Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Fantasy Male Strip Club
What Mike would do if he could!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   Let's pretend that I have won a huge lottery! And now I have the funds to create the type of club that currently lives in my mind somewhere over the rainbow just under the lights of Broadway. I love to daydream about winning the lottery and just what I'd do with all that cash. In this blog, I'm going to narrow down the daydream to the simple idea of creating a club that suits my tastes and preferences. A club where money is plentiful.
   First of all, let's think about the space where the magic will take place. I personally like older buildings with a history. I like wooden floors and staircases. I remember the old Madrigals Club in Andersonville, IL (Chicago). It was in a building like that. I loved the look and feel of it. I also loved the old bar that stretched across most of one wall. The feel of the place would be like that of a old western saloon/theater with a few updates, bells and whistles.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   The outside would most definitely be brick. If you were looking at the front of the building, it would be very similar to one of those toy stores that you often see in Christmas movies. The ones where the display windows are full of mechanical toys and trains. Now, we wouldn't have toys (well, maybe not that type of toy) but we would have displays that reflect the theme of the weekend. The themes displayed would include The Wild West, The Firehouse, Pride, Football, Baseball, Under Construction, Men In Leather, etc. You get the idea. All the iconic fantasies would receive their night or nights during the year. Of course, they would be sterilized versions of what actually went on inside. There might be children viewing from the street. And of course, we'd have to obey local laws.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   Stepping inside, I want a small lobby separated from the club by a small dimly lit hallway. In the lobby I want to be greeted by a good looking shirtless athletic type dancer, bar back, bartender, greeter, etc. who is wearing a costume that reflects the theme of the night. He takes the money for door cover, checks IDs and puts a stamp on my hand. And if it's a busy night there will be more than one. Behind a desk (like the front desk of a hotel) is a slim cute twink serving as a coat check boy. During inclement weather he checks in your coats, umbrellas, etc., and places them in a secure closet area. He doesn't dress for theme nights. He has a leather based uniform that some might require their "boy" to wear. So leather harness, leather shorts, black combat boots, collar with lock. The uniform can change from time to time but will always be leather based.
   Leaving the lobby and walking down the hallway, the pleasures of the night are hidden and the anticipation builds. Making your way through, you feel the beat of the music. You see flickering lights bouncing off the walls. At the end of the hall is a wall with a video screen displaying a featured dancer dressed in the theme of the night. At the wall, you are forced to turn left or right to go around and enter the main room. Then and only then do you see the dancers, bartenders, customers and other staff members in the main room.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   A round bar is on the other side of the small wall that you have to come around. And whether you go left or right, you pass by the bar. This makes it convenient to get that drink before you grab a seat. There are three stations for buying a drink and three bartenders behind the bar to serve you. The bartenders are in underwear and whatever accessories might be needed to reflect the theme of the night in a simple way. Two dancer poles are located between the three bartender stations. Dancers perform a session at each pole during their rotation. Above the bar is the DJ and lighting booth where the music is spun and the spotlights are focused toward the stage. Any mechanical or electronic controls needed for the stage would also be located here.
   Directly across from the round bar is a main stage. In between the bar and the main stage are small table-clothed covered tables with small lights, and four chairs fit comfortably around the table. The tables are similar to those you see in movies and television from night clubs of days gone by. The tables also continue to the right and left sides of the stage. And even behind them are more tables arranged in stadium style seating on two levels going up to the walls on either side. The main stage is equipped to showcase shows of various types. At the very front and center is a dancer pole which can be moved for other types of entertainment such as male revues. Only the most popular and veteran male dancers get to perform on the main stage. The newer and less experienced dancers perform on the poles located on the bar. The DJ booth with lighting controls is located above the bar facing the main stage.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   Each night the club is open has a different name and theme. The entertainment reflects this theme. Some of my favorite theme nights are cowboys (yea, what a surprise, right?), military, leather, athletes (baseball, football, soccer, cycle racing, etc.), the beach (speedos, surfer dudes, lifeguards), professionals night (men in suits, doctors, police, firemen, etc.), rednecks and farmers, pride and then of course the holiday celebrations - Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras, etc. And I have files full of ideas for all of them.
   The main priority for the club would be customer service, which in my book translates into some type of attention given to the customer. The customer would be recognized as a valued living, breathing human being who exists. They would be greeted at the door and treated so they feel like a V.I.P. The bartenders would serve their drinks with something extra, whether that be a special glass, special presentation of drink, small gift, etc., let your imagination run wild with that one...I have. Exceptionally blessed shot boys, dressed in theme night costumes designed specifically to emphasize their particular best assets, would work the crowd assisting them with ordering drinks, or helping to set up a public or private lap dance with a specific dancer.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   And now for the entertainment...the exotic male dancers would be evaluated for pay. There would be a base that each would start out with. Based first on their interaction with the customers, their base pay would increase. These increases could be given starting the second night that they work. In my fantasy world, there would be a wide-range of types in the dancer pool...twinks, athletes, muscle gods, hairy, pretty boys, mature, young, tall, not-so-tall, perfect hair, bald, different ethnicities, etc. And they would be equipped with differing characteristics as well: hung, average endownment, bubble butts, great smiles, kissable lips, etc., and a variety of eye and hair colors. It would be a requirement that my club have the option of full nudity. Each night that full nudity would be achieved. I'm not sure if the boys would be nude for most of the night, or for specific periods of time throughout the night. And of course, in my club, I would have to interview and select each dancer personally. I mean, it's a tough job, but somebody would have to do it.
   Behind the stage is an area divided in half. If you go to the right of the stage, you enter the VIP booth areas where private lap dances are given. If you enter the left side of the stage, it is a dressing room area for the dancers and entertainers.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   If any potential investors are out there reading this blog, and like my idea, just let me know. If there aren't any potential investors out there, then I'll keep buying my weekly lottery ticket and wish for the best. I'd like to hear what you think of my ideas. Also, tell me about your ideas that you would like to see in a club. Until next time, keep our current clubs going strong by supporting the male strippers, go-go boys, male revues, pole dancers, etc. I'll keep daydreaming about my future club.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Only Label That Matters 
Is Your Name

