Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Give It To Me! ~ Johnny W. Dangerously ~ Our March Obsession

   When I see Johnny W. Dangerously, the first phrase that enters my mind is "Give It To Me!" Of course, I'm talking about a strip show. You can always count on Johnny taking it off in the most enticing way wherever he performs. I know that personally. And if you've followed this blog for very long, Johnny will be familiar. We've featured him in several blogs over the past couple of years.

   I invite you to play Madonna's song, Give It 2 Me while reading this blog and looking at the pics. I'm sure by the end of the blog you'll be saying to Johnny, "Give It To Me!" And of course, that's because you will be wanting to see him perform as well. I mean, what else could you mean?

   We'll admit that we at Males In Motion have a bit of a crush on Johnny. First it was his hot pics! Then this past October, we were able to interact with him in person at two locations on two nights in a row. I slid my hands down ... well, I tipped him. I'll add the links below to previous blogs where he has been featured so you can catch up or review.
   Yes, he is hot af. Yes, he has been 'blessed' in the right places. Yes, he smiles and you get weak in the knees. I could go on and on. On top of all of that, add in his deep, sexy voice, and you will be mumbling, "Give it to me." I'm sure you'll be talking about conversation, because you'll want to hear him talk. I mean what else would you want him to give to you?... while on your knees because they were weak?
   Give it to me Johnny! I want the location of where he gets all the cute underwear...that he fills out...completely...stretching the fabric to its limits.
   I really think you should give it to me. I'm of course talking about that phone (above). I need to know the make and model. It takes great pics. And maybe next time I'm in town you'll demonstrate how you took that photo.
   We selected Johnny as our March Obsession because we want him around every chance we get. We'd love to have him around all the time, or be where we can see him all the time. But unfortunately, that isn't the case. So, if it's only in a blog, then so be it. We will soooooooo take all that Johnny can give us.
   You can see in the pic above that Johnny has an irresistible boyish charm. But let me make it very clear....he ain't no boy. No sir, he's all man! Give it to me Johnny!
   Until next time, don't forget to tip the dancing boyz. I'm going to go check and see if Johnny is in a giving mood!

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