Sunday, February 26, 2017

Could you check under my hood please? ~ Ricky "the Mechanic" Spanish ~ Our February Obsession

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Josh New
   In the 13 years that Males In Motion has been in existence, It would be hard to remember a dancer that has caused such a stir. Everyone is falling in love with Ricky. Customers resemble a deer in headlights upon first contact with Ricky. They go into this staring mode where their eyes follow him around the room. They then realize those dollars are not going to stay in their pocket much longer. Yep, Ricky is going to get them sooner or later. Watch as they start looking around the room trying to locate the ATM. I try to reassure them that they are in good company. It has happened to many of us!

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Asher Photography
   Is it his infectious smile? Is it the "hello!" body! Is it the personality that makes you want to reach into your pocket, take out dollars, and keep placing them in his waistband? Yes, probably all of that and more.

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page
   We fell under the Ricky "the Mechanic" spell a few weeks ago on a visit to Area 18 in Tulsa, OK. We could see he was something special then, but we had no idea the effect he was having on others. Over the past few weeks, we've observed posts on Facebook where all types of propositions have been sent Ricky's way. Of course, these were all in fun...*wink, wink*. Ok, so one or two of them might have belonged to us. I might have said something like "my radiator overheated and is in need of repair". I mean, after all, his dancer name is the Mechanic. Who wouldn't want a mechanic like that under your hood? Just sayin' ...


Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Asher Photography
   We've got more... who wouldn't want him to park his car in your garage? Who wouldn't want Ricky to come check out your back seat? Who wouldn't want Ricky to put it in drive? I can keep going but for now, I'll leave the stick shift alone,and postpone that oil check until later.

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Rick Craig
   And what song would be playing on the radio in our car? We went back a few years for Pebbles and her "Mercedes Boy". I've posted it below so you can let it play and look at Ricky's pics. Go ahead and listen to the music and take Ricky for a ride in your Mercedes.

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Josh New
   We've named Ricky "the Mechanic" Spanish our February obsession. And I think it's pretty obvious why. If you find yourself in the Tulsa, OK area, stop in at Area 18 and check out Ricky's engine. And if you aren't in the area, click one of the pics and follow him on social media. Ricky does live broadcast from the club some nights.

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Asher Photography
   Until next time just remember, life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long. And, don't forget to tip the boyz!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Fourteen Days Of Male Glory ~ Mike's Picks For Male Dancers In Fourteen Locations!

   If I had unlimited funds to travel for two weeks to any U.S. or Canadian destination for the purpose of watching Exotic Male Dancers shake their money makers, the following is the list of where I would like to be, and the day of the week I want to be there. Of course, this would not be a road trip, but since I'm daydreaming, my own private jet would work just fine! And don't pay any attention to the fact that I'll be crisscrossing the continent in no organized fashion. I'm going where I want to be on the nights I want to be there.

Week One:

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket
    Monday - Week One, Day One
  • Corner Pocket - New Orleans, LA
       I love the Corner Pocket on any night of the week and since they are open 7 nights a week, this is where I want to start. I choose a possible slower night because I like the laid back New Orleans vibe, and this is one of my favorite bars/clubs with exotic male dancers. I'll have a smile on my face starting at 9pm when the boys step up on the bar, and I start tipping.
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Photo Source: Stockbar
    Tuesday - Week One, Day Two
  • Stockbar - Montreal, Quebec
       If you are ever going to experience a private lap dance, I recommend you do it here. The club is a total sensual experience. Your head will be spinning while looking at all the hot bodies and handsome faces. You'll surrender all inhibitions to the sexy French Canadian accents. I like a Tuesday because after Stockbar, I've already had an amazing week.
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Photo Source: Swinging Richards
    Wednesday - Week One, Day Three
  • Swinging Richards - Atlanta, GA
       I have been to Swinging Richards many times and have NEVER been disappointed. SR delivers every single time. I choose Wednesdays because they give 2-4-1 VIP rooms & FREE VIP Lounge entry. So, more of my money will go to tipping the boys. And I like sliding those dollars bills in their...armbands, yep, there is no underwear waistband to slide them in, because they are nude.
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Photo Source: Fubar
    Thursday - Week One, Day Four
  • Fubar - Los Angeles, CA
    “A party for drunk homos and those who love them”. When you title your event night BFD which stands for Big Fat Dick, you're definitely going to get my attention. I like BFD as much as the next gay guy. The slightly off-beat, not 'run-of-the-mill' ads, and the unique creativity behind this night makes it one which we want to attend. One of the mottos for the night - "We think you're cute when drunk n stupid." With my quirky sense of humor, I fit right in. They promote Thursday nights BFD as "L.A.s longest running weekly boy party!” I think it's time I sampled the tradition.
    (Click here and read a previous review of Fubar by guest reviewer Bryce Adonis, owner/stripper at the Men Of Eden).

Photo Source: Quench Lounge
    Friday - Week One, Day Five
  • Quench - Largo, FL
    "Cocky Friday" is the event night name advertising the sexiest male dancers in the Tampa Bay area hitting the dance floor starting at 9pm. Shhhhh... don't tell anyone but this club is on my actual list for 2017. I'm planning to make it this Spring. I'll tell you all about it.

Photo Source: FairyTail Lounge
    Saturday - Week One, Day Six
  • The Fairy Tail Lounge - New York, NY
       The men of SPUNK and the men of Adonis Lounge perform every Saturday at The Fairy Tail Lounge! When you combine these two major forces from the exotic male dancer industry (Luis Gomez with Spunk and Timothy de Iturriaga with the men of Adonis Lounge) and then add in the queen of the night Holly Dae as host-ess, well ladies and gentlemen, you have the ingredients for a fun-filled, erotic Saturday evening. But don't worry. If you can't make it on Saturday night, The Fairy Tail Lounge has go-go boys every night of the week.

