Monday, January 31, 2011

Private Moments ~ Male Strippers Video Clips

   I stumbled across these videos this week and I thought they were worth sharing with male stripper fans. However, they are basically ads for porn sites and I am not an affiliate of the sites, nor do I know whether their sites are safe. I do feel the videos from this blog are safe. If you decide to check out the website, then enter at your own risk.

Amateur Tube

Amateur Tube

Amateur Tube

Amateur Porn

Amateur Sex

   If you have links to quality exotic male dancers video clips, please send them our way. You can either email the links to me, or list them in the comments section below. Enjoy the dancing boys above from the comfort of your home. And if you want to make a private strip show from your bedroom, feel free to send it along to me. I promise not to post it without your permission. It will be our own little private moment. I love the internet! :) Until next time, brave the cold and go tip the boys for me!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Get The Body Of A Male Stripper

(Photo left: Ethan Hudson by Ken Brown)

   From the start of this blog I want to make it very clear that in the world of the exotic male dancer, the phrase, "Different strokes for different folks" rings true. The opinion of the exotic male dancer fan is what matters. For example, there are male dancer "bears" who are beefy and hairy, and some are even overweight. And their fans love them all the same. There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL philosophy that will work for all fans. My personal opinion is that if you have fans who love to watch you dance then go-for-it and keep them happy, even if you are 85 years old and a resident at a long-term care facility. We could only hope to be so fortunate in our golden years.

   However, when we mention an exotic male dancer most of the public has an idea in their head that fits the Chippendale dancers, or the dancers at their favorite local club. And it is the dancer who resembles this male dancer image that will most often discover the most job opportunities being presented to them. With that being said, I will concentrate on fitness that gets attention from fans.

   With the New Year celebrations for 2011 came many resolutions. And I think it would be safe to say that a lot of them involved better physical fitness and nutrition. I made one of those, and I am in the process of altering my lifestyle back toward a more healthy path. I admit it, I strayed into the world of many carbs and must find my way back. In my search for nutrition tips, workout plans, and meditation toward those ends, I have found a few links I would like to suggest to those of you who may be making changes in your own lives.

(Photo left: Scott Herman by Joseph Smileuske)
   The first recommendation I want to make is Scott Herman Fitness. Scott is an actor, model, and fitness guru. You may remember Scott from a past season of the Real World. Being a member of the cast of the show may have given Scott some notoriety but he is more than a celebrity enjoying the ride of fame. He is passionate and committed about helping others achieve their fitness goals. I believe his ideas, inspiration, and programs can help anyone who is willing to follow his fitness program. And, I must confess that he is quite enjoyable to look at as well. Hey, when I am trying to alter my lifestyle, I need all the inspiration I can get. But, Scott is not just a pretty boy, he knows what he is talking about and sincerely hopes to help make a difference.

   Scott Herman Fitness also has a You Tube channel. Scott demonstrates many different workout routines that you can watch and follow along. And there are clips discussing other fitness related topics of interest. New clips are added weekly giving you added inspiration and encouragement on a regular basis.

   And so you know, I receive no financial or other compensation from Scott Herman Fitness for this endorsement. I simply believe that his training and educational instructions are a good place to start in your personal fitness plan. As far as I know, Scott has never been an exotic male dancer but he can definitely help you develop a body that looks good in the latest styles of underwear. He has proven this as an underwear model.

   Until next time, get to work on that six-pack...we're talking abs, not beer. And when you see an exotic male dancer who takes care of his body, tip him a dollar for me and say you run your fingers across the results of his hard work of course!

Photo Credits: Scott Herman Facebook Photo Album, Joseph Smileuske Photography

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's All About The Tease ...but the stripping part is nice too!

