Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Male Strippers At Our Fantasy White Party

   Males In Motion has conducted two separate polls on what color of underwear our readers like to see on male strippers (before they take it off). The first poll was on our website three years ago, and the other was featured on our blog during the most recent holiday period. In each poll the favorite underwear color was white. We can understand why that color was chosen. White underwear is usually the most see-through and looks the best in wet underwear contests. Also, the way shadows fall around the male basket that is covered in white fabric will often leave very little to the imagination. We're all for that!

2xist Essential Contour Pouch Brief

   In honor of the color white, we have chosen a few different styles of underwear in white that we think will look great on exotic male dancers. We also think they look great on the fans. With each style shown in this blog we'll give you our Males In Motion take on why they should be worn and removed. For example, you've already noticed how the butt on the model to the left is definitely emphasized by this type of brief. What fan of male butts will not watch this pair of underwear as it walks by and most likely will be trying to locate it in the club the rest of the night.

   And the same pair of underwear from the front (at right) gently cradles the balls. We of course like to recommend that male dancers wear something a little more revealing than this pair but if you can wear them and look as good as this model does...we say, "please do". This pair of underwear would work nicely for a wet underwear contest or a foam party. Caution: Make sure they fit snug on your butt. We don't want to see a saggy underwear butt. If the cheeks can fill it out, then there will be fans who will be most appreciative of the display.

2xist Sliq Low Rise Brief

   We love to see this brief on young, slim guys. The style is sexy and playful. They are low-rise so they give the torso a longer, leaner look. And quick, while you still have that flat tummy, wear something to show-it-off! The smaller amount of fabric coverage also emphasizes the boys, making them appear larger. And who doesn't like that?

Clever Mesh Bars Trunk

   Mesh underwear is simply sexy! Although this pair of underwear shows almost everything, it still leaves one area covered so there is still some mystery about what you're packing. These boxer-brief style trunks are extremely comfortable and feel like you are not wearing anything at all.

   If you were blessed with a rock-hard-solid-ass or have worked out to get it there, then this product will look great on you. Well, almost any product would look great on you. However, the fabric will pull tight on your back side and your firm bubble shape will draw the attention of any club goer. Of course, the fact that you are practically naked in back doesn't hurt any either. Expect a few more gropes of your ass as you walk through the crowd.

Go Softwear Euro Mesh Bikini

   Is it required by law to keep it covered? If so, does the law say it can't be see-through? Well, check that to make sure. But, if you need to cover it but want to show it, this is the bikini brief for you. And if you decide to wear this bikini brief, please let us know where you will be wearing it. We'll have the camera ready.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief

   Recommended for wearing during workouts, these briefs provide more freedom of movement in the legs. Perfect for the exotic male dancer as well.

Calvin Klein Body Thong

   With your New Year's resolution to get in better shape, you've been working out and your body looks great! It's time to take the plunge and wear a thong. You know we've wanted you to...I mean, you know you've wanted, now it's time to do it. We're waiting to see that cute little ass in a sexy little number like this.

Active Man Jock Strap

We're getting down to the bare minimum now. This jock strap has one comment to make. "I've got it. Here it is. Check it out!" As the old saying goes, "If you've got it, flaunt it!" I just love all the possibilities for tipping an exotic male dancer wearing a jock strap. See if you can place a bill under each strap.

   As you might guess our true fantasy white party would end with everyone wearing nothing. We're so decadent. However, as the guests enter the door and remove their outer clothing, the underwear above is what we would like to see everyone wearing. At least for a little while. We have to please all the guys (and ladies) who have an underwear fetish. Until next time, pull out your best whites, take a pic in your mirror, and send it to me at You can also send along any comments about what you like to wear at a white party, or tell us in a comment below. (Ok, go to the underwear drawer now. I'm waiting for the pics.)

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