Friday, March 10, 2017

What is a pageant boy?

Photo Source: Judas Elliot Facebook Page   Photo by The Drag Photographer
   Over the past few years there has been an emergence of what I call pageant boys. These are guys who enjoy competing in pageants in ways similar to drag competitions, but they present themselves as males, not female illusionists. They are scored in various areas like talent, interview, street clothes, etc. I am glad that this world has opened up and these individuals have a place to express themselves.
   In general the pageant guys do not do anything for me on an erotic-sexual entertainment level. And that is ok, because from what I understand, that is not the purpose of the pageant systems for males as males. The winners go on to represent their community and pageant system and many support worthy causes with fund raisers and other activities. I rarely attend pageants of any type unless I have a close friend who has asked me to attend. It is not my thing. But let me make it clear, I have nothing against pageantry of any kind. There is room for all forms of entertainment and organizational involvement. So then, why do I bring up the subject of pageant boys? Keep reading.
   If you read no further in this blog, please read and understand this paragraph. Promoters, managers, directors, owners, etc., please let your audience know who and what you are promoting. When promoting a show featuring one or more drag queens, there is a universal understanding that there will be female illusionists, dressed to kill, performing lip syncs to music, some show tune classics and other contemporary hits. This is a given. If anyone has been to a drag show before, they will understand this. If a male entertainer is promoted unless it is specifically stated, there is still some confusion. Is he a singer, go-go dancer, male stripper, comedian, ...? We still need to educate some audience members. Your audience will appreciate being informed, and attend the show knowing what to expect, instead of expecting something different. Also, there is less pressure put on the entertainer to try and be everything he thinks everyone wants him to be.

Photo Source: Male Stripper at Stockbar ~ Montreal
   To the guys who are both male entertainers and male strippers, I ask you to please know your audience and the purpose you were invited to perform. Please realize that if you are promoted as a male stripper, the audience members are there to see a cute/handsome face, bedroom eyes, come here smile, hot body, bouncing cock and balls, and a tight ass. And those are the features that they will be tipping. And please don't get too upset when they look confused if you decide to do a lip sync, or deck out in rhinestones. And most likely, they aren't going to remember the name of the title you hold. And most importantly, unless they are your close friends, never expect them to tip like they would for pecs, abs, dick and ass. It's the nature of the beast.

Photo Source: Judas Elliot Facebook Page
   Personally, if I happen to be at a club and a pageant style performance is given, my tipping style doesn't change... I tip for the same reasons I would a male stripper when he catches my eye... or, he has a body that takes my breath away.... or, he has a bubble butt that I want to see if I can grab... or, he is horse hung and I want a closer look and maybe do a hit-and-run grope. And although the above might sound crude to some, it is the reality of many audience members. I do tip for one additional reason. I am motivated by truly creative people. So, if a pageant boy has created some type of costume that peaks my interest, I do tip for that. One such entertainer who has been blessed with creativity in this way that I do follow is Judas Elliot (above and top). Of course, as you can see, he is creative but damn sexy as well.


   I have a friend who is a leader in the pageant world, who I admire and truly enjoy and appreciate his friendship. When called upon, he can remove the pageant attire and persona and become one sexy mother fucker as a male stripper. He knows the difference between the pageant audience and the male stripper audience. I hired him for a local gig that I was a part of a few years ago and he was the hit of the night, and made a nice haul in tips. There was no lip syncing. And the only package he brought to the event was the big one between his legs...covered very sexy in leather I might add. He knew his audience and performed accordingly.

Photo Source: Male Stripper at Fubar ~ Los Angeles, CA
   I post this blog because I witnessed a bit of unnecessary drama this past week that could have been avoided if the roles of male entertainers and male strippers, and their differences could have been made clear. I would like to know the opinions of others. I think this is a topic worthy of discussion in the field of exotic male dancers. Feel free to make a comment in the comments section below. You can also contact me through the Males In Motion website by clicking here.
   Until next time, whatever type audience you happen to be a member of at the time, tip the boyz!!! Whether they are pageant boys or male strippers, there is a lot of work that goes into providing you with quality entertainment. And who knows, one of those pageant boys may lead a system that supports a cause or service that you might find yourself in need of one day.

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