Sunday, November 8, 2015

X-Room At Mardi Gras
Springfield, MA
My rainbow falls out

Photo Source: X-Room At Mardi Gras
   Call me crazy but driving 1400 miles to visit X-Room At Mardi Gras in Springfield, MA falls within my definition of normal. For some, it's the roar of the crowd at a football, baseball or basketball game. For others, it's a Ranger boat and that favorite fishing hole. And still others are exhilarated by a night at the theater. I like all of those and do participate from time to time. We all have our 'thing'! For me, my passionate choice always includes a fun night at a male strip club.
   My income unfortunately doesn't always provide the means for flying to these great locations. So, if I want to go there, it is often necessary to drive. And so I do. But let me make it clear. If I didn't feel it was worth it, I wouldn't make such a trip. And of course, for it to be a most pleasurable experience, you need the right ingredients. With this trip I enjoyed compatible travel companions, nice hotels, a comfortable vehicle, amazing scenery and a destination that I could look forward to all along the journey.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   A trip to the Northeastern region of the United States during Autumn is breathtaking. The vibrant colors of the trees in transition keeps your camera in-hand looking for that next pic to be shared. On this trip I was accompanied by my partner and one of our best friends. And honestly this would be enough for a successful road trip. But when you also add in the anticipation of a visit to the X-Room, the endorphins kept me on a natural high.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Above: Dice in military costume for Halloween
   Although I was road weary on Friday night, it didn't stop me from making my way to the club. The minute I walked in the door, the tired went away, my eyes opened wide and I went straight to the bar for a drink and dollar bills. It was great to see the people I had met on my previous visit -- Sammy (the manager), Gabe (one of my all-time favorite male dancers) and James (the above-and-beyond bartender). Throughout the night each of them were introducing me to new dancers. Gabe knows my preferences quite well and brought "the resident cowboy" Dice to meet me. Needless to say, I spent a large portion of the night talking to Dice and finding creative ways to tuck dollar bills into his waistband through the leather chaps. I also spent a couple of songs with him for a private lap dance. Yeehaw! Yes folks, even in Massachusetts can you find hot and sexy cowboys! I love the U.S.!

Photo Source: X-Room At Mardi Gras
   Trevor was another highlight of the night, both when demonstrating his helicopter skills and when stopping by for a chat. Let me just say that the blade on his helicopter was impressive. My neck got sore from watching it go round-and-round. At one point I looked over to where my partners in crime were sitting and saw that Trevor had captured their attention as well. It seems he helped remove their road-weariness and brought them into the party! We stayed until the ugly lights came on and then made our way back to the hotel and collapsed. My expectations had been met and exceeded.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Above: Gabe on Halloween night
   Saturday night was Halloween night and we arrived at the club early. We would be leaving early the next morning for the next leg of our trip so we wanted plenty of time to play with the boys! We placed our butts in three bar stools at the end of the huge bar and there we stayed for the entire evening. My attention focused mainly on Gabe and Logan during the night. Logan is a new favorite of mine. When you visit the X-Room, be sure and avail yourself of a private lap dance with Logan. You'll be thanking me later. He is adorably cute and his pieces and parts have been put together in a most enjoyable way. Also, I would not step in the door to X-Room without spending some time with Gabe. Gabe has been featured many times in Males In Motion posts and blogs during the past year. His energy, smile and amazing body always keeps a smile on my face. Spend some time with Gabe, you'll understand what I mean.

Photo Source: X-Room At Mardi Gras Above: Gabe and Jacob
   My companions both have similar tastes that differ from my own. They spent their time enjoying the skills of Kye. Each enjoyed some private lap dance time with him and both returned with a pleased look on their faces. I watched Colby lying across the bar in front of one of them for a while as well. I reached over and tucked a dollar or two myself. One of them also spent some time with Logan in a private lap dance. Other dancers that caught our attention either Friday or Saturday night included Caleb and his amazing chest, Joey who wore the black angel costume, and Dario who dressed as Thor and whose hammer wasn't the only large weapon in his arsenal. It was nice to meet Giovanny. Jacob, who was featured in a Males In Motion blog earlier this year was also at the club on Saturday night. My main response to the night was that there were so many hot male dancers, and I had so little time. On my next visit, I guess I'll have to plan on being at the club on three nights instead of two. WOOHOO!
   James, the bartender, is cute and sexy, and was wearing an eye-catching pair of underwear in my favorite color of orange. When I requested change for a twenty so I could continue tipping, James walks to my end of the bar, crawls up on the bar, lays down ass up on the bar in front of me, and there tucked conveniently between ass cheek and waistband is my change in dollar bills. My cash has never before been delivered in such a pleasing and customer oriented manner. I normally drink one dirty martini, but this night I had three....because it was James asking me if I wanted anything else. It was then that my rainbow fell out.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Above: Gabe climbing the pole
   I do not drink excessively so when I have more than one or two, I of course, like most other men tend to become a bit tipsy. When I have had a few, I tend to fall in love with the world. I start passing out hugs and telling everyone how much I love them. I guess it could be worse. Love is better than hate or anger. It seems I was giving out hugs and of course, telling the drag queens how fabulous they look. "Fabulous"? I don't even use that word but dirty martinis must give me a rainbow vocabulary as well.
   We all have times when we need to blow off a little steam, let loose, and have some fun! And when this can happen at one of your favorite places, like X-Room at Mardi Gras, then all the better. Thanks to Sammy and the crew as always for being such gracious hosts. And for working hard to keep X-Room going strong! Until next time, enjoy a dirty martini or three, share some love. And most importantly, don't forget to tip the boys! If they are wearing orange, tip them once for me and say, "This is for Mike from Males In Motion"! (And be sure and tell the drag queens that they look fabulous).
UPDATE November 2015

Photo Source: X-Room Above: Gabe (left) Mr. X-Room 2015 passes the crown to Logan (right) Mr. X-Room 2016
Congratulations to Logan, Mr. X-Room 2016!


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