This Blog Comes Complete With Pictorial Strip-Tease
(Model: Todd Beauman of Randy Blue)

   If you want to see handsome men dressed in a variety of different fashions, do an online search for male model websites, there are dozens of those. Finding sites for men in underwear is also easy. It seems there is a new underwear vendor uploading a site every other day. And if you want to see nude dudes there are enough porn sites that you could look at naked men all night long and barely scratch the surface of what is available. I will admit that I have spent some time enjoying a visual feast from each of those different sources at one time or another. But for me, I still prefer watching a live male stripper because for me, it's all about the tease. I'll add a pictorial strip-tease of Todd Beauman from Randy Blue to this blog for demonstration purposes. (Note to readers: Be aware, this is a gay related porn site.)

   I like the old magazine type pictorials where a handsome guy starts out fully dressed. For our fantasy imagine a corporate executive dressed in an Armani suit. We see him fully dressed and get that first impression of "oh how cute", "and rich too..." and "he's really hot, I wonder what he looks like naked?" Then we turn the page and he has removed his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a smooth, muscular, well defined chest...with a nipple peaking out. (Add a hairy chest in your fantasy if that works for you.) We turn to another page and he has removed his shirt, tie, shoes and socks. His gray boxer briefs with nice bulge are revealed and his trousers are suspended around the knees. We quickly turn the page wanting to get to the "good part". The next two pages just so happen to be the centerfold and there he is stretched across two pages in all his naked glory...a staple to the left of his massive erection.
    Isn't that much better than...
  • 1. Here's a pic of a man in a suit.
  • 2. Here's a pic of a man in his underwear.
  • 3. And finally, here's a pic of the same man nude.
(We are almost overcome with excitement.)
You see, it's all about the tease. The cold hard facts are that he is dressed. He is semi-dressed, and then he is undressed. The tease is how that all happens. In writing, my description of the event was the tease.

   For the exotic male dancer, the tease is what brings in the tips. Start with any iconic image that you want of a male: fireman, policeman, construction worker with hard hat, baseball player, gymnast, gladiator, cowboy, corporate executive, doctor with white lab coat, student with tight jeans, t-shirt and backpack, etc. The list can go on and on. Start with any of those on a male stripper, fully clothed, and then watch as he works his magic removing one item at a time...not only removing it, but removing it with seduction. He looks at you and smiles before he unbuttons his shirt. He beckons the crowd to cheer before he removes his pants. He slowly slides his boxer briefs down just a few inches in back to give you a sneak peek of his bare bubble butt. And even if he doesn't show you what he's got between his legs, you can see an outline of his semi-erect fabric covered cock because he chose a pair of underwear that would "work it".

   I grew up in the southern region of the United States. We have our own version of the English language, add a southern accent and there are listeners who need an interpreter to understand what is being said. I remember one word that I have not heard since I was a kid but it is the only word that can describe what I want to say. The word is "hankerin'". It means, I have a strong desire to do something and I feel very intensely that I need to do it. So, if I say that I have a hankerin' to see what's covered by the boxer briefs on that male stripper, then you know I have a deep need to see his junk. And that "hankerin'" occurs because a male stripper takes what he has been blessed with and enhances it by working out and wearing the sexiest clothing. And then using his talents and abilities, he creates the tease and starts taking it all off and that stirs up my interest until it becomes a "hankerin'". (Of course, the word "horny" might substitute here as well.) Once the "hankerin'" has started, the next thing you know, you are up at the stage placing tips in waistbands and other exotic places. The 'hankerin' occurs because of the tease.

   On this planet where everyone is rushing to one deadline or another, and their lives are spinning at a crazy pace...let's enjoy a southern style slow down...have a drink (maybe a smooth Kentucky Bourbon) and watch an exotic male dancer put on the tease. Sure, you may have to go home and take a cold shower, or have some "personal time" but life is short, so enjoy these little moments. Until next time, I hope you develop a "hankerin'" this week. And when you do, tip the boys for me.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Website Review: 2011 (part. 1)

   This review is going to be in the form of diary entries for the days that I logged in and enjoyed the show from Montreal. In summary, the website,, still has hot dancers well worth watching, and new features that enhance the experience. In the diary entries below I will make note of dancers I especially liked. I will describe responses from other chat participants. And I will let you know who was discovered while exploring the dancer archives, photos and videos. This review experience took place between Monday, January 10 and Sunday, January 16.

   I started by clicking on the advertising link for in the right column of this blog. That lets you know up front that Males In Motion is still an advertising affiliate with So, as I have previously stated, that means that I have a motivation to give a positive review. However, I also possess business integrity and if I feel the website is not up to a certain standard, I will let that be known. Also, I want my advertisers to reflect positively on me, and if they do not, then I remove them from my advertising list. With that being said, the fact that there is still advertisements for associated with my blogs, means that I have found the website to have maintained is quality for 2011.

   I signed up for the trial period option for $14.95. There was a U.S. Dollar fee added of $1.95, making the total $16.90 for seven days. Let me make it clear at this point that unless you cancel you will be charged $29.99 at the end of seven days for the next month's subscription. If you do not want to continue, remember to do this at least one day before your trial period runs out.

   Once I had selected the option, paid, and logged in, I was a little lost for a minute or two because things had changed. In the previous website experience, when you logged in you were given a static window and the view changed based on the onsite cam boy's choices. With the new version you can open a chat window, bar video window, and a jack-off room video window. I opened all three and left them as smaller windows on my desktop. I was able to expand them individually to fit my monitor screen if I wanted a larger view (and I often did). For chat, select the video chat option from the chat window. I chose to deny the software to use my camera and sound. The chat still worked fine but I was not on camera for others to view. You can change that option within the chat window at any time if you so choose. That's all for the technical information. It is needed so I include it, but now...let's get to the boyz!

   During the two hour viewing that I did on Monday night I watched 8 different dancers on stage. The format included two songs for each dancer. The first was a strip tease where the dancer remained clothed, or at least was clothed below the waist. A glimpse of an ass cheek or bulge was shown a few times. The purpose of this dance is to get you warmed up and ready for the second. You develop a desire to see what was hidden and look forward to all being revealed in the second dance.

   Before a dancer begins his second dance, he spends time in the jack-off room developing a full erection on camera. One thing that stood out this time was the number of dancers who have smart phones and used them for inspiration while getting a hard-on. I am not sure what they were watching but they must store their favorites somewhere. Can I get a cheer for technology?!

   Males In Motion has two favorites from Monday night. The first is a dancer with the stage name of Noah. He has a great body, beautiful face, perfect ass and well-endowed. Add to that one of those smiles that light up the room, and you'll understand immediately why he was a favorite. He was also found participating in a new feature of the website, a live jack-off room. The dancer sits on a sofa in a nicely decorated room and responds to online post by live viewers. During the session, he removes his clothing piece by piece as requested by viewers. The session ends with the dancer enjoying a release. You'll have to subscribe to learn more. The live broadcasts are on Tuesday night. They are recorded and available in the archive section for later viewing as well.

   The other dancer that we especially liked goes by the stage name of J.P. The cam boy showed him often sitting in the bar talking with club patrons and/or staff members. He seemed to be popular with everyone. The chat participants liked him as well. Once I saw him dance his two sessions, I could understand why he was so popular. Like most of the dancers at the Stockbar in Montreal, from which is broadcast, J.P. has a great body and handsome face. But he also possesses that certain something that exudes sex appeal, making him sexy as hell. It translates well through streaming video.

   I will add additional reviews of this site at various times throughout the coming year. I like to visit the website and check on new dancers, and see the great bodies and large endowments often. If you would like to read the 2010 review for, then click here. When I visit to watch the naked boyz, my chat name is mimotion or wesE (the original). If you see me there, please say hi and let me know you are a Males In Motion blog reader. Until next time, enjoy a night or more with the Canadian hotties. And tell them in chat that Mike from Males In Motion says hello.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ken Brown Photography: Digital Pleasure in Chicago

   I love Chicago! It is one of my favorite travel destinations. I have several good friends that live there. And I have even entertained the idea of moving to the area in the next few years. So, I often find myself surfing the internet for more information about the city, suburbs and surrounding areas. One thing that becomes evident in each of my searches is that Chicagoans love exotic male dancers. Basically, there are opportunities every night of the week to watch our favorite form of entertainment. I know this from personal visits as well as the digital pleasure provided by photographer Ken Brown.

(Photo left: Blake Riley, porn star/male dancer)

   It is safe to say that in any online search for gay Chicago, you will receive several hits containing photos taken by Ken Brown. He currently serves as photographer for Gay Chicago Magazine and You will find literally hundreds of his photos on various facebook pages belonging to clubs, male reviews, pride events, exotic male dancers, porn stars and more. (After this pic, I have a new appreciation for bandannas.)

   Ken Brown covers other gay themed events as well as individual photoshoots. You can contact Ken about his work and to schedule an event or photoshoot through email or his facebook fan page.


   We've included a few more of Ken's photos here and below but to really appreciate the contribution that Ken has made to our favorite form of entertainment, visit his facebook fan page. Also, check in the facebook photo albums of Spin, Chi TownBoyz and others in the Chicago area and you'll find more of Ken's work.

   If you happen to live in the city or be visiting Chicago, go out to one of the clubs and tip the boys for me. I'll be there whenever I get the chance. And if you see Ken Brown taking photos, tell him Mike from Males In Motion says "THANK YOU!. Keep posting those digital pleasures. We are grateful". Until next time, try out that bandanna idea and send me a pic.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Exotic Male Dancer Matt - Tribal Fires in Austin

   The first time I discovered Matt I experienced the "Dayum!" reaction. You know what reaction I"m talking about...the one where all your education in the English language becomes invalid because your brain turns to mush and you mumble phrases like "buh" or "neh". Once your ability to think coherent thoughts returns you begin to notice the individual features of a very sexy man, who we are grateful has chosen to be an exotic male dancer. Matt grabs your attention from many different directions.

   Once I returned to my senses, I began to follow the sacred path of the tribal tattoo. It begins at the flat stomach and crawls across the chiseled abs. Winding its way up toward the strong chest, the path splits and curves to provide a frame as it stops on each side of the right nipple. (Ok, let's stop our journey here for a few minutes before we move on. There's no need to be in any hurry.) The path then continues and travels up the solid pecs to the right shoulder, and then down the right bicep. I don't know about you but for me, that journey never gets tiring. It's even more fun when you turn around and do it in reverse.

   This is the pic that caused the original "Dayum!" reaction. I found it while surfing across Matt's Facebook page and did a share. My friend's list went nuts! I think we can all understand why. This pic definitely gives you enough reasons to book Matt for your next club or private party. Until recently, Matt was a full-time performer at LaBare Austin. Unfortunately, the club closed its doors in December 2010. But that is good news for all the exotic male dancer fans in the Austin area. Matt is booking private parties and other club appearances now.

   Matt schedules private parties and club appearances through his facebook page. He dances for all groups whether comprised of men only, women only, or mixed. And fans in Austin, Texas, you have the opportunity to watch him in person. On Friday, January 14, Matt will be dancing at 'Bout Time, 9601 N IH-35, Austin, TX.
   Males In Motion sends out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATT!!! His birthday is Sunday, January 9. Stop by his facebook page and wish him a Happy Birthday!

   If you're wanting to start a tribal fire at your next event, contact Matt and follow the sacred path. Your guest will be glad you did. Until next time...(sry, paused on that sacred path again for a minute). Until next time...(I mean, did you see the long red pouch on those red briefs with the string sides?). Ok, concentrating...Until next time, keep the boyz dancing. Stop by and tip Matt a dollar for me. Tell him Mike from Males in Motion said "Dayum!" and hello.

   Matt was chosen to be one of Males In Motion's Top 10 Exotic Male dancers for 2010. Click here and view the blog.
Photo credits: Matt's Facebook Page Albums, Charlie's Austin Facebook Page Album

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Male Strippers At Our Fantasy White Party

   Males In Motion has conducted two separate polls on what color of underwear our readers like to see on male strippers (before they take it off). The first poll was on our website three years ago, and the other was featured on our blog during the most recent holiday period. In each poll the favorite underwear color was white. We can understand why that color was chosen. White underwear is usually the most see-through and looks the best in wet underwear contests. Also, the way shadows fall around the male basket that is covered in white fabric will often leave very little to the imagination. We're all for that!

2xist Essential Contour Pouch Brief

   In honor of the color white, we have chosen a few different styles of underwear in white that we think will look great on exotic male dancers. We also think they look great on the fans. With each style shown in this blog we'll give you our Males In Motion take on why they should be worn and removed. For example, you've already noticed how the butt on the model to the left is definitely emphasized by this type of brief. What fan of male butts will not watch this pair of underwear as it walks by and most likely will be trying to locate it in the club the rest of the night.

   And the same pair of underwear from the front (at right) gently cradles the balls. We of course like to recommend that male dancers wear something a little more revealing than this pair but if you can wear them and look as good as this model does...we say, "please do". This pair of underwear would work nicely for a wet underwear contest or a foam party. Caution: Make sure they fit snug on your butt. We don't want to see a saggy underwear butt. If the cheeks can fill it out, then there will be fans who will be most appreciative of the display.

2xist Sliq Low Rise Brief

   We love to see this brief on young, slim guys. The style is sexy and playful. They are low-rise so they give the torso a longer, leaner look. And quick, while you still have that flat tummy, wear something to show-it-off! The smaller amount of fabric coverage also emphasizes the boys, making them appear larger. And who doesn't like that?

Clever Mesh Bars Trunk

   Mesh underwear is simply sexy! Although this pair of underwear shows almost everything, it still leaves one area covered so there is still some mystery about what you're packing. These boxer-brief style trunks are extremely comfortable and feel like you are not wearing anything at all.

   If you were blessed with a rock-hard-solid-ass or have worked out to get it there, then this product will look great on you. Well, almost any product would look great on you. However, the fabric will pull tight on your back side and your firm bubble shape will draw the attention of any club goer. Of course, the fact that you are practically naked in back doesn't hurt any either. Expect a few more gropes of your ass as you walk through the crowd.

Go Softwear Euro Mesh Bikini

   Is it required by law to keep it covered? If so, does the law say it can't be see-through? Well, check that to make sure. But, if you need to cover it but want to show it, this is the bikini brief for you. And if you decide to wear this bikini brief, please let us know where you will be wearing it. We'll have the camera ready.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief

   Recommended for wearing during workouts, these briefs provide more freedom of movement in the legs. Perfect for the exotic male dancer as well.

Calvin Klein Body Thong

   With your New Year's resolution to get in better shape, you've been working out and your body looks great! It's time to take the plunge and wear a thong. You know we've wanted you to...I mean, you know you've wanted, now it's time to do it. We're waiting to see that cute little ass in a sexy little number like this.

Active Man Jock Strap

We're getting down to the bare minimum now. This jock strap has one comment to make. "I've got it. Here it is. Check it out!" As the old saying goes, "If you've got it, flaunt it!" I just love all the possibilities for tipping an exotic male dancer wearing a jock strap. See if you can place a bill under each strap.

   As you might guess our true fantasy white party would end with everyone wearing nothing. We're so decadent. However, as the guests enter the door and remove their outer clothing, the underwear above is what we would like to see everyone wearing. At least for a little while. We have to please all the guys (and ladies) who have an underwear fetish. Until next time, pull out your best whites, take a pic in your mirror, and send it to me at You can also send along any comments about what you like to wear at a white party, or tell us in a comment below. (Ok, go to the underwear drawer now. I'm waiting for the pics.)