Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Only Label That Matters 
Is Your Name

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Conrad
   Clothing designers, manufacturers and retailers have spent millions of dollars trying to convince you that somehow your self-worth is improved because you wear their name around your waist, on your head, draped around your body, or fastened to your feet. I have great admiration for these people. They are talented and creative. They know how to get into the psyche of the consumer to manipulate through written, audio and visual channels to obtain the goal of convincing you to place your money in their pocket.
   And if they can convince you that you are a more valued person because you are wearing their name, then they can acquire more of your paycheck and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. I do not fault them for this. It is a part of American capitalism. And if someone has the income to shell out more of their money for these products, then I say, "it's your money, spend it on what you want!"

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Allen
   The area of the U.S. where I live is home to the largest discount retailer in the world. As a result, the idea of obtaining a product at the lowest price possible permeates the region. The people who live in this area are skillful negotiators and are very willing to walk away from a deal unless they feel they are getting the lowest price possible. This has been good for the consumers in this area because it has helped to keep many prices, rents, rates, etc., lower than in other parts of the country. This also means that salaries and wages can be lower unless one is a skillful negotiator.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Lee
   Why am I talking about advertising, marketing, and discount pricing in a blog about exotic male dancers? The role of Males In Motion includes assisting exotic male dancers and the clubs and/or events that hire them to be profitable. I want my favorite type of entertainment to succeed so that I may enjoy the exotic male dancers at events, clubs, parties, and online.
   Part of being profitable includes keeping your expenses low. A major expense for the exotic male dancer can be purchasing underwear. A pair of underwear can only endure so many sweaty nights dancing and only so many washes before its color starts to fade and the fabric starts to stretch. For me the fading can be tolerated to a point but I definitely don't want to see underwear that is losing it's shape and not fitting properly around 'the boyz' or across the globes of the ass. Saggy underwear is a total turn off.
   My advice to exotic male dancers and men in general is this, "The only label that matters is your name!" Honestly when I see a guy in underwear whether live or in a pic, if it fits well and shows off his assets in a flattering manner, I could not care less what brand or label is on the underwear. And I'll let you in on a little secret, sometimes those cotton tighty-whities are sexy as hell!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Joey
   Another secret is this, most of the underwear is manufactured in a country other than the U.S. A name or label is then placed on it at some point and it is shipped to the U.S. to be sold in our favorite boutiques or department stores. High end underwear and discount underwear could actually be manufactured in the same country, and in a very similar manner, or "oh no the horror of it", maybe even at the same manufacturing plant. Check the packaging when you buy another pair. This means that many pairs of underwear are basically the same. Why pay much, much more for the same product? Of course, if you are not paying for them, then 'nevermind'. There are those dancers who are given underwear to wear as part of the vendor's promotion. To all vendors who are reading this right now...I like this option very much. Thank you and please continue. And feel free to contact me to help distribute said "free" underwear to the exotic male dancers.
   All clothing has a very high mark up. And a label doesn't always mean it is a better quality product. Even designer labels can have problems or be less desirable. If they didn't, we wouldn't have very successful discount outlet stores.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Males In Motion model: Aspen
   I recommend that the exotic male dancer focus on what underwear brings in tips (cash in your pocket) and less on what label is on them. I promise when that customer is looking at your crotch, he/she is not reading the label on your underwear. Focus on what colors, styles, fabrics, etc., encourage the tippers to move from where they are in the club to stand in front of you. And then remember what you were wearing when you had a great night and went home with rent money and much more!

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Model: Buck Stone
   I want to make one additional recommendation. Do make sure that the waistband is strong so it can hold all those dollar bills that will be stuffed there. That is, before they are taken off completely. That may require that I address another topic such as socks in a later blog. I mean a guy has to have some place to put his dollars when 'the boyz' are swinging free.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   I leave you with one last question. When you are an exotic male dancer do you want the fans/customers to remember your name, or the name on your underwear? When someone is looking for a male dancer for their event will they ask for Cameron, Seth, Jeremy, Juan, etc.? Or will they be trying to find that guy who was wearing the "xxxxx" brand underwear? Then the question will be, "which one of the guys wearing the "xxxx" brand underwear? The only label that matters is your name. Until next time, use the guidelines above and buy some new underwear. And feel free to always send me a pic or video as you are trying it on. I am ALWAYS happy to provide feedback. **wink, wink, nod, nod**


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