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The Tip Jar: 8 Tips For Becoming A Successful Exotic Male Dancer

   Every year I try to write a blog that gives pointers to the current exotic male dancers on how to be a success. When I speak of success I am mainly talking about financially. These are very simple steps but if followed will have a major impact on a dancer's career whether it be long term or short. Please share this with any male dancers you know. And if you are a male dancer, please let me know what you think about the 8 tips I have presented.
Dancer: Tre Baldwin       Location: Los Angeles, CA
#1 - It's All About The Customer
      An exotic male dancer is an entertainer. He does his job as a go-go boy, male stripper, pole dancer, male review team member, or nude male dancer to provide entertainment to the customer. If an exotic male dancer is there for any other reason, he will never be a success. If he's there to stroke his ego, he won't last. If he's there to get laid, he won't last. If he's there solely for the money, he won't last. If his main focus for being an exotic male dancer is anything other than to entertain the customer, he won't last. I've been in this business for 15 years. I know from experience that this is a truth.


#philliyt_presents @FlamingSaddlesWH

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   Above: Flaming Saddles ~ West Hollywood, CA
#2 - Good Hygiene is required!
   It doesn't matter how hot a male dancer looks from a distance, if he stinks or his breath can peel the paint off the wall, he will not be a success. Customers like to get close and interact with a male dancer. His body odor can provide an invisible force field that will keep the customers from getting very close, and If they don't get close, then they won't be tipping. If he can singe their eyebrows with his dragon breath, they will stay far away. And if they are far away, they will not be tipping. And if they are not tipping, the male dancer will soon quit because it just isn't worth it without making good money. (For more suggestions on the topic of grooming, click here and read this blog containing grooming suggestions for male dancers.)


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   Above: Piranha Nightclub ~ Las Vegas, NV
#3 - A Positive And Pleasant Attitude Is Always Preferred
   Everyone loves a physically built and good looking male dancer. And at first, they may be popular. But if they come in pushing attitude, then it won't be long until they are walking out the door, and asked not to return. You see, the reality is that there are many, many good looking guys around and with a little encouragement, many of them would enjoy becoming a male dancer. So, anyone and everyone is replaceable. And those with negative attitudes are the first to be replaced.


Yaaaasss @giovannysanz_ #piranhanightclub @piranhavegas

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   Above: Gio fromPiranha Nightclub ~ Las Vegas, NV. Gio is a Males In Motion favorite. He was selected as our Monthly Obsession for February 2018. Click here to see why.
#4 - Professionalism Is More Than A Suggestion
   Mean what you say and say what you mean. If a male dancer agrees to work a specific gig, then he should do everything in his power to fulfill the commitment he has made. We all know that emergencies and the unexpected do come up from time to time. When they do, the professional will call and inform their employer of the situation as soon as possible. There is no room on the stage for those who gain a reputation as a "no show". If it becomes a habit, the calls for gigs will stop coming.

   Above: >Oasis Bar ~ Sarasota, FL
#5 - Welcome New Faces
   I'll admit that this is one of my pet peeves. I am most often the visitor from out-of-town who walks into the club, sometimes for the first time. I have watched as male dancers will stay close to the regulars and often ignore new faces. I have written blogs before about keeping my tip money for the night in my pocket after being ignored. The dancers at the next club were happy about it because they received it. If a male dancer desires to be successful, he will try to be the first one to greet a new customer who walks into the door. Make the best first impression and you'll be on the list of who the visitor from out-of-town is wanting to tip. This visitor could be the one who has a pocket full of cash that he is ready to drop on entertainment. They may be the guy or girl who just moved to the area and will become a regular at the club. Making customers feel welcome whether they are visitors or regulars helps to make the club successful. If the customers return, there will be more tipping opportunities for the dancers. The pic above from Oasis Bar in Sarasota, FL may not be the correct welcoming strategy for everyone but it definitely would work for me!

#6 - The Right Underwear Is Important!
   In most situations involving go-go boys, pole dancers, male strippers, and male reviews, men's underwear is going to play a large part in the costuming for male dancers. It is important to wear of course clean underwear. It is also important to wear underwear that fits well. Baggy is never in. Make sure your underwear is a fun color. I once saw a dancer wearing a flesh colored pair of underwear. It was just weird. From a distance it looked like he was nude and didn't have any genitals. Like I said, it was just weird. Make sure your underwear is not worn out. After it's been washed a few times the colors will fade and the fit will loosen. Replace it when this happens. Select underwear that accentuates your assets. If you're blessed up front, accentuate it. If you're blessed in the back, accentuate. If your blessed in both areas... call me. (For 5 Tips on selecting the right underwear, Click here and read the blog I wrote a few weeks ago.)

   Above: Spunk Party is at Monster Bar on Thursdays and Pieces on Sundays - NYC.
#7 - It's All About The Tease
   It's ok to 'work' the customers for tips. This involves giving them the eye. Giving them the smile. Show a little skin. Rub your hand across your chest. Give a quick 'grope' to your boys. Flirt a little and let them know you are glad they are there. And you are glad because they are the source of your income for the night.

