Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Dancer's Dozen ~ Twelve Underwear Styles
We Like On Male Strippers

   Are you looking for hot, sexy underwear to dance in? We've gone through all the products found at Skiviez and have listed our 12 favorite styles for exotic male dancers. We have also told you why we think the particular pair of underwear, jock strap, etc., is a good choice. Take a few minutes and see our selections and read what we've said. Let us know if you agree.
Gregg Homme Boytoy Low Rise Trunk
   Made of a lunimous reflective material, these trunks are stretchy and can move as you dance. They sit low and fit firmly around all the right places. The lights in the dance club will bounce off these trunks keeping the focus on you, and sending out a call to all tippers. They will also photograph well for promo pics.
Intymen Euro Low Rise Brief
This brief should be your first purchase. Let your inner exotic male dancer out! The soft fabric will hug your body and move with you throughout the gig. The pouch front will keep the 'boys' secure and add to the illusion that there is more that meets the eye then what may possibly actually be there.
Papi Stretch Low Rise Brief 2 Pack
   Every exotic male dancer needs a sexy pair of white briefs. These aren't the tighty-whities of old. These Papi Low Rise Briefs have a shorter cut on the legs placing emphasis between the legs. White is the perfect choice for showing everything without being nude. These briefs are the perfect choice for wet underwear contests.
C-IN2 Zen Active
Sport Brief

   This pair of briefs was created for the athlete. They provide ease of movement for working out. Well, every exotic male dancer knows that a night of dancing is definitely a work out. The rayon blend fabric will keep you cool and dry. And of course, I like these because of their focus on the crotch. They fit snugly around the 'family jewels'.
Active Man Camo
Jock Strap

   A jock strap is sexy and this one also prepares you for a military theme night. If a bare ass is not allowed, place a brief or camo boxers on top. Make sure you reveal the jock strap while dancing...create a few new fantasies.
Baskit Snugfit Seamless Trunk
   Boxer briefs work well if they fit well. Baggy is never good. That's no problem with this pair. And your junk will be on display as the fabric molds to every contour. I've selected to show you this brief in white because it's the most revealing color. The fans will tip and say thank you for wearing these. They'll look good under the lights of the dance floor, platform, or stage.
Clever Sporty
Mesh Trunk

   I like this Boxer Brief because it picks up the 'boys' and puts them on display. The color blocking makes the eyes focus on the crotch. So, if you've been blessed between the legs, then wear it with confidence. Avoid this trunk if you have skinny legs but with a little muscle in your thighs, it will look great.
Calvin Klein
Body Hip Brief

   Everyone needs a classic label in their wardrobe and Calvin Klein is one of the best! The brand is known for quality. We recommend this little number for the way it rides on the hips. But the best feature of this brief is the way the light reflects off the fabric, causing shadows around the male anatomy. A perfect choice if you have great abs!
Sports Brief

   This Australian brand underwear speaks for itself. It is a sock for the cock! We love the way it wraps around the cock and balls, pulls them up, and says 'hello'! Every thing is covered, but everything is almost known! These are damn sexy and will draw a lot of attention in your direction! If you choose to wear these, let us know where you'll be dancing. We'll want to stop by.
2xist (X)treme
Pouch Sport Brief

   If you are a dancer who needs a little more room in your pouch to fit all you've been blessed with, then this is the brief for you.
(I pause here for a moment to consider all the possibiities.)
Wear this brief for great style, a comfortable fit, and an admiring, grateful audience. Let the tipping begin!
Timoteo Hero
Low Rise Trunk

   This pair from Timoteo has looks, comfort, and is perfect for dancing. I recommend these for the go-go boys. They fit every body type; are short and sexy; and, most importantly to us fans, they mold around the basket and butt. They are like a second skin. The waistband is perfect as well for holding all those dollar bills.
Good Devil
Zoom Trunk

   With this trunk from Good Devil there is no doubt that you are on stage to entertain. If you are wanting all eyes in your direction, then this is what you need to wear. In red, white, blue or black, step out to the waiting crowd and watch the smiles light up on their faces.
   Hopefully you've found something hot above that you want to wear. Whether on stage or in the bedroom, or maybe that underwear night at the bar, take a few moments and select your favorites. Until next time, tip the boys well so they can buy some more hot underwear to wear for us!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Club Review: 2012 All-Nude Boxers-N-Briefs
Near St. Louis, MO

   If you have been a follower of my blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that I mention Boxers-N-Briefs often. There are at least three reasons for this. First, it is often the closest all-nude male strip club to where I am working. Second, it was the very first all-nude male strip club that I visited and I had so much fun that I have continued to return over the past few years. And third, I have always found at least one sexy male dancer at the club that made me want to come back for more.

