Sunday, September 22, 2013

He Grabbed My Junk!
How To Become An Exotic Male Dancer
Step Two: Evaluate Your Personality

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
    That guy just grabbed your junk.
    What are you going to do about it?
  • A. Tackle him and start busting up his face with your fist.
  • B. Ask him if he wants to go back to your place.
  • C. Run to the bar manager and tell on him.
  • D. Keep smiling and thank him for the tip.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   How would you respond? It's an important question for potential exotic male dancers. It's going to happen. Some guy or girl is going to grab your junk. So, if you selected A above, you'd probably better not consider a career as a male dancer. It wouldn't be good for you, the bar, or the customer if you find yourself jumping off the stage, knocking the customer to the ground, and then turning their face into hamburger meat. If you however, selected B or D, then there is a good chance you can become a successful male dancer. If you selected C, well, you probably have some issues to deal with but there is hope.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   This is the scenario. A customer has chosen to visit a bar where exotic male dancers are the featured entertainment. They are at a bar so they are most likely enjoying an alcoholic beverage. After several of these alcoholic beverages, less for some people, their inhibitions are starting to dissolve. They become emboldened. A hot and sexy half-naked/or naked man steps onto the stage and captures their attention. The customer makes his/her way to the stage to tip with possibly more creative ideas now in their mind. Reaching to tip...yea, they went and grabbed it. It's going to happen.

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)
   It's all about your personality and how you deal with things. Until next time, tell the bartender I'd like another dirty martini and please...move your hand...I want to tip you (and grab your junk!).

(Photo Source: Males In Motion Archives)

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