Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Tip Jar: Quality Service With A Personal Touch Will Bring The Customers Back

   In the not so distance past in the United States, a consumer had a personal interaction with those he chose to do business with for goods and services. For example, when needing clothing, a personal tailor may have been acquired to create the latest fashions. Or, if clothing was purchased in a store, a shopkeeper or sales associate would work directly with each individual to find the best styles, fit, colors, etc. This was done with the goal in mind of assisting the customer to look their best. And if successful, it was this store, and shopkeeper or sales associate that the customer would return to for any and all future purchases. This has all but disappeared except in the most exclusive high-end boutiques.
   A customer returning to a favored salesman or business still happens in some cases. For example, if you feel you received a 'good deal' when buying a car, you are most likely to return to the same car dealership and if possible, the same salesman when it is time to purchase a new vehicle. In my own life, I have returned to purchase a vehicle from the same source for the past three vehicles I have owned. I can remember visiting the same doctor and dentist throughout my life until I became an adult and moved too far away from them. However, I do remember for several years after I had moved, returning to the same hair stylist when I would visit my parents.
   The examples above happened because myself or my parents had confidence in the quality of service provided by those individuals, and we believed the cost of the services provided to be acceptable. Over the years we developed a personal relationship with these people and many also became friends. They were also the first name that would come to mind when a product or service in their category was needed.
   Good customer service is rare in some businesses or geographical locations. There are very few if any situations that the average consumer will work with the same individual for current and future purchases. The dentist, doctor and hair stylist examples may still apply. However, think about when you buy groceries, household items, electronics, and even clothing. You may or may not visit the same store. You most likely will not speak to the same person working a particular department. You may or may not speak to the same person at check out. And future purchases will almost certainly be with a new person with whom you've never met. I live in a college town and you can be confident that every 4-5 months, the staff at your favorite restaurant is going to be composed of mainly new employees.
   Let's take this one step further. The brick and mortar store is becoming a thing of the past as many businesses are closing their doors. In my own area, the local malls have experienced a decline in business and many stores have moved out or closed such as Sears, J.C. Penneys, Toys R Us, etc. One of the main reasons for all the store closings is a shift in consumer behavior. Many people are shopping online because of the convenience. This has created mega-businesses like Amazon.
   How can I apply this to the exotic male dancer? We all crave human interaction. Yes, I know there are those who say they hate people and some individuals would rather be alone most of the time. However, that is not the experience of the exotic male dancer fan. If anything, he or she is there for a huge helping of quality service and definitely craves human touch. And he or she is a participating consumer who is ready to exchange dollars for a little attention from the male dancers.

Photo Source: Rebar Chelsea - NYC
   This translates into revenue opportunities for the male dancer who is wise enough to play the game. All it takes is a personal touch in the form of flirting and teasing. If one chooses to go a step further, well, I wouldn't try to stop them. Let me just be honest here. When I find a male dancer to be attractive, I am first going to focus my gaze upon them. If they return that gaze and acknowledge that I exist, then I am going to make the move toward them with dollars in hand for tipping. If when I arrive at their location, they are friendly, flirty and like to tease, then more of my dollars are going to find a home in the waistband of that dancer. We could stop there and all parties have fulfilled their roles and will be happy.
   But let me speak as a gay male who of course is one of the top fans of exotic male dancers, if by some stroke of luck my hands are able to do some exploring while tipping, I'm going to be encouraged to tip even more. I'm just being real here. Oh, I know there are laws and club policies, etc., that may forbid this type of behavior, but we all know that it goes on anyway. So, the bottom line is this, if the male dancer is clever and finds ways for the customer to enjoy himself without either getting caught or causing a scene, then at least for me, I'm going to tip more in return. If you haven't already figured it out though, I am a whore when it comes to male dancers. It's just a reality, and I own it!
   Let me also say, that I do respect a line that has been drawn by a male dancer. Even when I go into a private lap dance where no one else is around, I will ask the male dancer where they draw the line. And I will respect what they say. When enjoying the entertainment of a male dancer at a club, I'm not looking for a prostitute. But I'm sure as hell going to try and see what I can get by's in my nature. But let me say once again, I always respect a line that a male dancer has drawn. And as we all know, when someone says we can't have something, it makes us want it all the more. So, for me, that's all a part of the game, and definitely another tease that keeps me coming back.
   A male dancer fan will return to the same club to interact with their favorite dancer(s). In this day of bar and club closings, it is in the best interest of all parties involved to provide quality service with a personal touch. Develop the skill of flirting and the art of tease. They will serve you well. Interact with the customers to encourage them to return. This will bring more tips to your waistband and keep the industry strong. Until next time, I'll see you with dollars in hand.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Something To Talk About - Frank - at Stockbar - The Males In Motion March Obsession

