Saturday, January 8, 2011

Exotic Male Dancer Matt - Tribal Fires in Austin

   The first time I discovered Matt I experienced the "Dayum!" reaction. You know what reaction I"m talking about...the one where all your education in the English language becomes invalid because your brain turns to mush and you mumble phrases like "buh" or "neh". Once your ability to think coherent thoughts returns you begin to notice the individual features of a very sexy man, who we are grateful has chosen to be an exotic male dancer. Matt grabs your attention from many different directions.

   Once I returned to my senses, I began to follow the sacred path of the tribal tattoo. It begins at the flat stomach and crawls across the chiseled abs. Winding its way up toward the strong chest, the path splits and curves to provide a frame as it stops on each side of the right nipple. (Ok, let's stop our journey here for a few minutes before we move on. There's no need to be in any hurry.) The path then continues and travels up the solid pecs to the right shoulder, and then down the right bicep. I don't know about you but for me, that journey never gets tiring. It's even more fun when you turn around and do it in reverse.

   This is the pic that caused the original "Dayum!" reaction. I found it while surfing across Matt's Facebook page and did a share. My friend's list went nuts! I think we can all understand why. This pic definitely gives you enough reasons to book Matt for your next club or private party. Until recently, Matt was a full-time performer at LaBare Austin. Unfortunately, the club closed its doors in December 2010. But that is good news for all the exotic male dancer fans in the Austin area. Matt is booking private parties and other club appearances now.

   Matt schedules private parties and club appearances through his facebook page. He dances for all groups whether comprised of men only, women only, or mixed. And fans in Austin, Texas, you have the opportunity to watch him in person. On Friday, January 14, Matt will be dancing at 'Bout Time, 9601 N IH-35, Austin, TX.
   Males In Motion sends out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATT!!! His birthday is Sunday, January 9. Stop by his facebook page and wish him a Happy Birthday!

   If you're wanting to start a tribal fire at your next event, contact Matt and follow the sacred path. Your guest will be glad you did. Until next time...(sry, paused on that sacred path again for a minute). Until next time...(I mean, did you see the long red pouch on those red briefs with the string sides?). Ok, concentrating...Until next time, keep the boyz dancing. Stop by and tip Matt a dollar for me. Tell him Mike from Males in Motion said "Dayum!" and hello.

   Matt was chosen to be one of Males In Motion's Top 10 Exotic Male dancers for 2010. Click here and view the blog.
Photo credits: Matt's Facebook Page Albums, Charlie's Austin Facebook Page Album

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