! Yes, Christian is one of our current favorites. I'm sure he'll be making many more appearances in our shares and posts! We're loving the g-strings!