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   Clothing designers, manufacturers and retailers have spent millions of dollars trying to convince you that somehow your self-worth is improved because you wear their name around your waist, on your head, draped around your body, or fastened to your feet. I have great admiration for these people. They are talented and creative. They know how to get into the psyche of the consumer to manipulate through written, audio and visual channels to obtain the goal of convincing you to place your money in their pocket.
   And if they can convince you that you are a more valued person because you are wearing their name, then they can acquire more of your paycheck and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. I do not fault them for this. It is a part of American capitalism. And if someone has the income to shell out more of their money for these products, then I say, "it's your money, spend it on what you want!"

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Allen
   The area of the U.S. where I live is home to the largest discount retailer in the world. As a result, the idea of obtaining a product at the lowest price possible permeates the region. The people who live in this area are skillful negotiators and are very willing to walk away from a deal unless they feel they are getting the lowest price possible. This has been good for the consumers in this area because it has helped to keep many prices, rents, rates, etc., lower than in other parts of the country. This also means that salaries and wages can be lower unless one is a skillful negotiator.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Lee
   Why am I talking about advertising, marketing, and discount pricing in a blog about exotic male dancers? The role of Males In Motion includes assisting exotic male dancers and the clubs and/or events that hire them to be profitable. I want my favorite type of entertainment to succeed so that I may enjoy the exotic male dancers at events, clubs, parties, and online.
   Part of being profitable includes keeping your expenses low. A major expense for the exotic male dancer can be purchasing underwear. A pair of underwear can only endure so many sweaty nights dancing and only so many washes before its color starts to fade and the fabric starts to stretch. For me the fading can be tolerated to a point but I definitely don't want to see underwear that is losing it's shape and not fitting properly around 'the boyz' or across the globes of the ass. Saggy underwear is a total turn off.
   My advice to exotic male dancers and men in general is this, "The only label that matters is your name!" Honestly when I see a guy in underwear whether live or in a pic, if it fits well and shows off his assets in a flattering manner, I could not care less what brand or label is on the underwear. And I'll let you in on a little secret, sometimes those cotton tighty-whities are sexy as hell!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Joey
   Another secret is this, most of the underwear is manufactured in a country other than the U.S. A name or label is then placed on it at some point and it is shipped to the U.S. to be sold in our favorite boutiques or department stores. High end underwear and discount underwear could actually be manufactured in the same country, and in a very similar manner, or "oh no the horror of it", maybe even at the same manufacturing plant. Check the packaging when you buy another pair. This means that many pairs of underwear are basically the same. Why pay much, much more for the same product? Of course, if you are not paying for them, then 'nevermind'. There are those dancers who are given underwear to wear as part of the vendor's promotion. To all vendors who are reading this right now...I like this option very much. Thank you and please continue. And feel free to contact me to help distribute said "free" underwear to the exotic male dancers.
   All clothing has a very high mark up. And a label doesn't always mean it is a better quality product. Even designer labels can have problems or be less desirable. If they didn't, we wouldn't have very successful discount outlet stores.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Aspen