   Above: Oil Can Harry's - Austin, TX
#8 - Be Grateful!
   Always say thank you for tips large or small. They are handing over their hard earned cash to you. By saying thank you, you are acknowledging that they have contributed to your well-being, and you are giving them some attention which is always welcomed. Put a smile on their face. They will remember you the next time.

Beaux - San Francisco, CA
   Thanks for reading this blog and following the bouncing balls. If a dancer will use these tips in their performances, they will work toward becoming a success in the industry. If you are a male dancer and you've decided to make some changes to improve your success, please let me know about it. Tell me about it in the comment section below. Or, send me a message through the Males In Motion website by clicking here. Until next time to the customers and fans I say, don't forget to tip the boys!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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Monday, August 6, 2018

The Bulge - Social Media Finds Through August 6 (NSFW). Pics And Videos That Leave Very Little To The Imagination

   Welcome to the latest edition of The Bulge featuring pics and videos from social media that aren't safe for Facebook, Work or in certain company. I've covered the dancer's bits in the pic above from The Cafe in San Francisco, CA. You'll find the original at the end of the blog.
   Please take a few minutes and enjoy the pics and videos listed in the blog. Click on the pics to find many more in their respective social media locations. Be prepared to get all hot and bothered!

   DeAngelo Jackson, male dancer and porn star. Check out his twitter account and see every inch of his amazing body! And there are many inches to be discovered. (NSFW)

   Visiting Denver, CO any time soon! You might want to stop in at Boyztown and see their bulges bounce! Now say that three times "Boyztown Bulges Bounce!"

   Danny Montero is a male dancer/porn star (right in pic above). His adorable smile and amazing body keeps him! I recommend that you visit his Twitter account and get lost for a while. He is photogenic and has performed magic with some very creative photographers. Also, many samples of his 'work' are on display. From the pic can you guess his preferred 'position'?(NSFW)

   I love finding something a little different but still sexy and fun. One of Males In Motion's slogans is "Follow The Bouncing Balls!" Well, here you go! Don't get too close. You might poke your eye out. Oh, and they will turn around for those who prefer that view!

   Now this is what we're talking about! The bulge is alive and well, and moving freely as though it has a mind of its own. Makes me want to go to Swinging Richards, X-Room, Stockbar, or Dick's Cabaret. I'm remembering seeing something big and similar at each of those locations.

   Meanwhile in the U.K. it seems we've stepped into a contest with male dancers vying for some prize! A stage full of cock and ass! It's a male dancer fans dream!

   I hope you found something you could enjoy and get aroused about in this blog! These are just a few of the discoveries I made online during the past few weeks. Keep watching and I'll post another one soon! All of the blogs with this type of content are under the title "The Bulge"! If you've missed any in the past, go to the bottom of this blog and see the LABELS links. Click on "THE BULGE - SOCIAL MEDIA FINDS" and all of them will be pulled up together for you to go through. Thanks again for following Males In Motion New and Information, Until next time, don't forget to tip the Dancin' Boyz!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ginger Eddie - Males In Motion July Obsession

Photo Source: Eddie Eduardo Facebook      Photo by Abel Cruz
   I have been following Eddie Eduardo on social media for the past few years. And when I say follow, I'm there like a little kid sitting in the front row ready to see my current hero. He regularly posts pics and videos on Facebook or Instagram, and my fondness for him has steadily grown.

   In the beginning I remember that I was first captivated by his ginger red hair. And then that chest and those nipples, well once you've seen them, you don't forget them. Nor do you want to forget. I can go on about his physical attributes such as an amazing ass and ample package but I think you get the idea. I am a Eddie Eduardo "Ginger Eddie" fan!

   Eddie is a hard working male dancer and model. You'll often see him as the hot go-go boy keeping the crowd entertained. And because his skills and appearance is in demand, he travels around the world to perform at some of the biggest parties on the planet.

   I strongly encourage you to follow Eddie on Facebook and Instagram. Take a few minutes and look at all his pics and videos. He is amazing to watch. And oh so enjoyable to look at. I've placed a few in this blog just to make you thirsty.


@whitepartypalmsprings ❤️😘

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You’re such a fucking tease! Pervert #Matinee @matineeusa

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Photo Source: Eddie Eduardo Facebook      Photo taken at The Abbey, WeHo
   When he's not traveling around the world Eddie can be found dancing in and around Southern California. Originally from Brazil, Eddie is today a U.S. citizen who lives in the Los Angeles area. All we can say is Brazil's loss is definitely our gain!!!


#NewYork is a #love affair ❤️ #Gogo #Muscle #Fitness #PierDance #Pride

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Photo Source: Eddie Eduardo Facebook
   After viewing the videos and pics in this blog, I'm sure you understand why Eddie was chosen as the Males In Motion Obsession for July 2018. And I think you'll also understand when I say, he'll be one of our obsessions long after July has ended. If you are fortunate enough to see Eddie performing live, please tip him once or twice for me!


