Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Hour - Now I know why it's happy!
The Bulge At The Brick/Joe's in Dallas!

   So, a man walks into a bar in the middle of the afternoon (badda bing!)...because his partner is tired and wants to get a beer. "Is it open he says?" The man responds, "The sign says it is." So, my partner and I, the man, walk into The Brick/Joe's in Dallas, TX. Before our eyes can adjust, a male voice comes out of the darkness, "Hello". We say hello back and as we begin to see more clearly, we realize the voice came from a damn cute guy wearing a pair of Calvin Klein football themed underwear with the lace up look on the basket. Of course, then I'm ready to say the other "hello". You know the one I mean. The one you say when you see that hot guy walking in the crosswalk, or down the grocery aisle, or in the car next to you at the traffic light. Yea, you know which one.
(Photo Source: Brick Dallas Facebook Page)
   We think we're just coming into a bar in the afternoon to have a beer but little did we know, The Brick/Joe's has brought the Happy Hour to a new level. And now I know why it is a happy hour. First, we see Micah, the bartender and the owner of the voice from the darkness, and then it isn't very long before male dancers start arriving and stepping onto the platforms and swinging on the poles. I want to make it clear that these were no ordinary male dancers. I have never seen so many pair of underwear in one place being stretched to the limit. Whatever term you want to use - hung, full basket, blessed, well-endowed,etc. - they all applied. The bulge was big. And those that enjoy the walking-away-view, that scenery was very very nice as well.
   There were four bartenders including Micah at the bar where we sat. ALL FOUR were hot as hell. I know it sounds like I'm gushing but the truth is the truth. One of them was wearing a pair of underwear that covered half his ass...this was the design. When I wasn't watching the dancers I was following that ass. The other two bartenders had obviously been spending some quality time in a gym, and I for one was full of appreciation for their hard work. One of them is in the pic below.
(Photo Source: Brick Dallas Facebook Page)
   Micah kept us engaged at the bar with witty conversation. I asked his permission to take this pic so everyone could see how cute he is. And just so you know, he makes a mean dirty martini as well.
(Photo Source: Michael Hill's IPhone)
   I'll be honest after a rather disappointing previous night, I was in need of an attitude adjustment in the form of alcohol and hot men. At the Brick/Joe's I found both. And seriously, I could have sat at the bar and watched the four bartenders and been perfectly content. But the fact that there were also up to seven male dancers at a time throughout the room kept me happy. From my vantage point I saw a slim dancer wearing Andrew Christian red and white underwear that fit perfectly. I watched a muscular dancer in a red thong and hanging long. There was the boy in blue whose bulge was about to bust out of the fabric.
(Photo Source: Brick Dallas Facebook Page)
   At this moment I must say "Thank you" to my friend Kurt in Tulsa for his recommendation that I stop in at The Brick/Joe's. I am truly grateful. By now it is obvious that I also recommend the Brick/Joe's. You'll find it at 2525 Wycliffe, Dallas, TX. If you're in the Dallas area go party early for Happy Hour. You'll be glad you did!
   Until next time, find your place to appreciate the bulge. And don't forget to tip the boyz!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bar/Club Owners - It's Time For A Reset
Wipe The Slate Clean And Start All Over

   During my recent trip to Dallas I had a budget of $300 for tipping the boys. To some that may seem like a lot. To others, that is pocket change compared to what they spend on male strippers in a weekend. However, the important thing here is that I came home with $250 still in my pocket. Why? I was ignored.
   Now before you go accusing me of having a big ego or being a tightwad, let me explain. My partner and I play a game each time we visit a club or event with male dancers. We set a budget amount for what we're going to tip the boyz. If we are acknowledged and given a little attention from a male dancer, the money starts coming out of our pocket and into their waistband. If we are ignored, the tip money stays in our pocket.
   It's a matter of perspective. Here's the reality. I am a customer who enters a bar or club. I am the source of revenue for the club, the bartenders, the dancers, etc. I have money that I can spend as I wish. And for me specifically, I am a gay male who enjoys the attention of hot young men in their underwear (or sometimes less). Now, just because someone is good looking and has a nice body and stands on a platform or swings from a pole is not a sufficient reason for me to just hand over my hard earned money to them. Think of it this way, I don't walk down the street and hand out money to good looking guys who pass me. I don't tip a waiter simply because he is cute. Even a bartender doesn't get a tip from me just because he looks good behind the bar. He has to sell and serve me a beer or cocktail. I expect something in exchange.
   Male dancers make nice eye candy but if all I want is eye candy, I can go to a beach, a swimming pool or a gym. I can go online and see gorgeous men from around the world. I don't tip the sexy men in all these locations, just because they are there. So, why should I tip a male dancer just because he wears a pretty pair of underwear and stands on a box? The answer is...I don't.
   I tip as a show of appreciation for a service rendered. The service in this case is contributing to the enjoyment of my night. If a male dancer shows me some attention in a positive way, then I loosen the tight grip on my money and start to show my gratitude in a financial way. I'm not expecting them to camp out at my table or focus exclusively on me during the night. I just want a little acknowledgement. I want to hear that sexy voice and see that smile up close. I want a connection. Nothing big, just one that says, I hope you're having a good time tonight.
   I watched at several clubs in Dallas as the dancers stood on the platforms, bounced, danced a little and looked bored. I watched as some of them looked in mirrors at one club directly in my direction only casting their gaze above me, so they could see their own reflection. And I watched as gaps of 15-20 minutes would go by where they received no tips. So, here's the situation. I have $300 in my pocket waiting to go into their waistband or jockstrap. But not one of them even stepped to my table to say hello. Not one of them dropped the gaze on their reflection above my head and made eye contact and smiled. If they had, I would have started dropping the dollars in their direction. As a customer I felt I was no more important than the chair I was sitting in.
   I could have brought in a neon sign that says "Free dollars here. Come and get it!" Or, I could have had it announced over the sound system that the man sitting by the mirrors has $300 in his pocket that he wants to give to a dancer. Then, some of them might have attempted to move in my direction, but we know it doesn't work that way, nor would we want it to. And yes, I could have gone up to them while they were dancing and started putting dollars in their briefs in an attempt to get a little attention. Yea, right. That's not going to happen. However, I do know that I will respond when given a smile, a hello, a thank you, or another form of positive acknowledgement.
   What I wonder these guys not have bills to pay? And if bills are paid, is there not a new vehicle, new clothes, or electronics that they would like to buy? And if they aren't in it for the money, then what is their motivation to be almost naked and dance several nights a week?
   I'm calling for a reset. I encourage all bar/club owners and managers to reassess. Wipe the slate clean and start all over with a focus on the individual customer. Train your staff, doormen, bartenders, barbacks, djs, dancers, etc. to focus on the money source..the customer. I guarantee you, tips and profits will rise.
   I do want to end this blog by saying. There are some male dancers getting it right. Do you know where they are? Until next time, tip the boys but expect something in exchange.

NOTE: All pics are of the $250 for tips that I brought back home with me.
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