Sunday, September 22, 2013

He Grabbed My Junk!
How To Become An Exotic Male Dancer
Step Two: Evaluate Your Personality

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
    That guy just grabbed your junk.
    What are you going to do about it?
  • A. Tackle him and start busting up his face with your fist.
  • B. Ask him if he wants to go back to your place.
  • C. Run to the bar manager and tell on him.
  • D. Keep smiling and thank him for the tip.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   How would you respond? It's an important question for potential exotic male dancers. It's going to happen. Some guy or girl is going to grab your junk. So, if you selected A above, you'd probably better not consider a career as a male dancer. It wouldn't be good for you, the bar, or the customer if you find yourself jumping off the stage, knocking the customer to the ground, and then turning their face into hamburger meat. If you however, selected B or D, then there is a good chance you can become a successful male dancer. If you selected C, well, you probably have some issues to deal with but there is hope.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   This is the scenario. A customer has chosen to visit a bar where exotic male dancers are the featured entertainment. They are at a bar so they are most likely enjoying an alcoholic beverage. After several of these alcoholic beverages, less for some people, their inhibitions are starting to dissolve. They become emboldened. A hot and sexy half-naked/or naked man steps onto the stage and captures their attention. The customer makes his/her way to the stage to tip with possibly more creative ideas now in their mind. Reaching to tip...yea, they went and grabbed it. It's going to happen.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   It's all about your personality and how you deal with things. Until next time, tell the bartender I'd like another dirty martini and please...move your hand...I want to tip you (and grab your junk!).

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Let's Talk About Socks Baby!
Search Tips For Finding Male Dancer Jobs

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   Let's talk about socks. That's what you're going to need when you dance at Boxers-N-Briefs in St. Louis, MO. Since it's an all nude club, you will need somewhere for the customers to place their tips. And unlike the pic above, the dancers at BnB do wear their socks on their feet. The dancers at Swinging Richards in Atlanta, GA wear armbands for tips. Both of these locations obtain their dancers from auditions at the clubs. But if you're not near either one of these locations, how do you find places to dance? Hopefully in this blog I can give you a few ideas that will help.
    I recommend three ways to find male dancer jobs:
  • First, search local bars and clubs
  • Second, search local entertainment agencies
  • Third, search Males In Motion database
   Local bars and clubs are the venues for most events that involve exotic male dancers. Do a search on Google, Yahoo, etc., for the type of venue where you would like to dance. If you are wanting to be a part of a male revue, search for male revue and the city where you would like to work. Do a general search for exotic male dancers and look for cities where you would like to dance. There are more opportunities at gay clubs so be sure and search for gay clubs. Then check them out to see if they have male dancers. It will usually be in the advertising on their website or facebook page.
   Search online for entertainment agencies in the city where you want to dance. Be careful with this one. There are several agencies that say they book exotic male dancers for your city, but they are located across the country in another state. Search for one that is in your city or at least your state. Some of these may show up in the results for a search on exotic male dancers or male strippers.
   You can find a listing for your city at our website.. On the first page click on 'dancer search'. Then select the metro city area from the drop down listing. We are constantly updating this information. You can find bars/clubs, events and male revues for many cities around North America. If you know one that I've not listed yet, please click here and send me an email and let me know and I will add it.
   Until next time, be sure and wear a pair of clean socks.

Daydreaming And I'm Thinking Of You!
Exotic Male Dancer Fantasies

   Warning! You are getting ready to enter my deepest fantasies about exotic male dancers. I'm going to give you an insight into the costumes that do it for me. I am sure there are many of you who will agree with me. Feel free to comment after this blog and let me know what you liked, and also let me know if I missed one of your favorites. And to the male strippers reading this, I hope you'll find some inspiration for your next costume and strip-tease dance.

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital)
   At the top of my list is always the cowboy. I grew up in an area of the U.S. where cowboys are real. I even worked at a few rodeos when I was younger either parking cars or taking tickets at the entrance. There is something about the cowboy that always does it for me. It is a combination of the hat, boots, tight wranglers, western style shirt, and watching him move in the saddle that fuels my fantasies. And then add a rope and I'm standing in line to get tied up and wrestled to the ground.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar Facebook)
   It is somewhat cliche to talk about the sexiness of the black athlete but I do admit that a muscular black man can always stir up locker room related daydreams in my head. But, as of late, I have developed a new fantasy involving my nubian friends. I love black professional men. I have had several business professionals catch my eye lately in their perfect fitting suits, beautiful smiles, and the strong, yet graceful way they move. And of course, when they slide off those suit jackets, the material of the slacks so conveniently shows every bulge. Thank you Armani. I recommend cocktails in the hotel bar tonight, and then calling room service for breakfast in the morning.