   People are talking about this hot male dancer at Stockbar in Montreal. What people are talking, you might ask? Well, the people who are exotic male dancer fans and who have seen Frank. I've been a fan of the Stockbar boys for a long time, so I drop by their website often to see which new dancers can capture my attention. And for the past several months, that dancer has been Frank.
   Why does Frank capture my attention? First, let's talk about language. Now, I speak a little Spanish and a U.S. southern version of English. I do not speak French...yet. Frank has made a few video ads for Stockbar in French. And although I couldn't understand most of what he said, it doesn't matter. He could be talking about moss growing on the side of a tree and I'd still be hanging on every word. That French Canadian accent does something to me down inside. You can listen to Frank in those ads on the Stockbar Facebook page. Just scroll down through their posts.
   Second, let's talk about his body...the broad chest and shall I say it 'lockable' nipples. Just imagine running your hand down those abs and across his flat stomach. Of course, don't stop there! Keep letting that hand move down to the very ample cock between his legs. And when he turns around, oh hell, quite the lovely ass as well! To use a southern term, yes, he makes me swoon. But hey, male dancers are my thing! And hotties like Frank, make me love this form of entertainment even more!
   Now, to literally 'top if all off', let's talk about the color of his hair. Yes folks, he is a natural Ginger! I don't know about you but I have a special button that gets pushed each time I see a hot male dancer who is a Ginger! And the sight of Frank has caused that button to be pushed many times.
   Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to see Frank in person. I am hoping that will change when I visit Montreal later this year. However, I have enjoyed watching him on the Stockbar website. I have placed a few screen shots below so you can see what I mean.
   My comment to Frank is "Let's give them something to talk about!" I'm sure we can come up with something when I visit Stockbar. Until then, let's go back a few years and pull out Bonnie Raitt. Click play below and then look back over the pics of Frank that we've posted in this blog. Use your imagination and create your own story of you and Frank involved in something that everyone will talk about.
   I don't know about you but I'm ready to live some stories about me and Frank. I'm also ready for a private lap dance with Frank in the back at Stockbar. And you can bet, I'll be telling that story in a blog. I'll definitely have something to talk about. Until next time, create some new stories with your favorite exotic male dancers. And as always, don't forget to tip the boys! Support the bulge!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Tip Jar - New Blog Series - Suggestions and Ideas On How to Increase Tips for Exotic Male Dancers

   The Tip Jar can be found in a multitude of businesses in the U.S. First and foremost for me is that of the bartender. You'll usually find a glass cylinder, or sometimes an actual jar. From my past I can remember seeing the gallon size glass pickle jars serving as tip jars in some diners. When made of clear glass (as many are), it can serve as a subtle reminder to the current customer to give a tip and say thanks to the bartender for services rendered. And when cash is already present in said container, it can provide a psychological nudge to a customer showing that others have already given tips.

