Sunday, September 8, 2013

Not Your Grandpa's Underwear
Underwear For Exotic Male Dancers

   I love men in underwear! And if they are on a stage, platform, bar, etc., and are dancing in underwear for my pleasure...then all the better! Twice a year or so, I like to write a blog about underwear choices for male strippers. With all the choices today, each male should be able to find something that fits well and looks sexy. The underwear in this blog is right for the stage, platform, pole or in the bedroom!
   Below is a video promo for Andrew Christian. I've included because of the striptease done by their model, Noah. It's worth a look. Enjoy!
   Let me come clean and make a disclaimer right now. I am an online web affiliate with Andrew Christian underwear. So, in this blog that is the brand that you will see. And yes, if you click on a link from my blog, then buy something from AC, I will make a commission. So, that motivates me to tell you to buy Andrew Christian. However, there are a lot other sources as well for sexy men's underwear.
   I wear boxers myself. I like the freedom and the crazy prints you can get fit my personality. And since my partner is the only one that ever sees me in or out of underwear,'s all good! However, I have been dressing men in underwear for photo shoots, dancing gigs, private parties, etc., for 10 years now and I think I've picked up a pointer or two that I'd like to share in this blog.
   Boxers are for special occasions only. I think holiday boxers are fun. An exotic male dancer can start out in these but very, very soon, as a fan, I want to see the dancer with less clothing on. So, wear something sexier underneath. And while you are dancing in the boxers, pull them down so I can look forward to what is to come. Boxers are often the only type of underwear that has enough material space on them to write a message or print a graphic. So, wear them for fun but not for long. You'll catch my eye with the fun graphics, but my wallet won't open to tip until the boxers have gone away.

   I love how boxer-briefs fit on athletic and muscular men (pic above). If you have solid thighs that will stretch the fabric on the boxer briefs then please wear them. I recommend them because at the same time they are fitting snugly on your thighs, they will be fitting snugly around your junk and ass. Both views will encourage me to step up to the stage and get a closer look. And while I'm that close, I will be sliding in a few dollar bills inside that waistband.

The Low Profile brief (above) is great for any fit body. However, I like to see them on the slimmer guys who have been 'blessed'. If you're an exotic male dancer and you're packing, then there is no reason to keep the boyz hidden. While dancing turn to the side and give us a profile view. The message will be understood loud and clear and I will make my way to you, tips in hand.

Show It Brief Jock
   The Show It Brief Jock (above) was created for those guys who have worked hard in the gym and have been given the equipment that some might refer to them as perfection. You know who you are and we like to watch you coming and going because you look great from all directions. You've chosen to be an exotic male dancer because you know what you've got, and you like to share it. And this makes us happy. And when we're happy...we open our wallets and share back.

   Underwear made of a Mesh (above) is for the tease...and I'm all about the tease. There may be parties where you can wear the mesh and place the 'goods' on display. But, when the law says keep it behind a cover, add a thong or g-string underneath. We'll still be able to see that great ass and we won't tell if you keep pulling the thong down and giving us a peak. We won't tell, but we will tip. Show me yours and I'll show you mine...well, my dollars that is, at least for now.

Shop Andrew Christian
   The Spider Thong (above) is a gift to your fans. We love you in boxer-briefs and briefs, but every now and then, we like something different...something that makes us stop and say...'look what he's wearing tonight.' And of course with the construction of this underwear style, I have so many places to hang a dollar or two. That will encourage me to stick around a while and keep placing tips. And of course, if you want to assist and provide a few side views, well, the dollars may disappear and we'll see Lincoln, Jefferson or other dignitaries taking their place.

   Don't forget to check the sales and clearance page... The Varsity Trunk (above) is one of my favorites. It plays into the theme of the athlete. Many fans will have the fantasies of locker rooms, etc., in their heads. Use this imagery to your advantage and watch your tips increase!

   Recently I conducted an informal poll among exotic male dancer fans and asked what color of underwear did they like the most on male dancers. White is the color most often selected...and the main reason for white is it's almost see through quality. Personally, I am fond of a light blue, particularly against darker skin. Until next time, enjoy shopping for underwear. And anytime you want to send me pics of you wearing your new underwear...well, feel free to email them to
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