(Photo Source: Archive)
   Shopping for groceries at a local store has become much more of an event since I noticed the firemen from a nearby station shop there as well. Now when I pull into the parking lot, I look for the fire truck which is parked along the front of the store. I'm not a stalker and I didn't follow them up and down every aisle of the store...not every aisle anyway! They were all tall, many had facial hair, all were fit. It tempts one to become an long as you can stick around during the fire and watch the firemen with the hose.

(Photo Source: MJ's Facebook)
   A friend of mine is a florist and owns her own shop which is located in a shopping center in a very nice neighborhood. A couple of doors down in the same shopping center is a fitness center. I won't say that I purposefully drive by the fitness center after visiting her at the flower shop, but that might happen every time I go there. But I wont' say it. Anyway, the real fun is in the back behind the shops. There is a large paved area for loading and unloading, dumpsters for garbage and back doors to all the businesses. The fitness trainers take their clients out to the back area and they do exercises involving large truck tires. And on warm summer days, the shirts come off. All I can say is that weight lifters and large vehicle tires have developed a whole new meaning to me. And I've noticed that any time I smell tire rubber, there is an on-setting side effect involving a particular part of my anatomy.

(Photo Source: Global Male Facebook)
   I am grateful for the increased migration of people of hispanic background into the area of the country where I live. We are benefiting from a richer local culture and let's just be Latino men! Let me just give you one visual...bright colored underwear against carmel colored skin. My fantasy is a pool party where the guests are all Latino males in brightly colored Speedos. I will be waiting poolside with a towel drying off each and every one. Then they should get out of those wet clothes before they catch a cold and let the sun warm them up. (No tengo las palabras!)

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital)
   I have mentioned this before but in this context it warrants repeating. I went to the Dallas Eagle club during Pride a couple of years ago. It was at this point that men in leather became a stronger fetish choice for my daydreams. The most impact came from a leather gray headed daddy in his late 50s with a tall, well-built 'boy' in tow on a leash. The boy was dressed in a white bikini briefs and black boots, with leather collar attached to leash. All I could say is, "I want one." I took my fantasy to another level during a photo shoot with the Males In Motion model, Jacob. I asked Jacob to dress this fantasy for me (photo above).

(Photo Source: Randy Blue)
   I leave you once again with the cowboy. Warning: If you click on him, you will see is a pic from the world of gay porn. Until next time, explore your exotic male dancer fantasies! And don't forget to tip the boyz!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Not Your Grandpa's Underwear
Underwear For Exotic Male Dancers

   I love men in underwear! And if they are on a stage, platform, bar, etc., and are dancing in underwear for my pleasure...then all the better! Twice a year or so, I like to write a blog about underwear choices for male strippers. With all the choices today, each male should be able to find something that fits well and looks sexy. The underwear in this blog is right for the stage, platform, pole or in the bedroom!
   Below is a video promo for Andrew Christian. I've included because of the striptease done by their model, Noah. It's worth a look. Enjoy!
   Let me come clean and make a disclaimer right now. I am an online web affiliate with Andrew Christian underwear. So, in this blog that is the brand that you will see. And yes, if you click on a link from my blog, then buy something from AC, I will make a commission. So, that motivates me to tell you to buy Andrew Christian. However, there are a lot other sources as well for sexy men's underwear.
   I wear boxers myself. I like the freedom and the crazy prints you can get fit my personality. And since my partner is the only one that ever sees me in or out of underwear,'s all good! However, I have been dressing men in underwear for photo shoots, dancing gigs, private parties, etc., for 10 years now and I think I've picked up a pointer or two that I'd like to share in this blog.
   Boxers are for special occasions only. I think holiday boxers are fun. An exotic male dancer can start out in these but very, very soon, as a fan, I want to see the dancer with less clothing on. So, wear something sexier underneath. And while you are dancing in the boxers, pull them down so I can look forward to what is to come. Boxers are often the only type of underwear that has enough material space on them to write a message or print a graphic. So, wear them for fun but not for long. You'll catch my eye with the fun graphics, but my wallet won't open to tip until the boxers have gone away.