   I recommend that the exotic male dancer focus on what underwear brings in tips (cash in your pocket) and less on what label is on them. I promise when that customer is looking at your crotch, he/she is not reading the label on your underwear. Focus on what colors, styles, fabrics, etc., encourage the tippers to move from where they are in the club to stand in front of you. And then remember what you were wearing when you had a great night and went home with rent money and much more!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Buck Stone
   I want to make one additional recommendation. Do make sure that the waistband is strong so it can hold all those dollar bills that will be stuffed there. That is, before they are taken off completely. That may require that I address another topic such as socks in a later blog. I mean a guy has to have some place to put his dollars when 'the boyz' are swinging free.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   I leave you with one last question. When you are an exotic male dancer do you want the fans/customers to remember your name, or the name on your underwear? When someone is looking for a male dancer for their event will they ask for Cameron, Seth, Jeremy, Juan, etc.? Or will they be trying to find that guy who was wearing the "xxxxx" brand underwear? Then the question will be, "which one of the guys wearing the "xxxx" brand underwear? The only label that matters is your name. Until next time, use the guidelines above and buy some new underwear. And feel free to always send me a pic or video as you are trying it on. I am ALWAYS happy to provide feedback. **wink, wink, nod, nod**


Sunday, November 8, 2015

X-Room At Mardi Gras
Springfield, MA
My rainbow falls out

Photo Source: X-Room At Mardi Gras
   Call me crazy but driving 1400 miles to visit X-Room At Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA falls within my definition of normal. For some, it's the roar of the crowd at a football, baseball or basketball game. For others, it's a Ranger boat and that favorite fishing hole. And still others are exhilarated by a night at the theater. I like all of those and do participate from time to time. We all have our 'thing'! For me, my passionate choice always includes a fun night at a male strip club.
   My income unfortunately doesn't always provide the means for flying to these great locations. So, if I want to go there, it is often necessary to drive. And so I do. But let me make it clear. If I didn't feel it was worth it, I wouldn't make such a trip. And of course, for it to be a most pleasurable experience, you need the right ingredients. With this trip I enjoyed compatible travel companions, nice hotels, a comfortable vehicle, amazing scenery and a destination that I could look forward to all along the journey.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   A trip to the Northeastern region of the United States during Autumn is breathtaking. The vibrant colors of the trees in transition keeps your camera in-hand looking for that next pic to be shared. On this trip I was accompanied by my partner and one of our best friends. And honestly this would be enough for a successful road trip. But when you also add in the anticipation of a visit to the X-Room, the endorphins kept me on a natural high.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Above: Dice in military costume for Halloween
   Although I was road weary on Friday night, it didn't stop me from making my way to the club. The minute I walked in the door, the tired went away, my eyes opened wide and I went straight to the bar for a drink and dollar bills. It was great to see the people I had met on my previous visit -- Sammy (the manager), Gabe (one of my all-time favorite male dancers) and James (the above-and-beyond bartender). Throughout the night each of them were introducing me to new dancers. Gabe knows my preferences quite well and brought "the resident cowboy" Dice to meet me. Needless to say, I spent a large portion of the night talking to Dice and finding creative ways to tuck dollar bills into his waistband through the leather chaps. I also spent a couple of songs with him for a private lap dance. Yeehaw! Yes folks, even in Massachusetts can you find hot and sexy cowboys! I love the U.S.!

