Sunday, August 19, 2012

Are you easy? Working It To Get The Tips.

   There is usually at least one in every social circle. You know the one they say is 'easy'. That usually means the one that you can get to go to bed with you with very little effort. And you can 'easily' find out who that person is by listening. You'll hear things like, "He's slept with everyone in the bar." Or, maybe, "Who hasn't he slept with?" I make no judgements here. I mean, a boy has got to have his fun hasn't he? So, I ask the question, are you easy? Well, maybe that isn't exactly what this blog is about. (Photo: Brick ~ Dallas, TX)

   What I really want to know is whether you stay with the easy money or do you work the crowd? In some bars/clubs the dancers make their tips, not while dancing on the stage, but while walking around the room working the crowd. By working the crowd, we mean talking and flirting with the patrons, placing your body very close (if not basically in their lap), and well...shall we say some allow a little discrete exploration of said close body. WHAT? You mean they have their hands on...and they... Well, not always, not with all dancers, but yes, sometimes it does happen. Just keeping it real here. (Photo: 340 Nightclub ~ Pomona, CA)

   By staying with the easy money I am talking about the regular customer. The one you know will tip and usually tips well. But at the same time, this customer often keeps his/her hands busy in your personal space. I do not recommend that you leave this guaranteed source of financial support but I want to suggest that maybe you move around the room a little more. Some customers just need a little attention and will begin to tip. For example, if I tip a dancer while he is performing on stage, etc., if he stops by my table when he is finished and thanks me, I will tip again and usually more. When I walk up to the pole, I am giving him attention and tip money. When he walks to my table, he is giving me attention. Yes, I will tell you up front, I am easy. So, when the exotic male dancer gives me some attention I will respond financially. (Photo: Club Xstatic ~ Springfield, MA)

   Why is it important to work the entire room? We've all heard the proverb, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." In this case, we're meaning that an exotic male dancer should not rely on one major source for all their tips during a night. Why? Well, let's say this customer moves away from the area. Then, you've lost all that income. However, if you have been 'working' other customers in the crowd, then if one leaves, there is less damage and usually you have someone who will quickly take their place. (Photo: MJs Bar ~ Los Angeles, CA)

(Photo: Michael Hill Photography at Mojo's in Tulsa, OK)

   Also, when customers are ignored, they are less likely to return. I've given examples like this before but it's worth repeating. I went to a male strip club one night with two friends. Between the three of us we had $300 dollars that night to spend on the boyz. Except for one dancer, we were ignored. The reason we were ignored was mainly because the dancers chose the easy targets, the customers who were regulars and tipped them often. However, had they pulled themselves away for a few minutes and spread a little attention our way, they would have been able to receive not only the tips from the regulars, but a large portion of our $300 would have found its way in their waistebands as well. (Photo: Club Krave ~ Blue Island, IL

   So, what have we learned? First, don't spend all your time with the quick and easy money. Second, work the room. Third, give some attention to new customers or those you don't yet know. Until next time, come over here and stand real close to me. I'll start sliding dollar bills in your ...
(Photo: Silverado ~ Portland, OR

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