Photo Source: Males In Motion
   I always tip. It's just something I like to do. I'm sure part of that comes from my being a valet parker at a country club when I was in college. I understand those who work for tip money and I know how most of them appreciate it. I've also watched how hard these folks work on busy nights.
   I'll admit there is also an ulterior motive for tipping. If I tip a bartender well on a regular basis, that bartender will remember me. This most often results in future dirty martinis being made exactly the way I like. A good bartender will remember a good tipper. And will memorize exactly how a good tipper likes their favorite cocktails. I also know that when I bring friends to the bar, the bartender will take good care of them.
   What do I get out of it? That is the question everyone asks when any type of exchange is made. It is human nature. If you don't believe me, ask someone to do a favor for you. They will want something in exchange. Even if they are close friends. A close friend may automatically help you out because they have a history with you. You have helped them and they have helped you. If exchanges within a relationship remain one-sided, there will come a time when the party who is always giving will once again ask the question, "What do I get out of it?" If the answer is nothing, there will be no more one-sided exchanges, and it could result in the termination of that relationship. No one likes to feel used.
   So, how does this translate into the world of the exotic male dancer? The male dancer may be performing for a variety of reasons. One major reason for most, is to make money. Tipping is their main source of income in this profession. They may or may not receive a base pay from the employer. And in some cases, they may be paying the house a fee for the opportunity to dance.
   In the exchange between customer and male dancer, I personally am looking for a couple of things: First, I want some attention from a hot, sexy, piece of eye candy. Yes, that is shallow but hey this form of entertainment revolves around our primal nature. Second, I like naked men and want to see naked men. And if I can get by with it, I'm going to cop a feel of the goods, and squeeze a firm ass, pinch a nipple, etc. Like I said...revolves around our primal nature. BUT, and that's a big BUT! In exchange, I'm also going to tip well. They have something I want to enjoy so in order to help them continue providing that certain something, I'm going to continue tipping!
   Now before you get the idea that I'm some desperate ol' troll, let me assure you, that is not the case. I have a partner that I love and have been with for almost 18 years at the time I'm writing this blog. We both have fun at male strip clubs and for us, it is a favorite form of entertainment.
   Once a month starting in March, I will be publishing a blog that will be called The Tip Jar. This blog will provide suggestions and ideas to male dancers on how to make more in tip money. We will be covering topics such as the best underwear to wear to encourage tipping; the roll fragrance can play in encouraging customers to tip; how costumes and props can result in more tips, and much more! I'll of course throw in hot pics and other information so customers and fans will want to follow along as well.
   I want to pause here and say THANK YOU to everyone that is reading this, and to those who follow this blog on a regular basis. It is appreciated! Over the past almost 15 years we have created a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy the male dancers. I love hearing your stories and seeing the pics you post. Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Save The Bulge - Gio to the front - Males In Motion February Obsession

   Every now and then there is a male dancer that makes you catch your breath. He possesses certain characteristics or physical attributes that make you want to stare. And you stare, not in a disrespectful, awkward way, but in a very appreciative, thankful way. You're thankful that he has chosen to be a male dancer and share those characteristics and physical attributes with us mere mortals, or fans. In this case, I am of course speaking of Gio, the male dancer who has captured our attention in so many ways.
   Please take a moment and look at one of the pics and look at his face. Yes, his handsome face, let your eyes stop where they are currently gazing and look at that handsome face. That face with those dark, soulful eyes, and those full kissable lips. Ok, thank you for taking that moment with me, now you can go back to looking at his bulge. Yes, we did notice and let's just say that we are experiencing a constant interruption of Gio related daydreams while trying to write this blog.
   Ok, so Mother Nature blessed him with a large bulge, but look what he has done with the rest of the package. I mean that chest, those arms, those abs, those thighs! Dang! We often see male dancers that will have some of these physical attributes but to possess all of them! This is why we have chosen Gio to be our Males In Motion Obsession for February.
   However, we'll admit, we've been obsessed with Gio for a while now. We first noticed him over a year ago from Facebook posts made by Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas. And since that time, we have followed his dick, I mean pics, faithfully and consistently with every post the club has made. Fortunately, he is featured in many of the pics that they use for advertising and promotion.
   As we mentioned above, you can find Gio dancing at Piranha Nightclub in Las Vegas. I have yet to experience an evening sliding dollar bills in Gio's underwear but hope to soon. I did have a couple of my spies go there recently and they said he is quite impressive in person.
   I also know a fellow exotic male dancer fan who ranks Gio as one of the top. He lives in Vegas and gets to stop in at Piranha often. Of that, I am jealous. But never fear, I will make it. I'm not a gambler so I'll be spending my time tipping Gio and his fellow hottie go-go boys.

