Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Dancer's Dozen ~ Twelve Underwear Styles
We Like On Male Strippers

   Are you looking for hot, sexy underwear to dance in? We've gone through all the products found at Skiviez and have listed our 12 favorite styles for exotic male dancers. We have also told you why we think the particular pair of underwear, jock strap, etc., is a good choice. Take a few minutes and see our selections and read what we've said. Let us know if you agree.
Gregg Homme Boytoy Low Rise Trunk
   Made of a lunimous reflective material, these trunks are stretchy and can move as you dance. They sit low and fit firmly around all the right places. The lights in the dance club will bounce off these trunks keeping the focus on you, and sending out a call to all tippers. They will also photograph well for promo pics.
Intymen Euro Low Rise Brief
This brief should be your first purchase. Let your inner exotic male dancer out! The soft fabric will hug your body and move with you throughout the gig. The pouch front will keep the 'boys' secure and add to the illusion that there is more that meets the eye then what may possibly actually be there.
Papi Stretch Low Rise Brief 2 Pack
   Every exotic male dancer needs a sexy pair of white briefs. These aren't the tighty-whities of old. These Papi Low Rise Briefs have a shorter cut on the legs placing emphasis between the legs. White is the perfect choice for showing everything without being nude. These briefs are the perfect choice for wet underwear contests.
C-IN2 Zen Active
Sport Brief

   This pair of briefs was created for the athlete. They provide ease of movement for working out. Well, every exotic male dancer knows that a night of dancing is definitely a work out. The rayon blend fabric will keep you cool and dry. And of course, I like these because of their focus on the crotch. They fit snugly around the 'family jewels'.
Active Man Camo
Jock Strap

   A jock strap is sexy and this one also prepares you for a military theme night. If a bare ass is not allowed, place a brief or camo boxers on top. Make sure you reveal the jock strap while dancing...create a few new fantasies.
Baskit Snugfit Seamless Trunk
   Boxer briefs work well if they fit well. Baggy is never good. That's no problem with this pair. And your junk will be on display as the fabric molds to every contour. I've selected to show you this brief in white because it's the most revealing color. The fans will tip and say thank you for wearing these. They'll look good under the lights of the dance floor, platform, or stage.
Clever Sporty
Mesh Trunk

   I like this Boxer Brief because it picks up the 'boys' and puts them on display. The color blocking makes the eyes focus on the crotch. So, if you've been blessed between the legs, then wear it with confidence. Avoid this trunk if you have skinny legs but with a little muscle in your thighs, it will look great.
Calvin Klein
Body Hip Brief

   Everyone needs a classic label in their wardrobe and Calvin Klein is one of the best! The brand is known for quality. We recommend this little number for the way it rides on the hips. But the best feature of this brief is the way the light reflects off the fabric, causing shadows around the male anatomy. A perfect choice if you have great abs!
Sports Brief

   This Australian brand underwear speaks for itself. It is a sock for the cock! We love the way it wraps around the cock and balls, pulls them up, and says 'hello'! Every thing is covered, but everything is almost known! These are damn sexy and will draw a lot of attention in your direction! If you choose to wear these, let us know where you'll be dancing. We'll want to stop by.
2xist (X)treme
Pouch Sport Brief

   If you are a dancer who needs a little more room in your pouch to fit all you've been blessed with, then this is the brief for you.
(I pause here for a moment to consider all the possibiities.)
Wear this brief for great style, a comfortable fit, and an admiring, grateful audience. Let the tipping begin!
Timoteo Hero
Low Rise Trunk

   This pair from Timoteo has looks, comfort, and is perfect for dancing. I recommend these for the go-go boys. They fit every body type; are short and sexy; and, most importantly to us fans, they mold around the basket and butt. They are like a second skin. The waistband is perfect as well for holding all those dollar bills.
Good Devil
Zoom Trunk

   With this trunk from Good Devil there is no doubt that you are on stage to entertain. If you are wanting all eyes in your direction, then this is what you need to wear. In red, white, blue or black, step out to the waiting crowd and watch the smiles light up on their faces.
   Hopefully you've found something hot above that you want to wear. Whether on stage or in the bedroom, or maybe that underwear night at the bar, take a few moments and select your favorites. Until next time, tip the boys well so they can buy some more hot underwear to wear for us!

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  1. Mike I have to agree with your thoughts on the underwear. But for me I like to see dancers either in the Good Devil Zoom Trunk or the 2xist (X)treme Pouch Sport Brief. But what ever the dancer wears is always hot with me.