Friday, September 13, 2013

Daydreaming And I'm Thinking Of You!
Exotic Male Dancer Fantasies

   Warning! You are getting ready to enter my deepest fantasies about exotic male dancers. I'm going to give you an insight into the costumes that do it for me. I am sure there are many of you who will agree with me. Feel free to comment after this blog and let me know what you liked, and also let me know if I missed one of your favorites. And to the male strippers reading this, I hope you'll find some inspiration for your next costume and strip-tease dance.

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital)
   At the top of my list is always the cowboy. I grew up in an area of the U.S. where cowboys are real. I even worked at a few rodeos when I was younger either parking cars or taking tickets at the entrance. There is something about the cowboy that always does it for me. It is a combination of the hat, boots, tight wranglers, western style shirt, and watching him move in the saddle that fuels my fantasies. And then add a rope and I'm standing in line to get tied up and wrestled to the ground.

(Photo Source: No Parking Bar Facebook)
   It is somewhat cliche to talk about the sexiness of the black athlete but I do admit that a muscular black man can always stir up locker room related daydreams in my head. But, as of late, I have developed a new fantasy involving my nubian friends. I love black professional men. I have had several business professionals catch my eye lately in their perfect fitting suits, beautiful smiles, and the strong, yet graceful way they move. And of course, when they slide off those suit jackets, the material of the slacks so conveniently shows every bulge. Thank you Armani. I recommend cocktails in the hotel bar tonight, and then calling room service for breakfast in the morning.

(Photo Source: Archive)
   Shopping for groceries at a local store has become much more of an event since I noticed the firemen from a nearby station shop there as well. Now when I pull into the parking lot, I look for the fire truck which is parked along the front of the store. I'm not a stalker and I didn't follow them up and down every aisle of the store...not every aisle anyway! They were all tall, many had facial hair, all were fit. It tempts one to become an long as you can stick around during the fire and watch the firemen with the hose.

(Photo Source: MJ's Facebook)
   A friend of mine is a florist and owns her own shop which is located in a shopping center in a very nice neighborhood. A couple of doors down in the same shopping center is a fitness center. I won't say that I purposefully drive by the fitness center after visiting her at the flower shop, but that might happen every time I go there. But I wont' say it. Anyway, the real fun is in the back behind the shops. There is a large paved area for loading and unloading, dumpsters for garbage and back doors to all the businesses. The fitness trainers take their clients out to the back area and they do exercises involving large truck tires. And on warm summer days, the shirts come off. All I can say is that weight lifters and large vehicle tires have developed a whole new meaning to me. And I've noticed that any time I smell tire rubber, there is an on-setting side effect involving a particular part of my anatomy.

(Photo Source: Global Male Facebook)
   I am grateful for the increased migration of people of hispanic background into the area of the country where I live. We are benefiting from a richer local culture and let's just be Latino men! Let me just give you one visual...bright colored underwear against carmel colored skin. My fantasy is a pool party where the guests are all Latino males in brightly colored Speedos. I will be waiting poolside with a towel drying off each and every one. Then they should get out of those wet clothes before they catch a cold and let the sun warm them up. (No tengo las palabras!)

(Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital)
   I have mentioned this before but in this context it warrants repeating. I went to the Dallas Eagle club during Pride a couple of years ago. It was at this point that men in leather became a stronger fetish choice for my daydreams. The most impact came from a leather gray headed daddy in his late 50s with a tall, well-built 'boy' in tow on a leash. The boy was dressed in a white bikini briefs and black boots, with leather collar attached to leash. All I could say is, "I want one." I took my fantasy to another level during a photo shoot with the Males In Motion model, Jacob. I asked Jacob to dress this fantasy for me (photo above).

(Photo Source: Randy Blue)
   I leave you once again with the cowboy. Warning: If you click on him, you will see is a pic from the world of gay porn. Until next time, explore your exotic male dancer fantasies! And don't forget to tip the boyz!

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