Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boots, Hat, Spurs, And A Rope
The Exotic Male Dancer As Cowboy

   We're going to have to ride long and hard to get past this blog. With each pic, we may want to linger just a little longer, and take a few more sips of that rot gut whiskey. Each year I have to devote at least one blog to the cowboy. It is my favorite male iconic image. I grew up in an area where real-life cowboys exist. And as my gay fantasy life developed, the cowboy was right there at the top. With this blog, I am taking cues from the porn surprise there. I've placed a classic Bon Jovi song in the blog to play as you view the images. Check out the pics and if you don't understand yet why I love the cowboy, you will by the end of this blog. Enjoy!


   Are you beginning to understand? Cowboys are sexy and very masculine. Add all the trappings like the boots, hat, belt, tight jeans, etc., and another fantasy goes off in your head! And of course, the image is full of sexual inuendo. Let's climb into the saddle and ride.

   Combine the cowboy image with the male stripper. Then watch as he slowly unbuttons, then removes his western-style shirt. Next he unbuckles his rodeo champion belt-buckle on his leather belt, unbuttons and unzips his jeans. I make him stop when he is left with only his hat and his boots. I want to keep the cowboy but still see the goods.
   Let's throw this pic out there to give you a better understanding of the attraction of the cowboy. Well, if you are packing what he's packing then you might be able to pull of any image. It is my opinion however, that all his assets are powerfully enhanced by the cowboy image. It is also my opinion that all exotic male dancers should keep a cowboy costume packed in their saddlebags for any saloon or ranch house appearance.


   Here's one more pic for the trail. Until next time, I'll meet you at the watering trough next to the barn. I need help with some rope tying. And if you see a male dancer dressed as a cowboy, tip him real good for me!
   If you think you're ready to see everything that is under the hat, click on any of the pics above to open the barn door and see just what is inside.

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Are you easy? Working It To Get The Tips.

   There is usually at least one in every social circle. You know the one they say is 'easy'. That usually means the one that you can get to go to bed with you with very little effort. And you can 'easily' find out who that person is by listening. You'll hear things like, "He's slept with everyone in the bar." Or, maybe, "Who hasn't he slept with?" I make no judgements here. I mean, a boy has got to have his fun hasn't he? So, I ask the question, are you easy? Well, maybe that isn't exactly what this blog is about. (Photo: Brick ~ Dallas, TX)

   What I really want to know is whether you stay with the easy money or do you work the crowd? In some bars/clubs the dancers make their tips, not while dancing on the stage, but while walking around the room working the crowd. By working the crowd, we mean talking and flirting with the patrons, placing your body very close (if not basically in their lap), and well...shall we say some allow a little discrete exploration of said close body. WHAT? You mean they have their hands on...and they... Well, not always, not with all dancers, but yes, sometimes it does happen. Just keeping it real here. (Photo: 340 Nightclub ~ Pomona, CA)

   By staying with the easy money I am talking about the regular customer. The one you know will tip and usually tips well. But at the same time, this customer often keeps his/her hands busy in your personal space. I do not recommend that you leave this guaranteed source of financial support but I want to suggest that maybe you move around the room a little more. Some customers just need a little attention and will begin to tip. For example, if I tip a dancer while he is performing on stage, etc., if he stops by my table when he is finished and thanks me, I will tip again and usually more. When I walk up to the pole, I am giving him attention and tip money. When he walks to my table, he is giving me attention. Yes, I will tell you up front, I am easy. So, when the exotic male dancer gives me some attention I will respond financially. (Photo: Club Xstatic ~ Springfield, MA)

   Why is it important to work the entire room? We've all heard the proverb, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." In this case, we're meaning that an exotic male dancer should not rely on one major source for all their tips during a night. Why? Well, let's say this customer moves away from the area. Then, you've lost all that income. However, if you have been 'working' other customers in the crowd, then if one leaves, there is less damage and usually you have someone who will quickly take their place. (Photo: MJs Bar ~ Los Angeles, CA)

(Photo: Michael Hill Photography at Mojo's in Tulsa, OK)

   Also, when customers are ignored, they are less likely to return. I've given examples like this before but it's worth repeating. I went to a male strip club one night with two friends. Between the three of us we had $300 dollars that night to spend on the boyz. Except for one dancer, we were ignored. The reason we were ignored was mainly because the dancers chose the easy targets, the customers who were regulars and tipped them often. However, had they pulled themselves away for a few minutes and spread a little attention our way, they would have been able to receive not only the tips from the regulars, but a large portion of our $300 would have found its way in their waistebands as well. (Photo: Club Krave ~ Blue Island, IL

   So, what have we learned? First, don't spend all your time with the quick and easy money. Second, work the room. Third, give some attention to new customers or those you don't yet know. Until next time, come over here and stand real close to me. I'll start sliding dollar bills in your ...
(Photo: Silverado ~ Portland, OR

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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Swing State
~ The Male Stripper Interpretation


   In this election year you cannot be exposed to the news, facebook posts, conversations, etc., without hearing something about U.S. politics. And lately a popular topic has been the 'swing state', a state that could eventually go for either candidate because at this point it is too close to call. Well, we have our own interpretation of 'swing state'. We've shared a few of our favorite examples in this blog. Please enjoy! (Photo above: The Bow Wow ~ Columbus, OH)


