Thursday, September 27, 2012

All-Nude Male Strip Clubs In North America
Full Exposure!
Show Me Your's And I'll Show You Mine!

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   There are times when I prefer the tease. I don't want to see the Full Monty glaring at me, well, at least not at first. I want the seduction. I want the exotic male dancer to work for the tips by reeling me in with eye-to-eye contact and cute smiles on handsome faces. It is fun and exciting to watch the skilled male stripper as he reveals more skin here and a little more there as he moves to the music all for my pleasure. At least in my head, it's all for my pleasure. (Photo above: Chase ~ Dallas, Tx)
   But then there are times when I want to see penis. And a large penis works for me, and an erect penis will also work. I want to see bare ass and naked bubble butts. Don't cover it up with a lot of clothing. Don't take your time and remove the clothing slowly. Just drop trousers, briefs, shirt, socks, shoes, etc., and get nekkid. Yes, nekkid. Because, there are times when I want to visit an all-nude male strip club. (Photo above: Ace ~ Dallas, Tx)

   Since the closest all-nude male strip club is five hours driving distance away from where I am most often domiciled, I must plan ahead and take a road trip to enjoy said male nekkidness, or for those who prefer better grammar, male nakedness. The true purpose of this blog is to make you aware of some of the fine establishments in North America where male nakedness is the focus of their entertainment.
   If you know of any others please let us know and we will add them to our list. Email me the info please. Until next time, would you look at that, it's hanging all the way to his... Oh yea, and don't forget to tip the boyz. You may have to put it in their socks but please do.
UPDATE: I have added Swinging Richard's new North Miami, FL location to the list. And I have added the Silverado in Portland, OR to the list. From what I've been told, it is up to the dancer whether they perform nude or not at the Silverado. Thanks to blog readers for these submissions.
UPDATE 8-14-2013: I have added Cabaret Montreal NY @ Showworld at 96 FIELD ST WEST BABYLON, NY. Day/Time: SUNDAYS 7PM-1230. ALL NUDE MALE CABARET.
UPDATE 7-7-2015: The Swinging Richards in Florida has closed. Rush in Providence, RI has also closed since this blog was posted.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Underwear For Exotic Male Dancers, Male Strippers, And Go-Go Boys! What are they wearing?

   One of the main searches performed online that leads to my blog is for underwear worn by exotic male dancers. In the past, I have written blogs describing and showing pics of the styles of underwear that I like to see male dancers wearing, and/or taking off. For this blog though, I am bringing you the styles and types of underwear that current exotic male dancers are actually wearing when they perform. All of the pics in this blog were either shared on facebook or used in a blog within the past three months. MJ's Bar in Silverlake, CA (Los Angeles area) always has hot dancers and as you can see above, they know how to fill out their briefs. The dancer in the pic is wearing the Go Software brand. This pic has been very popular on facebook. I think we can all understand why.

The dancer above, also from MJ's Bar is wearing Aussie Bum. The soft fabric (here in white) shows up very nicely on the dance floor and in theatrical lighting. And displays the goods just the way we like to see them...before they are uncovered.

   The Timeteo brand is very popular on both the east and west coast. In the Michael Bernal pics above, the dancers at Splash Bar in NYC display one of my favorite features of the brand. Notice how the pouch fits snugly around the 'boyz' but still provides us a teasing outline of what is underneath the fabric.

The Andrew Christian brand is currently very popular, particularly in Southern California. Andrew Christian has one of the best advertising campaigns going that often features or includes hot male models, porn stars, exotic male dancers, etc. Videos featuring these hot men are frequently shared on facebook, but can be found at the Andrew Christian website as well. The dancers in the pics above are from 340 Nightclub in Pomona, CA and the Global Male Productions and Club Papi.

   You'll hear no complaints from me when the male dancers decide to wear mesh. I like the 'sneak-a-peak' underwear that shows some but not all and keeps us wanting more. The sexy dancers above show they have the proper equipment to utilize the mesh fabric for obtaining tips and keeping all of us fans interested and entertained.

   The Men of LaBare (Dallas) know what the ladies like. Shown in the pic above wearing all black, you can see the different variations on style within that color. The male dancers for LaBare and other male revues change costumes frequently during a show. The pic above gives you an insight into what they think the ladies want to see, other than their hot bodies and full pouches.

   There are numerous underwear brands and vendors available on the internet. We have chosen to work with Skiviez. You can find a wide selection of brands and styles on their website. In the pic above I have presented more options for exotic male dancers from what the guys are actually wearing. The pics above represent different areas of the United States where they were recently worn.
   What is your favorite brand, style and color of underwear? Even though the above are popular with other male dancers right now, you can develop a style all your own. The main thing is to select underwear that fits you well, looks good on you, and is in a color that compliments your skin. And of course, if it fits snugly around the package and molds to your butt, well, we'll will be up there tipping you in no time. Until next time, buy some new hot Skiviez, and send me a pic of you in them! And to the fans, don't forget to tip the boyz! If you like their underwear let them know, and tip them a little extra.