   So, it may come as no surprise that this year when I was deciding where to celebrate my birthday, I chose Boxers-N-Briefs. My group of three stopped in at BnB on Saturday, May 19. It is funny to me that even now when I walk into an all-nude male strip club, I have a momentary shock as I see the first live nude dancer of the night on stage or on the bar. I'm sure this is a result of my conservative midwest/southern upbringing. The shock of course is one of excitement and an urgency to get inside and see more.

   We entered the club and followed a sign that said to pay at the bar. We paid the $10 cover and ordered our first drinks. Do not expect cheap drinks here. They weren't. But that's not unusual for a club of this kind. There are nightly drink specials that will save you a few dollars so check them out before ordering. While at the bar, ask for the bartender Rob. He is one of the nicest people you'll meet and a great bartender. Tell him Mike from Males In Motion says hi.

   As is our normal procedure, we found a table near the bar so we could watch the dancers on the bar. There are usually two at a time and they rotate throughout the night. There is also a shower and the night we were there, we watched three different dancers in the shower. Very nice! After they finish, they will walk around with a bucket for tips. Drop a buck or two (or more if you wish) into the bucket. I mean just think about it...a hot male dancer, naked, soaping up and rinsing off in the shower right before your very eyes...most enjoyable and worth giving a tip!

 (Pic above: BnB Male Dancer Chino...Hey Chino, thanks for letting us use the pic. Sorry we missed you this trip. We'll catch you next trip!)
   If you want to tip the dancers at the bar, make your way to the bar and take a seat on one of the bar stools. The dancers move around to the customers and stop to dance in front of them. They start out in underwear but as the tips begin to come in, they remove the underwear but wear socks so they have a place for you to put the tips. A dancer will usually stay in front of you until you have stopped tipping, then will move on to the next customer.

   The highlight of this BnB excursion was a dancer that goes by the name of Bailey. He is tall and slim, brown hair, and has a light scattering of body hair on his chest and flat stomach. Bailey kept my group company often during the night stopping by to joke around, flirt and keep us interested. He found out from one of my friends that it was my birthday and stopped by to give me a shoulder and neck rub. Thank you Bailey! If you get the opportunity to stop in at BnB please spend some time with Bailey. You'll be glad you did.

   If you would like to be the center of attention for a dancer, purchase a private lap dance. Ask the bartender the pricing. You can receive a lap dance from a male dancer while he is in underwear for one price, and for a little more, he will dance fully nude. There are club policies and laws I'm sure concerning their conduct while in the private lounge, just ask the male dancer for the specifics.

   There is a stage with a pole in another area of the club. When it is busy, there will be at least one and sometimes two other dancers at that stage. The stage has chairs all the way around it. You can sit and watch the dancers and tip from your seat. Keep an eye out for your favorites and step to this stage when they are up.

   I have a few pointers to share to make your experience at BnB the best it can be. Saturday night is one of the busiest times at the club. The dancers are a mix of straight and gay. The straight dancers are usually gay-friendly, however, as in most male strip clubs, when the ladies arrive, the straight guys tend to gravitate in their direction. It's only natural. I recommend that anyone, but particularly gay men, go to the club on a Thursday or Friday night. You will get more attention, and isn't that what we want! When there are fewer customers, but several dancers, they work harder for the tips and you'll be the one who benefits. Also, if you like a dancer and want to tip him, move to the bar or stage where he is dancing when he first steps up. If he is a popular dancer and there are a lot of customers who want to tip him, his session may be over before you've had the opportunity.

   Male strip clubs like BnB hire new dancers all the time. It is rare to see the same dancer at the same club for several years. Dancers come and go. The mix of types changes as well. On this trip most of the dancers were slim, younger, caucasian or latino and cute. If you are into size, well, there were several dancers who would make you happy. All of those in the shower shows would have met your expectations and more.

