Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Exotic Male Stripper And The Art of the Lap Dance...

   Warm breath across the skin of the neck...That is one of the secrets to a successful lap dance. What? It's true. Picture this, Sicily 1929...(sorry, I was channeling the Golden Girls for a moment.) No, picture this...a hot male dancer with tanned, bare chest and tight, 6-pack abs, narrow waist, clingy-reveal-all sky blue low-rise briefs with the bulging outline of a semi-hard cock, and slim, yet muscular legs. He hovers an inch above your lap, close enough that you feel his warmth but he is still able to seductively slide around your body in a slow dance. You look into the green eyes of the handsome face. He smiles as he leans into you. You smell his cologne and it's very sexy, earthy. The hairs on your neck stand up as he lightly breathes across your skin moving slowly up around your right ear where he lightly blows. Ok, who just shivered? I shivered...raise your hand if you shivered. Hands are going up every where. Everything was already hot and a complete turn-on but the sensual experience that pushed you over the edge was the light breath on your neck.

   He turns around and almost sits in your lap. He asks you to place your hands in his. Grasping firmly around your wrists, he starts at the top of his pecs placing your hands upon his chest, and lets your hands rest there a moment...flesh touching flesh. He then slowly guides your fingers across the pec muscles, bumping upon the nipples, moving gradually down. You feel the heat and firmness of his 6-pack abs. You think the exploration has reached its destination but he keeps going down, placing your hands one on each side of his pouch. He uses your right hand to rub up and down his fabric covered cock and balls and you feel him grow stiffer beneath your touch.

   The dancer rises to a standing position and turns to face you again. Your eyes are now almost even with his erection. Once again he takes your hands by the wrist and places them squarely on his firm ass cheeks. Leaning in he whispers in your ear, "squeeze". Being the obedient lap dance recipient, you respond. Realizing the "position" you are in, your hands involuntarily pull toward you as you squeeze. The dancer grins knowing what you are trying to do but maintains his stance by contracting the muscles in his ass...rock solid. Oh my, a million fantasies go off in your head. For a few beats of the song, he dances only inches away and then as a tease, suddenly moves in and brushes his fabric-covered cock against your cheek.

   We're way past shivers now honey. I'm thinking the earth is about to move when the song ends and the dancer stands fully upright and backs away. He leans down again and gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you baby", he says. You smell his cologne again and store the experience in a place in your brain where a quick retrieval will be possible later during your "personal time". He turns and walks away leaving you to finish your drink and let the red flush in your cheeks fade.

   But if you are like me, you have already started a visual scan of the club to see which dancer should be the next to give you a lap dance.

   The lap dance described above is typical of one that you might receive in the public area of a male strip club. If you choose to pay the additional fee to enter the VIP Room, a lap dance in that area might be a little more intense. More intense? Is that possible? I encourage you to find out. You won't be disappointed. I am confident that Blanche Devereaux would agree.

   Have you had a hot lap dance from an exotic male dancer? Click here and send me an email and tell me all about it...I want every juicy detail. It's one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences at a male strip club. Give a lap dance by a hot male dancer to one of your good friends on their next birthday. They'll be grateful. And, they'll have a story to tell over and over. Until next time, visit the VIP Room and purchase a lap dance of your own. Tip the dancer a dollar for me. I'd prefer you place it in the back. That is, if they are wearing anything to place it in. Have fun!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!


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