Photo Source: X-Room at Mardi Gras
    Sunday - Week One, Day Seven
  • X-Room At Mardi Gras - Springfield, MA
       The X-Room at Mardi Gras is a great place to get your weekend party on, but for me, going in on a Sunday (recovery day) works best. Industry friends like Sammy, manager, and James, bartender extraordinaire, provide a place where I can sit back, relax and live in the moment. Of course, when I look up and see hot male dancers on the bar above and in front of me, well, I know I'm exactly where I want to be. I'll just say that a few trips for private lap dances works wonders as well. And who knows, I may go in a little early and play a game or two of Sunday bingo.
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Week Two:
Photo Source: Dick's Cabaret
    Monday - Week Two, Day Eight
  • Dick's Cabaret - Phoenix, AZ
       You may not be aware of it but Monday's are for Dick's. I'm sure everyone would like some Dick's on Mondays. I know I do. Some of you may have read the blog about my visit this past summer. It was on a Monday. And I want to go back. For me, this is a sure fire successful kick-off to week two and day 8 of my fourteen days. And I always like to make it rain in the desert! Be sure and meet Huckleberry while you are there. Just ask a dancer, they can introduce you.
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Photo Source: Chasers
    Tuesday - Week Two, Day Nine
  • Chasers - Charlotte, NC
       I've been informed by one of my spies that I need to check out Chasers in Charlotte, NC. This friend, recruited as a spy, was in the area on business and stopped in to check it out for me. He liked it. I've added it in for a Tuesday night because that's the night he was spying, I mean traveling. And if he had a lot of fun on a Tuesday, then I'm thinking I will too. Plus, I won't have to get up the next morning for a business meeting, I can just have fun all night and sleep in the next day! Any club that has hot go-go boys every night of the week, well, that's a club that I definitely need to visit.

Photo Source: Boyztown Denver
    Wednesday - Week Two, Day Ten
  • Boyztown - Denver, CO
       It's been way too long since I visited the mile high city. It's time I stopped in at Boyztown in Denver for the nightly male review (Tuesday through Saturday). At 10pm I'll be ready to watch the Wednesday night Amateur Strip Off Contest with cash prizes. Maybe I can talk them into letting me be a judge. I'd be happy to personally interview each potential male stripper. I promise not to be bribed by large endowments, bubble butts, pretty faces, muscles....oh, who am I kidding? But wait, that's what they are judged on. Right? Ok, I'm in!

Photo Source: The Floppy Rooster and Mark's List
    Thursday - Week Two, Day Eleven
  • Floppy Rooster - Miami, FL
    (Closed 2017)

       It is difficult to believe that there is a nude male strip club in the United States that I have not yet visited. So, the Floppy Rooster has to be on my list. If the feedback I've received from friends are any indication, then I can't wait to tip these boys. I've enjoyed the pics provided by Mark's List, and will make it a priority to visit, as soon as obligations and funds allow. I'll go on Thursday night and jump start my weekend!

Photo Source: Club Gold Coast
    Friday - Week Two, Day Twelve
  • Gold Coast - Detroit, MI
       I am intrigued by what has been happening at Gold Coast. They have been advertising a "Feel Good Fridays" event, and the line-up of dancers looks quite tasty (and there's a cowboy...woohoo!). My Males In Motion spies from this area have been telling me good things about this club. Spies = male stripper fans who share my passion for the dancing boyz. So, since I'm a southerner, I'll plan a trip up north during the warmer months and have a spy meeting at Gold Coast. Of course, my interpretation of "Feel Good" is more about my abilities, than the event.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
    Saturday - Week Two, Day Thirteen
  • Area 18 - Tulsa, OK
    (Closed 2017)

  •    I placed Area 18 in my list for Saturday because I have a personal knowledge of how much fun I will have. And for this reason, even though I don't live in Tulsa, I've adopted Area 18 as my home bar with male dancers. I love partying with friends and family. It's the people that make this bar different. People like Craig at the door, Wes in the DJ booth, Chris, Brandon and Laura behind the bar, and Shannon behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly. This year has already been exceptional for the quality of male dancers Area 18 has in its lineup. And they bring in dancers from other areas from time-to-time, including some of my friends from Men Of Skin.
    (Click here and read our previous review of Area 18.)

Photo Source: Tremont Lounge
    Sunday - Week Two, Day Fourteen
  • Tremont Lounge - Columbus, OH
       For me a male stripper North American bar hop would not be complete if I didn't visit the sexy dancing boys in Columbus, OH. And because I like them to be very near my person, I want to make a stop at the Tremont Lounge. I love this neighborhood bar with the intimate atmosphere. The male dancers work the room and I get to be lazy and sit and tip. But there is one reason I get out of my seat. In respect, I walk up to tip the legendary Georgia Jackson, host-ess of the show. She has earned that. The male dancer line up at the Tremont Lounge is full of variety and changes each week. I know that when I visit, there will be one or more of my favorite Columbus area boys performing. This is how I like spending my Sunday nights.
    (Click here and read a previous blog about the Boys Of Ohio who dance at Tremont Lounge.)

   This is only 14 days. I've picked out a few clubs that I want to visit now! There are so many more that I want to visit later. There are so many waistbands that I want to tuck dollar bills into. Follow this blog and take the ride with me. Thanks for reading. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys!

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