@giovannysanz_ #gogodancer @piranhavegas

A post shared by Piranha Nightclub (@piranhavegas) on

   We felt a little R. Kelly would be appropriate for viewing the pics of Gio. Click play below and look back over the pics we've posted of Gio in this blog. We'll let you make your own interpretation of "I don't see nothin' wrong, with a little bump'n grind!" We've already interpreted it to fit our fantasy!
   The pic above is what started our whole obsession with Gio. And now that you've seen him, you'll have your own Gio obsession. When you find yourself in Las Vegas, make time to stop in and see Gio at Piranha Nightclub. Tip him a dollar for me and tell him Mike from Males In Motion says thanks for sharing! Until next time, take a few minutes and enjoy a Gio fantasy! And if you are not in Las Vegas, find a local bulge to support this week!

    2018 Males In Motion Obsessions

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Club Review: Chasers ~ Charlotte, NC


Photo Source: Chasers ~ Charlotte, NC
   I recently made a trip to Charlotte, NC. And of course, while in that fair city, as in all my travels, I seek out a club featuring male dancers. Chasers had been recommended to me by a close friend who had previously visited there. On this trip I made my way to Chasers. In their advertising you will often see the name Chasers NoDa. The NoDa stands for North Davidson Street which is an area of the city of Charlotte that is experiencing a renewal and renovation. A good friend of Chasers described it as "a growing area filled with quirkiness and artists and good food (about 4 blocks east of The Plaza)". After a thirteen hour ride in the car, I was ready for all of the above.
   I found Chasers easily and was directed to parking by an attendant outside the club. The entrance is on the parking lot side. I entered around 10:45pm and paid a $10.00 cover. I walked in to discover it was a special monthly urban night and the house was packed. This was a first for me, and a treat. I'm not often able to attend urban nights but those of you who know me, know that I was loving every minute of it. ***Evil Grin*** inserted here. The eye candy was very nice, both dancers and customers. As you walk into the door to the club there is a U shaped bar on the right. There were customers sitting in all the seats around it. I stepped up to the bar and ordered a Jack and Coke. The price was $7.00 and I gave a $2 tip.
   To the left of the bar was a raised seating area with tables and chairs. Just past the bar was an open area where several customers were dancing. Beyond that is a large stage area that takes up one corner of the back of the bar. It has two levels. On the top level at each end to the right and left is a dancer pole. There are other bars parallel to the floor beside each pole. The male dancers take turns swinging on the poles, and moving around on the bars. Some dancers would go to the lower area and move and bend over, etc., at the front of the stage. On the opposite corner of the stage is a sofa. The bar was packed so I made my way down toward the sofa and stood at the end so I could watch the dancers.
   There were five different dancers for the night. A dancer named French stopped by and talked with me for a few minutes. He has a great body and is sexy both to talk with and to watch as he dances. I stayed for a couple hours watching the dancers and then decided to come back the next night as well.
   On the second night, I chose not to drive so I could drink more if I wanted. So, I downloaded the Uber app and set up my first Uber ride. It went great. It was comfortable, inexpensive and no, I don't get any commission off of this from Uber. It just worked for me. I arrived at the club, paid the $10 cover, stopped at the bar for a drink and then found a seat at a table to the left. French was back this night and a couple of the dancers from the previous night, but there were several different dancers as well. A dancer named Juicy stopped by and introduced himself. We chatted a little while. It was a nice way to start the evening.
   I want to give a shout out to the DJs for the music that was played both nights. The music was perfect for the dancing boys and they were able to get into it. Once again I enjoyed the talents of French. I especially liked the white underwear he wore, and lets just say there was a nice bounce going on in the front.
   Later in the night I moved to the bar because a dancer I had been watching named Texas was dancing on the bar. He had a tight tatted body, and really knew how to dance. It was fun watching him, and of course, I had to move closer to tip him. He laid down across the bar and I slipped dollar bills into the waist of his underwear.
   Everyone at Chasers was friendly from customers, bartenders, dancers and staff. I felt welcomed. I relaxed, enjoyed my drinks, and definitely enjoyed the dancing boys. If you find yourself in Charlotte, NC or if you live in the area, I recommend that you make a visit to Chasers. I do recommend that if possible, you sit at the end of the bar. I enjoyed sitting there the best. I took another Uber back to the hotel and this time it was in a Lexus. Woot!
   Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys! Tip them extra if they bounce a lot in the front, or if they lay down across the bar, or if they...
NOTE: Special thanks to "a friend of Chasers" for the videos.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Take The Party With You ~ Five Tips That Will Help You Always Have A Good Time!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   I'm not one to sit around and wait for someone else to start the party. I take the initiative to find a way to do what I want to do. As I've grown older, this characteristic of my personality has intensified. I grew up in a rural area of Arkansas. It was very scenic and outdoor activities were abundant. I enjoyed my favorite swimming hole, going four-wheeling, riding horses, riding motorcycles, and more. I learned from an early age that if I wanted to have fun, I would have to create the opportunities for myself. So, I planned things and then invited others to go with me. I am the same way today. And this holds true when I go to bars, clubs or events that feature exotic male dancers. I won't wait for someone else, instead I do five things so I can take the party with me.