    Links for Boxers-N-Briefs:
  • BnB Website
  • Location:
  • Phone: 618 332 6141 AFTER 6:30 PM, TUESDAY THRU SUNDAY

IMPORTANT: Follow the directions to the club on their website. Do not rely on your GPS. It may take you through areas that you really don't want to go. BnB is in a safe area.

   I'm already planning a future visit to Boxers-N-Briefs. Until next time, go find Bailey at Bnb. And don't forget to tip!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Indulge Yourself In A Secret Naked Getaway
Club Xstatic ~ Springfield, Massachusetts

   It has been a year or so since I had the pleasure of enjoying a night at Club Xstatic in Springfield, MA.  This club has stood the test of time while other similar venues have come and gone in the Northeast.   A friend of mine lost his private lap dance virginity at this club during my visit, when for the very first time he spent a few minutes in the company of a lean, yet muscular blond dancer.  And he has fond memories of his experience.  I hope to soon return but I am not sure when that will happen.  But those of you who live in the Northeast or will be traveling there can take a simple train ride to Springfield, MA, stay at the hotel only two blocks away from the club, and enjoy a night or better yet, a weekened secret get away with some very hot, and yes, very naked male dancers.

   Let Club Xstatic be your secret indulgence. For me it's a place where you get lost in the atmosphere, shake off the stress of life, enjoy a beer or cocktail, and have some good ol' fashioned 'dirty' fun. I describe it like this:
    Mike's Club Xstatic Get Away Weekend:
  • Arrive at Club Xstatic, a Northeast Destination that caters to feeding the senses.
  • Relax (if you can) with your favorite drink in hand, and watch exotic precision movement above, below, and around the pole
  • Ignore the clock and let the night slip away.
  • Place your tips in and finish this sentence.
  • Feast on some delightful "eye candy".
  • Splurge and enjoy a private lap dance or two with your favorite exotic male dancers.
  • Explore your fantasies and create memories you'll remember for many years.
  • And if it's a weekend. You can come back the next night and do it again.

    Links for Planning Your Club Xstatic Getaway Weekend
  • Club Xstatic Website
  • Club Xstatic
    Facebook Page
  • Amtrak Website - For Train Schedules
  • Call Club Xstatic to get the name of the hotel nearby. You can walk from the hotel to the club.
  • Several of the dancers have their own facebook page. You can click a link to those from the Club Xstatic website photo gallery.

   I've mentioned weekend getaways in this blog but let's make it clear. Club Xstatic is open 7, yes, seven nights each week. So, if your days off fall in the middle of the week, you can still enjoy your 'Secret Naked Getaway'. Of course, when you return to the office it is your choice if you tell everyone why you have that silly grin on your face.

Club Xstatic
240 Chestnut St.
Springfield, MA 01103

   There is one catch with having a secret weekend getaway at Club Xstatic. You have to tell me. It will be our little secret. And, I want to hear all about it...Every single detail.
   Check their website for upcoming special events.
   Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz! And if they are nude...splurge and get that private lap dance you've always wanted.

UPDATE (November 13, 2012): Cobalt King (from Facebook) recently visited Club Xstatic. He had this to say...
""On "Muscle Monday", I went to see my favorite dancers at my favorite nude male strip club, Xstatic in Springfield, Massachusetts. They serve alcohol there and the bartenders are friendly and fun. They also have a great dance floor (for patrons to get their groove on away from the two stages). The relocated dance floor is just one of the changes. Other renovations include the reconfiguration of the private dance area. The club's ambience is comfortable, urban, chic, but also familiar in a "Cheers" kind of way. You get the best of small city/unique big city entertainment in a place that's easy to get to, affordable as a tourist, and filled with hot naked dancers who are happy to shake their penises and balls in your face. I have a few favorite dancers, but on this past Monday, I spent most of my time with Bryce. He's a solidly constructed man who is fit and sculpted. His private dances are fucking incredible! Go to Club Xstatic and truly let your guard down, so you can drink in the fantasy" Cobalt King

I've added a pic here of Bryce so you guys can see why Cobalt King is so fond of him.

