Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Nine Inches Of Success Inch 6:
Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

   Most would say that six inches is plenty to get the job done. And that's what we're all about at Males In Motion...getting the job done. Our sixth inch of success for an exotic male dancer involves taking care of the body. Building a body that gets the looks that leads to making the tips. I'll say it once again, different types of dancers are liked by different types of fans. Different shapes and sizes appeal to different fans. I've mentioned big, hairy guys that are often referred to as bears who like their dancers to fit that description. There are those who like the young, slim 'twink' type dancers, and there are those that like the muscle guys who spend hours at the gym to build bulk. And all of those have their fans, and can make decent tips when dancing at a club or event. But they are sometimes limited to a specific fan base. The most marketable is still the guy with the 6 pack abs, V shape muscle back, bubble butt, handsome or cute face, defined chest, arms and legs, who has been amply endowed between the legs. That's just the reality. Add a gracious, sexy personality, and he's the dancer that can pick up the most gigs and will often be the center of attention at a bar, club or event. (Photo Above: The Bow Wow, Columbus, OH)

   Let's make this clear, if you were not blessed with the above description, that doesn't mean you are any less than those who have been. It just means that your gene pool did not supply some of the characteristics mentioned. So what! You can still be a successful dancer because the bottom line is...fans of exotic male dancers like attention and any exotic male dancer can provide the right kind of attention to make a fan happy with their experience of the night! At the same time, I say, build all the physical tools that you can for your success. Find a work out routine that will help you create a body that is marketable. Generating enough interest to cause a fan to step up and tip is the goal. A well-defined body is the first tool out of the toolbox that they will see. Do what you can to make it cause a reaction.(Photo Above: Stockbar, Montreal)

   There are so many options when determining your physical fitness routine. There are too many links to list for online sources. There are books, e-books, and magazines at the local bookstore devoted to the topic. There are nearby fitness centers with training coaches or partners to help you design a routine to meet your specific needs. My advice is to be realistic and look at your current physical situation, then determine what you want to achieve, then set realistic goals to get there. If you can afford to hire a personal trainer, do so, and let him/her know what you are trying to achieve. (Photo Above: Club Share, Las Vegas)

   If you cannot afford a personal trainer, then I recommend that you find a male model, athlete, celebrity, porn star, etc. that has the type of body you are desiring. Research online to find out what this person does to keep in shape, and what type of workout routine they do to shape their body. Again, be realistic, your bone structure or other physical characteristics of your body might not allow you to be exactly like the person you have chosen as your goal 'look'. Also, no matter how much you may wish for a 10" penis, if you are over a certain age and it isn't that length, chances are, it isn't going to happen. You can however, improve the muscle tone of your body, create more muscle definition, achieve a lean stomach, and climb a few stairs every day and watch the bubble on that butt begin to appear. (Photo Above: Pan Dulce, Southern California)

   If you are a personal trainer or if you have used the services of one that you would like to recommend, please either leave a comment after this blog, or email your information and I will post it in an update at the bottom of this blog. Also, if you are a male model, athlete, celebrity, porn star, etc., and would like some free 'exposure', let us know your workout routine or a link where we can find the information, and I'll post it as well. (Photo Above: Club Xstatic, Springfield, MA)

   Until next time, put down that cheeseburger, start climbing those stairs instead of using the elevator, and buy some tight-fitting, sexy underwear and start dancing. Oh, and send me pics of your progress. You can do it!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a physical trainer, nor do I make any type of recommendations from a background of such. I am simply making suggestions. If you follow them, you will do so at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for your choices. So read, and ask experts in the area of physical fitness to make the most informed choices.(Photo Above: Males In Motion archives)

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