Dancer: Alex     Photo Source: Men Of Eden     Photo by Ricky Mestre
   TIP ONE: CHOOSE TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. Make a conscious choice to find a way to have fun. Guess what? It will happen every time. Life is too short not to enjoy what is around us, particularly when that involves sexy men in underwear or less.

Sunday Funday happening NOW at Charlie’s Phoenix. #charliesphx

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   TIP TWO: LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE. Anyone can find things to complain about. Anyone can choose to be negative and throw shade about a club, a dancer, another customer, a bartender, etc. Not all of my favorite experiences have been at shiny, sparkling high dollar clubs. Some of my most fun times have been at dive bars. I like both. And not every bar or club is going to have a stable of male dancers who look like gods and superheroes. (Well, unless it is Stockbar in Montreal or Swinging Richards in Atlanta, and a few others.) Each of us have a type of male dancer that we are attracted to and want to tip.
   I always find at least one dancer that I can have fun with, even if that dancer isn't my preferred type. I've said it and many others have said "he wasn't the type of dancer that I usually go for, but I'm glad I made an exception." There was a dancer at a well-known male strip club that was working the room while I was there. He wasn't the first dancer that caught my eye. But he chose to give me a shoulder rub while talking to me. I tipped him to keep him going, and the entire time he was rubbing my shoulders, I forgot all about the other dancers. After a long road trip, I was very appreciative!
   TIP THREE: BRING FRIENDS OR MAKE FRIENDS. When I first started Males In Motion, I was traveling a lot for the company I worked for at that time. This meant that when I visited male strip clubs during my hours away from work, I usually went alone. I didn't travel with work colleagues very often, and when I did, most of them would rather be at the local titty bar. So, I went alone and made friends. Even making one friend will work. If they are at a male strip club, you've already got something in common.
   Sharing the experience with someone else always adds to your enjoyment. I recommend that you laugh a lot and tip a lot! If you are uncomfortable speaking with a stranger at a bar or club, make online friends in the area where you will be traveling. Meet them at the bar or club while in the area. If they are a local, they might be able to provide some great insights on the best places to go, or their favorite dancers and bartenders. And if there are no customers that you feel comfortable getting to know, spend time talking with the dancers and bartenders. Of course, remember to tip as well.

Photo Source: Rebar ~ Chelsea - NYC
   TIP FOUR: TIP THE DANCING BOYS. Watching the dancers on a stage, a box, a bar, etc., is fun but the real experience comes in the exchange while tipping. Sliding those dollar bills into waistbands is half the fun! Take a trip to the VIP Lounge and indulge yourself in a private lap dance. Live a story you can tell the next day! I have some great stories that I've told in past blogs about private lap dances at Boxer 'N Briefs (St. Louis), Swinging Richards (Atlanta), Dick's Cabaret (Phoenix), Stockbar (Montreal), Le Campus (Montreal), and X-Room at Mardi Gras (Springfield, MA). I've had a lot of fun at The Corner Pocket in New Orleans while sitting at the bar. And I've enjoyed the Ohio boys at O'Connors Club 20 in Columbus.

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket ~
   TIP FIVE: GET UP AND GO OUT. Of course, none of the four tips above will matter at all if you never leave your home. Get up, go out, and have fun! If you are a fan of exotic male dancers, become a regular customer of your local bar or club that features male dancers. This past year we have seen several clubs close their doors because of a drop in customer support. Become a regular and let the management know what you like. Being a regular turns the bar or club into a special place for you. You'll get to know the dancers and staff and have a place you like to hang out!

Photo Source: Stockbar ~ Montreal, Quebec
   Until next time, Support the bulge! Take the party with you and have a great time!

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