Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Fantasy Male Strip Club
What Mike would do if he could!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   Let's pretend that I have won a huge lottery! And now I have the funds to create the type of club that currently lives in my mind somewhere over the rainbow just under the lights of Broadway. I love to daydream about winning the lottery and just what I'd do with all that cash. In this blog, I'm going to narrow down the daydream to the simple idea of creating a club that suits my tastes and preferences. A club where money is plentiful.
   First of all, let's think about the space where the magic will take place. I personally like older buildings with a history. I like wooden floors and staircases. I remember the old Madrigals Club in Andersonville, IL (Chicago). It was in a building like that. I loved the look and feel of it. I also loved the old bar that stretched across most of one wall. The feel of the place would be like that of a old western saloon/theater with a few updates, bells and whistles.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   The outside would most definitely be brick. If you were looking at the front of the building, it would be very similar to one of those toy stores that you often see in Christmas movies. The ones where the display windows are full of mechanical toys and trains. Now, we wouldn't have toys (well, maybe not that type of toy) but we would have displays that reflect the theme of the weekend. The themes displayed would include The Wild West, The Firehouse, Pride, Football, Baseball, Under Construction, Men In Leather, etc. You get the idea. All the iconic fantasies would receive their night or nights during the year. Of course, they would be sterilized versions of what actually went on inside. There might be children viewing from the street. And of course, we'd have to obey local laws.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   Stepping inside, I want a small lobby separated from the club by a small dimly lit hallway. In the lobby I want to be greeted by a good looking shirtless athletic type dancer, bar back, bartender, greeter, etc. who is wearing a costume that reflects the theme of the night. He takes the money for door cover, checks IDs and puts a stamp on my hand. And if it's a busy night there will be more than one. Behind a desk (like the front desk of a hotel) is a slim cute twink serving as a coat check boy. During inclement weather he checks in your coats, umbrellas, etc., and places them in a secure closet area. He doesn't dress for theme nights. He has a leather based uniform that some might require their "boy" to wear. So leather harness, leather shorts, black combat boots, collar with lock. The uniform can change from time to time but will always be leather based.
   Leaving the lobby and walking down the hallway, the pleasures of the night are hidden and the anticipation builds. Making your way through, you feel the beat of the music. You see flickering lights bouncing off the walls. At the end of the hall is a wall with a video screen displaying a featured dancer dressed in the theme of the night. At the wall, you are forced to turn left or right to go around and enter the main room. Then and only then do you see the dancers, bartenders, customers and other staff members in the main room.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   A round bar is on the other side of the small wall that you have to come around. And whether you go left or right, you pass by the bar. This makes it convenient to get that drink before you grab a seat. There are three stations for buying a drink and three bartenders behind the bar to serve you. The bartenders are in underwear and whatever accessories might be needed to reflect the theme of the night in a simple way. Two dancer poles are located between the three bartender stations. Dancers perform a session at each pole during their rotation. Above the bar is the DJ and lighting booth where the music is spun and the spotlights are focused toward the stage. Any mechanical or electronic controls needed for the stage would also be located here.
   Directly across from the round bar is a main stage. In between the bar and the main stage are small table-clothed covered tables with small lights, and four chairs fit comfortably around the table. The tables are similar to those you see in movies and television from night clubs of days gone by. The tables also continue to the right and left sides of the stage. And even behind them are more tables arranged in stadium style seating on two levels going up to the walls on either side. The main stage is equipped to showcase shows of various types. At the very front and center is a dancer pole which can be moved for other types of entertainment such as male revues. Only the most popular and veteran male dancers get to perform on the main stage. The newer and less experienced dancers perform on the poles located on the bar. The DJ booth with lighting controls is located above the bar facing the main stage.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   Each night the club is open has a different name and theme. The entertainment reflects this theme. Some of my favorite theme nights are cowboys (yea, what a surprise, right?), military, leather, athletes (baseball, football, soccer, cycle racing, etc.), the beach (speedos, surfer dudes, lifeguards), professionals night (men in suits, doctors, police, firemen, etc.), rednecks and farmers, pride and then of course the holiday celebrations - Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras, etc. And I have files full of ideas for all of them.
   The main priority for the club would be customer service, which in my book translates into some type of attention given to the customer. The customer would be recognized as a valued living, breathing human being who exists. They would be greeted at the door and treated so they feel like a V.I.P. The bartenders would serve their drinks with something extra, whether that be a special glass, special presentation of drink, small gift, etc., let your imagination run wild with that one...I have. Exceptionally blessed shot boys, dressed in theme night costumes designed specifically to emphasize their particular best assets, would work the crowd assisting them with ordering drinks, or helping to set up a public or private lap dance with a specific dancer.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   And now for the entertainment...the exotic male dancers would be evaluated for pay. There would be a base that each would start out with. Based first on their interaction with the customers, their base pay would increase. These increases could be given starting the second night that they work. In my fantasy world, there would be a wide-range of types in the dancer pool...twinks, athletes, muscle gods, hairy, pretty boys, mature, young, tall, not-so-tall, perfect hair, bald, different ethnicities, etc. And they would be equipped with differing characteristics as well: hung, average endownment, bubble butts, great smiles, kissable lips, etc., and a variety of eye and hair colors. It would be a requirement that my club have the option of full nudity. Each night that full nudity would be achieved. I'm not sure if the boys would be nude for most of the night, or for specific periods of time throughout the night. And of course, in my club, I would have to interview and select each dancer personally. I mean, it's a tough job, but somebody would have to do it.
   Behind the stage is an area divided in half. If you go to the right of the stage, you enter the VIP booth areas where private lap dances are given. If you enter the left side of the stage, it is a dressing room area for the dancers and entertainers.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   If any potential investors are out there reading this blog, and like my idea, just let me know. If there aren't any potential investors out there, then I'll keep buying my weekly lottery ticket and wish for the best. I'd like to hear what you think of my ideas. Also, tell me about your ideas that you would like to see in a club. Until next time, keep our current clubs going strong by supporting the male strippers, go-go boys, male revues, pole dancers, etc. I'll keep daydreaming about my future club.


  1. I love everything excepting the display windows.... I don't feel they're needed to draw in your customers otherwise it's genius ������

    1. Thanks for the feedback Lawrence. You're probably right. The windows aren't needed. I've always wanted a store front like that. Maybe I should put that on the sex shop I can put next door. ;)