Saturday, December 12, 2015

Naughty And Nice
Men Of Skin at Mix Ultra Lounge
Springfield, MO

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Men Of Skin Dancer: Leo
   It's way too late for me to try and be nice so Santa will bring me gifts. I've been on the naughty list for so long now that I've built my own coal mine. I realized several years ago that if I want to receive presents I'm going to have to obtain them by different means. Jolly Ol' St. Nick will not be stopping by to collect my milk and cookies. It may sound sad to some, but please be aware that the naughty good times that I have had this past year have more than made up for the Santa and reindeer fly by. Don't believe me? Read a few of the previous blogs from this year. ***Evil Grin***

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Men Of Skin Dancer: Rictor
   Earlier this month I added another line to my personal naughty list. I played groupie and followed some of my favorite dancers to the Mix Ultra Lounge in Springfield, MO. I've been a huge fan of the Men Of Skin from Kansas City, MO for the past few years. Led by Zion, they are talented performers and in the vernacular ... sexy MoFo's. They always put on a great show, dance their asses off, and are such super nice guys. Well, 'nice' in many ways but particularly in the way that I like to define the word. At Mix Ultra Lounge, I met two of the boys that I had not met before: Rictor and Leo. They were the featured go-go dancers for the evening.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital Men Of Skin Dancer: Leo
   My partner and I found easy parking at the back of the club. We entered and there was no door charge. Mix Ultra Lounge has the neighborhood bar feel. We felt comfortable and at home immediately. The crowd was mostly men with a few women here and there. I noticed a few cowboy hats so I experienced an instant twinge of happiness. We ordered drinks from the friendly bartender, a jack and coke and a long island ice tea. The prices fit right in with the average prices we've paid at other similar locations. There are several video screens around the bar, particularly in a sitting area that surrounds a pool table. We made our way to the sitting area and got comfortable, sipping our drinks while anticipating the dancers.

Video Source: Michael Hill Digital Men Of Skin Dancer: Leo
   I noticed that the pool table had been covered and transformed. When Leo stepped up, it was revealed that the pool table had become a male dancer box, and I had a front row seat. WOOT! Ok, let's just get the information out there - Leo has the most amazing ass. The way he moved that thing let me know immediately that he was a fellow compadre of the naughty list. I took great pleasure in taking pics, shooting videos and tipping it, I mean him! And Leo is a total sweetheart.

Video Source: Michael Hill Digital Men Of Skin Dancer: Leo
   Rictor was first dancing at the other end of the club on a raised platform while Leo was shaking that ass on the pool table. After a while, they switched and Rictor came to our end of the building. He brought his own nice ass-ets to the table along with that chest. Of course, a chest like that requires an up close and personal inspection. And while I was there, I thought I might as well determine why his underwear was expanding in the front. And I did, inspect and determine. And tip. The Men Of Skin are known to reach out to the customers and make sure they are having a good time. Rictor held true to the cause as well.

Photo Source: Men Of Skin Facebook Page The Men Of Skin Dancers
   I wholehardedly recommend Men Of Skin for your club, party or event. They will entertain and please your guests/customers. Also, if you see that they will be performing in your area, go, watch, participate, and enjoy! Special thanks to Leo and Rictor for delivering on the entertainment! Also, thanks to Mix Ultra Lounge for treating us like regulars!
   Since Santa won't be dropping by, I thought maybe I'd ask one (or more) of the Men Of Skin to sample my milk and cookies. I'm suggesting an exchange. They can sample mine and I'll sample theirs. Until next time, Happy Holidays!


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