   I love how boxer-briefs fit on athletic and muscular men (pic above). If you have solid thighs that will stretch the fabric on the boxer briefs then please wear them. I recommend them because at the same time they are fitting snugly on your thighs, they will be fitting snugly around your junk and ass. Both views will encourage me to step up to the stage and get a closer look. And while I'm that close, I will be sliding in a few dollar bills inside that waistband.

The Low Profile brief (above) is great for any fit body. However, I like to see them on the slimmer guys who have been 'blessed'. If you're an exotic male dancer and you're packing, then there is no reason to keep the boyz hidden. While dancing turn to the side and give us a profile view. The message will be understood loud and clear and I will make my way to you, tips in hand.

Show It Brief Jock
   The Show It Brief Jock (above) was created for those guys who have worked hard in the gym and have been given the equipment that some might refer to them as perfection. You know who you are and we like to watch you coming and going because you look great from all directions. You've chosen to be an exotic male dancer because you know what you've got, and you like to share it. And this makes us happy. And when we're happy...we open our wallets and share back.

   Underwear made of a Mesh (above) is for the tease...and I'm all about the tease. There may be parties where you can wear the mesh and place the 'goods' on display. But, when the law says keep it behind a cover, add a thong or g-string underneath. We'll still be able to see that great ass and we won't tell if you keep pulling the thong down and giving us a peak. We won't tell, but we will tip. Show me yours and I'll show you mine...well, my dollars that is, at least for now.

Shop Andrew Christian
   The Spider Thong (above) is a gift to your fans. We love you in boxer-briefs and briefs, but every now and then, we like something different...something that makes us stop and say...'look what he's wearing tonight.' And of course with the construction of this underwear style, I have so many places to hang a dollar or two. That will encourage me to stick around a while and keep placing tips. And of course, if you want to assist and provide a few side views, well, the dollars may disappear and we'll see Lincoln, Jefferson or other dignitaries taking their place.

   Don't forget to check the sales and clearance page... The Varsity Trunk (above) is one of my favorites. It plays into the theme of the athlete. Many fans will have the fantasies of locker rooms, etc., in their heads. Use this imagery to your advantage and watch your tips increase!

   Recently I conducted an informal poll among exotic male dancer fans and asked what color of underwear did they like the most on male dancers. White is the color most often selected...and the main reason for white is it's almost see through quality. Personally, I am fond of a light blue, particularly against darker skin. Until next time, enjoy shopping for underwear. And anytime you want to send me pics of you wearing your new underwear...well, feel free to email them to
Blatant Consumerism Comment: Click on any of the pics above to buy underwear from Andrew Christian. Or you can click right here>>>>>>>> See What's New at Andrew Christian!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Parking My Ass At No Parking Bar
~ New York City

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar ~ New York)
   I'm here to say that when I get the chance, I will be parking my ass at No Parking Bar. I have been noticing the pics posted on facebook from this bar over the past few months. And let me tell you, for this male stripper fan, it has been pure pleasure to check out the hot, well-built and well-equipped male dancers. The only drawback is that, I haven't been able to go there in person.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar ~ New York)

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar ~ New York)
   This past week I received a confirmation of what I had hoped and expected about No Parking Bar. A trusted source let it be known that he had made the trip uptown on Wednesday night to stripper night at No Parking Bar. And he felt it was well worth the trip, especially after his visit to the lap dance room.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar ~ New York)
   I would support anyone that wants to visit the No Parking Bar on male stripper night...or as they call it.."Cock Fight". However, I do have a few words of warning. If you have heart problems, pace yourself, it could get intense. If you have high blood pressure problems, step away from the male strippers occasionally and take several deep breaths. And last, some of the dancers are known to pack large tools, so when you get close to the stage, beware of long, swinging objects. We wouldn't want an eye getting poked out. ;)

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar ~ New York)
   Their facebook page describes themselves as "The hottest Gay Uptown Bar in Manhattan!! Open Seven days a week...Cool drinks..Hot Dancers...Friendly Bartenders...The best customers in NYC!! Representing Washington Heights!! Cash or Credit accepted!!" No Parking Bar is located at 4168 Broadway.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar ~ New York)
   I already know you're going to go to No Parking Bar. So, let me know about your experience. Send me an email and tell me all about it. And I want details...lots of details. Until next time, keep the tools swinging...tip the boys well, and often.