Friday, June 8, 2012

The Nine Inches of Success Inch 5:
Go All The Way!

   With inch 5 of our Nine Inches of Success, we find we are at the half-way point. You can stop here and pull out, but we all know that it feels so much better if you push in a little deeper and 'Go All The Way!'

   OK, I know I just sent you off to fantasy land or you were revisiting some amazing past experience but I need you to refocus and come back. What I'm actually talking about is the exotic male dancer stepping off the stage, platform, box, or out of the cage, and getting involved in the special night of a fan. If you are serious about making as much as possible for the night in tips, you'll need to be aggressive without being obnoxious.  (Photo Source: MJ's ~ Silverlake, CA)

   Bar or Club patrons visit the bar for a variety of reasons. At the top of the list are celebrations, escape from stress at work or home, and have a night out with friends. The smart male dancer will find ways to enhance the experience of the customers. Finding ways to add to the fun of their night will make a positive impression and will often lead to more tips that night, and when they visit in the future.  (Photo Source: Global Male Productions ~ San Diego, CA)

    Here are a few suggestions for getting involved in a customer's special night:

      (Photo Source: LaBare ~ Dallas, TX)
  • Start by greeting everyone that walks in the door. Let them know that they are noticed and tell them welcome to..., glad you are here, etc., whatever feels comfortable for you.
  • Ask how there night is going? They will usually tell you if they are celebrating a birthday or special event. If ok with the management, offer a one song free lap dance for a birthday, etc. They will tip you anyway, but state that it's free because it's their birthday. You have just created a potential big tipper.
  • If you find out someone is having a special night, pass it on to the other dancers. All dancers should at least stop by and tell the customer "Happy Birthday!" When you go out of your way to make their night special, they are going to create free promotion and marketing for you and the club. They are going to tell everyone they know about their night. They will tip more if given some attention. And they will return for future visits. Your club and the male dancers at the club will become known for making everyone feel special when at the club.
  • Always participate in theme nights at the club by selecting a costume/underwear that fits the theme. You'll add to the atmosphere.
      (Photo Source: XL Nightclub ~ New York, NY)

  • If you have no 'need for privacy' issues, pose for pics with customers. And realize, they will show up on facebook, etc. But this will be good promo for you and the club where you are dancing.

   Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about, Buck Stone is an exotic male dancer and a friend of mine. In March I hired him to perform at an event and he worked for 2.5 to 3 hours. He did not do lap dances. There was no VIP room. He did not perform nude. He danced and wore a leather harness, leather shorts that laced up the side, and leather boots. I will admit, his hot body looked great in the all-leather costume. He danced that night but more importantly he worked his way around the large club charming the guests and making tips.

   I am still frequently asked when we can have him back again for another event. He made the guests feel special, and helped to make sure they were having fun. He got involved in the special night for the guest. He could have stood on a stage and just danced. Some of the customers would have tipped him, but he was smarter. He got involved in their night. All I need to say is that it was a good financial night for Buck. It was a win-win situation for the dancer and the customers. He was entertaining to make money and they were there to celebrate and have a good time.  (Photo Source: Buck Stone's Facebook Page)

   Until next time, go all the way!
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