Photo Source: X-Room At Mardi Gras
   Trevor was another highlight of the night, both when demonstrating his helicopter skills and when stopping by for a chat. Let me just say that the blade on his helicopter was impressive. My neck got sore from watching it go round-and-round. At one point I looked over to where my partners in crime were sitting and saw that Trevor had captured their attention as well. It seems he helped remove their road-weariness and brought them into the party! We stayed until the ugly lights came on and then made our way back to the hotel and collapsed. My expectations had been met and exceeded.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Above: Gabe on Halloween night
   Saturday night was Halloween night and we arrived at the club early. We would be leaving early the next morning for the next leg of our trip so we wanted plenty of time to play with the boys! We placed our butts in three bar stools at the end of the huge bar and there we stayed for the entire evening. My attention focused mainly on Gabe and Logan during the night. Logan is a new favorite of mine. When you visit the X-Room, be sure and avail yourself of a private lap dance with Logan. You'll be thanking me later. He is adorably cute and his pieces and parts have been put together in a most enjoyable way. Also, I would not step in the door to X-Room without spending some time with Gabe. Gabe has been featured many times in Males In Motion posts and blogs during the past year. His energy, smile and amazing body always keeps a smile on my face. Spend some time with Gabe, you'll understand what I mean.

Photo Source: X-Room At Mardi Gras Above: Gabe and Jacob
   My companions both have similar tastes that differ from my own. They spent their time enjoying the skills of Kye. Each enjoyed some private lap dance time with him and both returned with a pleased look on their faces. I watched Colby lying across the bar in front of one of them for a while as well. I reached over and tucked a dollar or two myself. One of them also spent some time with Logan in a private lap dance. Other dancers that caught our attention either Friday or Saturday night included Caleb and his amazing chest, Joey who wore the black angel costume, and Dario who dressed as Thor and whose hammer wasn't the only large weapon in his arsenal. It was nice to meet Giovanny. Jacob, who was featured in a Males In Motion blog earlier this year was also at the club on Saturday night. My main response to the night was that there were so many hot male dancers, and I had so little time. On my next visit, I guess I'll have to plan on being at the club on three nights instead of two. WOOHOO!
   James, the bartender, is cute and sexy, and was wearing an eye-catching pair of underwear in my favorite color of orange. When I requested change for a twenty so I could continue tipping, James walks to my end of the bar, crawls up on the bar, lays down ass up on the bar in front of me, and there tucked conveniently between ass cheek and waistband is my change in dollar bills. My cash has never before been delivered in such a pleasing and customer oriented manner. I normally drink one dirty martini, but this night I had three....because it was James asking me if I wanted anything else. It was then that my rainbow fell out.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Above: Gabe climbing the pole
   I do not drink excessively so when I have more than one or two, I of course, like most other men tend to become a bit tipsy. When I have had a few, I tend to fall in love with the world. I start passing out hugs and telling everyone how much I love them. I guess it could be worse. Love is better than hate or anger. It seems I was giving out hugs and of course, telling the drag queens how fabulous they look. "Fabulous"? I don't even use that word but dirty martinis must give me a rainbow vocabulary as well.
   We all have times when we need to blow off a little steam, let loose, and have some fun! And when this can happen at one of your favorite places, like X-Room at Mardi Gras, then all the better. Thanks to Sammy and the crew as always for being such gracious hosts. And for working hard to keep X-Room going strong! Until next time, enjoy a dirty martini or three, share some love. And most importantly, don't forget to tip the boys! If they are wearing orange, tip them once for me and say, "This is for Mike from Males In Motion"! (And be sure and tell the drag queens that they look fabulous).
UPDATE November 2015

Photo Source: X-Room Above: Gabe (left) Mr. X-Room 2015 passes the crown to Logan (right) Mr. X-Room 2016
Congratulations to Logan, Mr. X-Room 2016!