(Photo above: Ethan ~ Chicago, IL)


   And we're not discussing the blue or the red state labels. The only left and right we are interested in is watching which way the momentum is going, left or right thigh. And we like it when the poll shows that everything is going up and down frequently. In our interpretation top of the poll is good as well as bottom. And we don't measure in percentages, we're more partial to inches. (Photo above: Pan Dulce ~ San Diego, CA)

(Photo above: The Bow Wow ~ Columbus, OH)


   We have our own interpretation of such things as a Tea Bag too, but that's for another blog at another time. However, we would like to Occupy the space right in front of any of these dancers. Camping out could be fun! And we would tip too!


   There used to be a saying on election day that went something like "Head to the polls!" which meant going to vote of course. We hope that maybe we have inspired you to vote, one way or another. Do your civic duty and cast your ballot by pulling the knob or the old-fashioned way of marking it and then putting it in the hole.

(Photo above: MJ's ~ Los Angeles, CA)


   Click on any of the pics in this blog for more information about the clubs/events/agencies where these dancers perform. And see if you can catch them in a swinging state. You may have to make a move and come from behind.


   Until next time, don't forget to tip the boyz! And if they're wearing something red, white, or blue...give them a little extra!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Death Of A Facebook Page
Where have the half-naked exotic male dancer pic albums gone?

   A funeral dirge may need to be played soon for some facebook pages. It seems in 2010 facebook hit a peak for marketing of clubs, events, agencies, photographers and male dancers or at least many of those related to the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. Since that time I have noticed more and more facebook pages being neglected or even ignored. If you view the photo albums you will often find their owner's last album posts were from Halloween 2010 or New Year's Eve 2010, etc. And although they continue to post posters for their upcoming events. The rest of their facebook page is dead. In some cases, their official website fares no better and may be even in worse repair. (Photo above: Pan Dulce ~ San Diego, CA)


   Some of this could be due to the success of Twitter and it's image offshoots which provide a simple quick post. However, as a promoter, I am a true believer in getting your name out in as many places as possible. And I strongly believe in building the photo albums, updating info, etc., on facebook because the target market for exotic male dancers wants to see dick and ass. It's that simple. When there is an album showcasing the latest and hottest dancers at an event or club night, this target market is going to click on a pic posted on facebook and then follow it to the album it came from in order to obtain more information, and let's be real...they're going to go see if they can see more cock outlines in briefs, butt cheeks being revealed, etc., etc. They might even look at the muscular build and face. And they will think, I want to go and see that in person...and tip it...and cop a feel...and... (Photo above: Andrew Christian Promo)


(Photo above: XL Nightclub, Manhattan, NY)


   And while I am on this topic let me add in the basics. With the poster-type ads posted on the facebook wall, I quit counting the number that do not list a club's address, city, zip and phone number. Sure, the regulars are going to know the location, but has it been forgotten that we are a mobile society? People travel all the time for work and play. When I travel I am always looking for a way to fill my nights with fun and entertainment. Of course, the first thing I look for is exotic male dancers. Since male dancers are my favorite form of entertainment, I am going to spend a little more time digging to get the information I need. But, there are those who are not as passionate about the subject as I. But if given the information they need while attached to that pic of a sexy male dancer, I predict they would more often make the decision to attend. When the location and other information is not there, will they take the time to look for it? You never know and could have missed a potential customer...which could translate into a lost door charge, lost drink charge, lost drink tips, and lost exotic male dancer tips. (Photo above: Featuring Johnathan Myers for Eleven Nightclub ~ Los Angeles, CA)


   Now that I have my rant out of the way, let me make it clear that there are many exceptions to the rule as well. There are those who are still using facebook as a successful marketing tool while providing us with some mighty sweet male eye candy. And I have posted pics from some of them in the paragraphs in this blog. Some of my favorites are Andrew Christian underwear (West Hollywood, CA), James Townsend Photos (West Hollywood, CA), BJs NXS (Dallas, TX), Pan Dulce (San Diego, CA), 340 Nightclub (Pomona, CA), XL Nightclub (Manhattan, NY), and male dancer and entertainer Johnathan Myers (Los Angeles, CA). (Photo above: 340 Club ~ Pomona, CA)


(Photo above: BJs NXS, Dalls, TX)


   So, my advice is to get out those smart phones and start using your cameras. Build albums that promote your business, service, entertainment, etc. And keep posting them on my wall. I do notice, particularly if you'll attach a hot exotic male dancer whose private parts are about to bust out of those hopefully-too-small for him underwear. An occasional jock-strap works as well. (Photo above: James Townsend Photos ~ West Hollywood, CA for Whitey Tighties)


   We move in a fast-paced, media hungry world. Last month's pics and videos are old news. Last year's pics and videos are ancient history. Keep it fresh. Keep us coming back for more. Until next time, keep tipping the boyz and take a pic or two while your at it. And post them in an can call it, Photos For Mike, or something just as clever. (Photo above: 340 Club ~ Pomona, CA)