Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ken Brown Photography: Digital Pleasure in Chicago

   I love Chicago! It is one of my favorite travel destinations. I have several good friends that live there. And I have even entertained the idea of moving to the area in the next few years. So, I often find myself surfing the internet for more information about the city, suburbs and surrounding areas. One thing that becomes evident in each of my searches is that Chicagoans love exotic male dancers. Basically, there are opportunities every night of the week to watch our favorite form of entertainment. I know this from personal visits as well as the digital pleasure provided by photographer Ken Brown.

(Photo left: Blake Riley, porn star/male dancer)

   It is safe to say that in any online search for gay Chicago, you will receive several hits containing photos taken by Ken Brown. He currently serves as photographer for Gay Chicago Magazine and You will find literally hundreds of his photos on various facebook pages belonging to clubs, male reviews, pride events, exotic male dancers, porn stars and more. (After this pic, I have a new appreciation for bandannas.)

   Ken Brown covers other gay themed events as well as individual photoshoots. You can contact Ken about his work and to schedule an event or photoshoot through email or his facebook fan page.


   We've included a few more of Ken's photos here and below but to really appreciate the contribution that Ken has made to our favorite form of entertainment, visit his facebook fan page. Also, check in the facebook photo albums of Spin, Chi TownBoyz and others in the Chicago area and you'll find more of Ken's work.

   If you happen to live in the city or be visiting Chicago, go out to one of the clubs and tip the boys for me. I'll be there whenever I get the chance. And if you see Ken Brown taking photos, tell him Mike from Males In Motion says "THANK YOU!. Keep posting those digital pleasures. We are grateful". Until next time, try out that bandanna idea and send me a pic.

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