UPDATE: In Spring 2013, Club Xstatic moved and changed their name to Xroom at Mardi Gra. You can find updated information at their website by clicking here.
UPDATE: In June 2014, Mike visited Xroom at Mardi Gra. Click here to read his review.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Add A Male Stripper To Your Private Party

   It's time to take your party to the next level! Males In Motion recommends that you hire an exotic male dancer for your next private event. You've become the 'host-with-the-most' as they say, but why not create a party event this year that exceeds all expectations? In this blog, I will try to answer a question or two, and provide a few tips that hopefully will contribute to your next party being the one everyone talks about for months after.

    Mike's Recommendations For Hiring An Exotic Male Dancer
    For A Private Party
    • Alcohol and Food
    • Location and Decorations
    • Getting The Word Out
    • Entertainment: My advice to you is to ask an exotic male dancer what they charge. If they charge more than your budget can afford, tell them what your budget is and see if you can make a deal. Ask them how long they will dance/entertain for the amount you have available. If they are willing to come for a shorter time, you still get your special entertainment, and if tipping is going well, they will stay longer. Male dancers who have recently started, or who have had few gigs lately, are often willing to work for less. Some money is better than no money. But be aware also, the male dancers who are in demand will cost more but will usually also deliver high quality entertainment.

    • Go with a holiday or event: New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gra, St. Patrick's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Holiday Season, Football Bowl game, Olympics, Grand Prix, World Series, Oscars or other awards show, etc.
    • Or, go with a male image icon: Cowboy, Leather, Sports, Military, Hollywood Movie, Firemen, Policemen, Gladiator, Medical doctor, Super Heroes, etc.
    • Or, go with an ethnic or other type theme: Hawaiian Luau, Mexican Fiesta, German Oktoberfest, Beer or Wine Tasting, etc.

    • MAKE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR THE MALE DANCER CLEAR ~ I recommend that you provide a written description/list of what you expect from the exotic male dancer. An email will work for this. Just make sure that the dancer did receive the email. Include the following information in the email.
    • What time should the dancer be ready to perform? What time is his gig finished?
    • How much are you going to pay him?
    • What costuming do you expect? Ask him to wear something that reflects your theme. Also, ask him to bring 3 choices. That way if you do not like the first one, you have two other options. This also will provide costume changes should he need them.
    • What is their responsibilities for the night? Go-go dancer standing on a box? Work the room and act like a host? Will they be doing audience participation events like lap dances, birthday celebrations, etc.?
    • What are the limits for audience interaction? A private party is less formal than dancing at a club or public event. Nudity is often allowed and/or encouraged, or even required. Make sure that you and the dancer have an understanding of what will be required for the gig as it relates to audience participation. Determine this up front before you agree to hire the dancer. When everyone knows the expectations, it helps eliminate any misunderstandings.
    • Provide a safe place for dancer to store their things while performing. The last thing you want is to be responsible for replacing items stolen from the dancer while he is performing at your party. Most will travel to your place and change into costume, underwear, etc., once they have arrived. A room or place where their personal items can be locked up would be helpful and considerate.

    • Once their job is completed and they are ready to leave, pay the dancer what you owe them.
    • If you have agreed to pay by check, then have it filled out, signed and hand it to them
    • If you are paying cash, create a receipt of cash payment and have them sign it. Then hand them the agreed amount in cash. I like to add a little extra for a tip, if and only if, they did an exceptional job entertaining.
    • Some dancers will require prepayment and do accept credit cards.

   I hope this information has helped you start planning for your next party. It is time for summer fun which means pool parties, 4th of July celebrations, picnics, barbecues and lots of outdoor fun. Make plans now to hire an exotic male dancer for your summer events. If you are having difficulty finding an exotic male dancer in your area, check out the Males In Motion website. Click on 'Dancer Search' and select your area from the drop down menu. If you are still having trouble locating an exotic male dancer, click here and send me an email. In the email tell me the area where you are located and the date of your event. I'll see what I can do to provide you with options for hot, sexy male dancers for your party.

   Until next time, send me an invitation to your private party! And, don't forget to tip the boyz!

NOTE: Click on the picks above to visit the dancers' facebook pages.

Selecting A Male Stripper For Your Event Or Private Party

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