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Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Tipping the Boys on The Boxes ~ Men Of Skin at Missie B's in Kansas City

Dancer: Tyson. Location: Missie B's - Kansas City, MO
   One of my favorite weekend getaways is an escape to Kansas City. I stay on the Kansas side and play on the Missouri side. My favorite place to stay is a Marriott Residence Inn at Legends Outlets Shopping Center in Kansas City, KS. You can literally walk out of your hotel room, step across the street and enjoy shopping and great restaurants. I am also a big fan of IKEA, and there is one in Merriam, KS, a few minutes from the hotel. I usually make the IKEA stop as I'm leaving the city on Sunday afternoon before heading back home. (Disclaimer here: I am not receiving any compensation, etc., from this hotel, the shopping center or IKEA. I just like this set up for a weekend getaway.)
   Dancer Roman above. Check out that bubble butt!
   When it's time to go out and play during the weekend, I drive across into Kansas City, MO and go to Missie B's to watch and tip the Men Of Skin. Missie B's is located on the corner of West 39th Street and Waddell Avenue. I always find parking either beside the building, or up the block on the street. Upon entering the front door, you will be met by a doorman who is collecting the door charge. On our latest visit, we were there on a Saturday night and the door charge was $10. Take the staircase across from the doorman up to the second floor. On the second floor you will find two bars and a dance floor. The dance floor had been renovated since our previous visit. The dance floor now has lighting that changes with the beat of the music. It was a great visual experience. They have also added two new boxes for male dancers making four different areas where male dancers can perform.
Dancer Reno above. The long lean sexy ginger!
   The drinks were an average cost for a club of this type. In the past I have had difficulty taking photos and/or videos at the club because our friend Jo Estep is always busy filling me with shots, normally of Fireball. But, on this visit, I am happy to say that I was able to resist her charms, and limited my intake to two shots and one adult beverage. Don't tell her but on the last visit, I kept secretly handing off my shots to Jay behind her back, and he got smashed but I was able to continue taking pics and videos of the dancing boys.
Dancer: Roman. Location: Missie B's - Kansas City, MO    Photo by: Jo Estep
   The male dancer situation at Missie B's is primarily the role of the gogo boy! The male dancers rotate on the boxes and stages and provide eye candy and sexy atmosphere to the club. On this visit, there were four different dancers: Roman, Reno, Pablo and Tyson. In this group there was a dancer to meet almost any attraction. Roman has an amazing bubble butt that keeps you mesmerized on the dance floor. I quite enjoyed watching the lights bounce off those amazing ass cheeks. Reno is the tall slim ginger who likes to wear underwear that triggers your fantasies. Pablo comes to have a good time and will pull you in with his smile, attitude...oh, and enjoy the leather! Tyson is the pretty boy with the chest we all want to travel across, and the bulge where we'll stop and visit.
Dancer Pablo above. Lovin' the leather!
   If you are looking for a place in KC to drink, dance and tip some hot male dancers, Missie B's is the place on Saturday nights. Everyone I've met there has always been friendly. They are glad to see you out and having fun. The bartenders are attentive and the drinks are strong like we like them.
Dancer: Tyson. Location: Missie B's - Kansas City, MO
   If you find yourself in KC or want to have a great weekend getaway, take our advice and do some shopping, dining, drinking and dancing! And if you are not a dancer, well, you'll fit in just fine sitting back and watching, then tipping the boys on the boxes. Until next time, keep sliding those dollar bills down those waistbands in fantasy locations!

Male Dancer Resources:
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Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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Monday, July 9, 2018

The Bulge: Social Media Finds through July 9 (NSFW)

   We've seen Beaux Banks everywhere this Spring and Summer. He brings the party wherever he performs. In our opinion, you can never get enough of Beaux!

   Welcome to this edition of The Bulge! The Bulge is composed of social media finds from the past couple of weeks or so. As we find them, we save them and then at the appropriate time, we share them in a blog. Please enjoy all the flopping penises. We have.

   Pieces Bar in NYC always features hot male dancers! We especially like the towel pics they post. However, the bulge is very nicely displayed in the pic above.

   We absolutely love the video ads found in social media for Box Underwear. I'm not being compensated by Box underwear. I purchased a 3-pack of their underwear and received them a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to use them in an upcoming photo shoot.


You should be at @phoenixbarchi. #phoenixbarchi #upshow #gogodancer #maledancer

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   The hottie above was seen at Phoenix Bar in Chicago, IL. Nice, very nice!

   There is a lot of flopping and bouncing going on in this one from Phoenix, AZ. The city of Phoenix is full of male dancers these days and we couldn't be happier!



   Love that ass!

   These hot summers require a dip in the pool. And if that is while naked, well, we won't complain!

   Strippers Unlimited always provides something fun and interesting to watch!

   Thanks for taking a few minutes and checking out The Bulge! Have a great day! And until next time, don't forget to tip the boys!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital