Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's All About The Tease ...but the stripping part is nice too!

This Blog Comes Complete With Pictorial Strip-Tease
(Model: Todd Beauman of Randy Blue)

   If you want to see handsome men dressed in a variety of different fashions, do an online search for male model websites, there are dozens of those. Finding sites for men in underwear is also easy. It seems there is a new underwear vendor uploading a site every other day. And if you want to see nude dudes there are enough porn sites that you could look at naked men all night long and barely scratch the surface of what is available. I will admit that I have spent some time enjoying a visual feast from each of those different sources at one time or another. But for me, I still prefer watching a live male stripper because for me, it's all about the tease. I'll add a pictorial strip-tease of Todd Beauman from Randy Blue to this blog for demonstration purposes. (Note to readers: Be aware, this is a gay related porn site.)

   I like the old magazine type pictorials where a handsome guy starts out fully dressed. For our fantasy imagine a corporate executive dressed in an Armani suit. We see him fully dressed and get that first impression of "oh how cute", "and rich too..." and "he's really hot, I wonder what he looks like naked?" Then we turn the page and he has removed his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a smooth, muscular, well defined chest...with a nipple peaking out. (Add a hairy chest in your fantasy if that works for you.) We turn to another page and he has removed his shirt, tie, shoes and socks. His gray boxer briefs with nice bulge are revealed and his trousers are suspended around the knees. We quickly turn the page wanting to get to the "good part". The next two pages just so happen to be the centerfold and there he is stretched across two pages in all his naked glory...a staple to the left of his massive erection.
    Isn't that much better than...
  • 1. Here's a pic of a man in a suit.
  • 2. Here's a pic of a man in his underwear.
  • 3. And finally, here's a pic of the same man nude.
(We are almost overcome with excitement.)
You see, it's all about the tease. The cold hard facts are that he is dressed. He is semi-dressed, and then he is undressed. The tease is how that all happens. In writing, my description of the event was the tease.

   For the exotic male dancer, the tease is what brings in the tips. Start with any iconic image that you want of a male: fireman, policeman, construction worker with hard hat, baseball player, gymnast, gladiator, cowboy, corporate executive, doctor with white lab coat, student with tight jeans, t-shirt and backpack, etc. The list can go on and on. Start with any of those on a male stripper, fully clothed, and then watch as he works his magic removing one item at a time...not only removing it, but removing it with seduction. He looks at you and smiles before he unbuttons his shirt. He beckons the crowd to cheer before he removes his pants. He slowly slides his boxer briefs down just a few inches in back to give you a sneak peek of his bare bubble butt. And even if he doesn't show you what he's got between his legs, you can see an outline of his semi-erect fabric covered cock because he chose a pair of underwear that would "work it".

   I grew up in the southern region of the United States. We have our own version of the English language, add a southern accent and there are listeners who need an interpreter to understand what is being said. I remember one word that I have not heard since I was a kid but it is the only word that can describe what I want to say. The word is "hankerin'". It means, I have a strong desire to do something and I feel very intensely that I need to do it. So, if I say that I have a hankerin' to see what's covered by the boxer briefs on that male stripper, then you know I have a deep need to see his junk. And that "hankerin'" occurs because a male stripper takes what he has been blessed with and enhances it by working out and wearing the sexiest clothing. And then using his talents and abilities, he creates the tease and starts taking it all off and that stirs up my interest until it becomes a "hankerin'". (Of course, the word "horny" might substitute here as well.) Once the "hankerin'" has started, the next thing you know, you are up at the stage placing tips in waistbands and other exotic places. The 'hankerin' occurs because of the tease.

   On this planet where everyone is rushing to one deadline or another, and their lives are spinning at a crazy pace...let's enjoy a southern style slow down...have a drink (maybe a smooth Kentucky Bourbon) and watch an exotic male dancer put on the tease. Sure, you may have to go home and take a cold shower, or have some "personal time" but life is short, so enjoy these little moments. Until next time, I hope you develop a "hankerin'" this week. And when you do, tip the boys for me.

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