Monday, January 2, 2012

Mike's Top 10 Clubs For Exotic Male Dancers For 2011

   My selections for the Top 10 Clubs with Exotic Male Dancers for 2011 is based on the following:
*My personal experiences

*Experiences of people I know and respect

*Followers of this blog

*Responses on my facebook page

*Post to my twitter account

You'll see some familiar places and faces from previous years and maybe a couple of new ones. If you find yourself in the areas where these clubs/bars are located, I recommend that you check them out in 2012. Photo Source: Michael Bernal

1. Swinging Richard's ~ Atlanta, GA
   As always, Swinging Richard's sets the standard for clubs with exotic male dancers. In this case, the dancers are nude, always hot, and never a disappointment to any fan of the male form.
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2. Stockbar ~ Montreal, QC CA
   There isn't another place like this in North America. You can enjoy the boyz in person, or see them live online each night. The hot Canadian men dance nude and will generate enough fantasies to fill your nights.
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3. Secrets ~ Washington, DC
   Our nation's capitol holds many secrets but this is one that you definitely want to know. Secrets/Ziegfield's is a club where the nude male is appreciated and enjoyed. The frequent appearances by male porn stars provides an additional incentive to make a pilgrimage to the East Coast.

4. MJ's ~ Los Angeles, CA
   With theme nights like "Rimjob Tuesday", "Club Whore" Wednesday, or Latin Sundays, you'll find a variety of masculine male dancers to inspire any fan!!!! MJ's male dancers are as close to nude as you can get without presenting the Whole Monty and sexy as hell. I mean, this is Southern California, the land of sunny beaches, gorgeous men, and great clubs like MJ's.

5. Boxers-N-Briefs ~ Centreville, IL (St. Louis, MO)
   Mid-America is not just fly over land as some might think, and across the river from St. Louis, MO is a location that you don't want to miss. Boxers-N-Briefs is one of my favorite. Nude dancers that are part acrobat, and part gymnist swing, twist, and 'bounce' for your pleasure! Exceptional bartenders too!

6. The Tin Room ~ Dallas, Tx
   Imagine yourself in a crowded bar filled with hot Texas men, and some of them are wearing only briefs stretched across their Texas size endowments. Yes, Dallas has it's share of pretty boys and cowboys. And, some of them have chosen to be exotic male dancers at The Tin Room. We are grateful!

7. Splash ~ New York, NY
   The ultimate club for sexy go-go boys. Themed Friday nights where the F*Word takes place, brings out the creativity and 'barely there' clothing that we all enjoy. The sexy tease of almost wearing clothes tantalizes the animal male/female in us all! Photo Source: Michael Bernal

8. Boardwalk Bar ~ Ft. Lauderdale, FL    Visiting this famous vacation destination only gets better when you add a trip to Boardwalk Bar. Not only are the exotic male dancers 'hot', there are so many to enjoy. Watch for the visiting porn stars and big event weekends.

9. Lucky Horseshoe ~ Chicago, IL
   The Lucky Horseshoe is the type of bar that I wish was in my neighborhood. It's one where you can sit back, relax, have a beer, and just enjoy the dancers who rotate on the stage. Stay awhile, make some new friends, and enjoy the boyz!

10. Zippers ~ Dallas, TX
   Zippers is always a stop for me when I am in Dallas. It exists for only one reason. It is a place for gay men to have a drink and watch well-built, well-endowed young men dressed in sexy underwear dance to a great music mix. I always find a dancer that I enjoy when at Zippers.

   Thanks for taking the time to read my Top 10 List. Also, thanks to all my blog readers for following my posts during 2011. It was a fun year for exotic male dancers and clubs. I hope to visit more of them in 2012. Let me know what you think about my selections, and please send me information on some you think I might have missed. I would love to make it to your favorite club where exotic male dancers are the featured entertainment.

   In my next blog, I will post my Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers for 2011. Until next time, enjoy a dirty martini, and as always, tip the boyz for me!