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Mike's Males In Motion Christmas List

   Happy Holidays from Males In Motion! Before I write any further I need to inform you that I have been drinking a lot of eggnog. This eggnog is lite on the egg and heavy on the nog. So, If I get my words, phrases or ideas all turned around, you'll hopefully understand why. After about the sixth or seventh cup of eggnog, I had a brilliant idea to write a Christmas list. And of course, it all involves exotic male dancers or the clubs where they perform! I've listed 16 items and they are in no particular order of importance, I want them every one! Read on and find ideas to add to your list. And have some eggnog! (See recipe video at bottom of blog).

Area 18 ~ Tulsa, OK

Photo Source: Area 18 Facebook Page
1. I want to experience the most underwear time of the year at Area 18 in Tulsa, OK. It's like walking in an under wonderland. They bring in boys from all around who fill their ACs just right and help to make my season bright.

X-Room at Mardi Gras ~ Springfield, MA

Photo Source: X-Room Facebook Page
2. I want to deck the halls with dancer Logan at X-Room in Springfield, Massachusetts. In my mind, it would be more of an undecorating event.

Toolbox Saloon ~ Columbus, OH

Photo Source: Toolbox Saloon Facebook Page
3. I want to polish 'ornaments' at the Toolbox Saloon in Columbus, OH. Rub them until they sparkle! I'll rub them in the box before taking them out. And rub them again when they're hanging free just for good measure.

Ricky Roman ~ Los Angeles, CA

Photo Source: Ricky Roman Facebook Page
4. I want a star to top my tree. After placing various male dancer porn stars on top, I want Ricky Roman. He causes more glow!

The Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans, LA

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket
5. I want to grab a few (or more) candy canes at the Corner Pocket in New Orleans, LA. How many licks does it take to get to the center...wait, wrong candy, but right idea!

Swinging Richards ~ Atlanta, GA

Photo Source: Swinging Richards Facebook Page
6. I want to sit on Santa's lap at Swinging Richard's in Atlanta, GA. I don't even mind that he won't have any pants on. It's also ok that he won't be old and fat.

Share Nightclub ~ Las Vegas, NV

Photo Source: Share Nightclub Facebook Page
7. I want to jingle all the way with the male dancers at Share Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV. They would join me for a ride in my hung-like-a-horse open sleigh.

Fairytail Lounge ~ New York, NY

Photo Source: Fairytail Lounge Facebook Page
8. I want to enjoy a little ding, dong, ding, dong at Fairytail Lounge in New York, NY featuring the men of Adonis Lounge and Spunk. Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, throw cares away. I love to reach up and ring those bells.

Boxers And Briefs ~ St. Louis, MO

Photo Source: Mikey Berner
9. I want to be a little ho-ho-ho at Boxers And Briefs in St. Louis, MO. A stiff drink made by my bartender friend Robby and a trip (or two, or three...) to the VIP Lounge would make the night perfectly decadent.

Eddie Eduardo ~ Los Angeles, CA

Photo Source: Eddie Eduardo Facebook Page
10. I want to hang mistletoe with Eddie Eduardo. I'm sure I would find the best location where it should hang. After testing several first of course. Seriously, you don't hang it on a nipple?

Stockbar ~ Montreal, Quebec

Photo Source: Stockbar Website
11. I want to shop online at Maybe this year they'll ship the dancers to my house. When they speak to me with their French Canadian accents, it makes me want to unwrap their gifts.

Men Of Skin ~ Kansas City, MO
Men Of Skin Facebook Page
Photo Source: Men Of Skin Facebook
12. I want to share milk and cookies with the Men Of Skin in Kansas City, MO. We start with the cookies and who knows where it will go from there. Sharing is so special at this time of year.

Rich's ~ San Diego, CA
Rich's Facebook Page
Photo Source: Rich's Facebook Page
13. I want to do a little rockin' around the Christmas tree with the male dancers at Rich's in San Diego, CA. Let's play toy soldiers and have one of their military dress nights.

The Floppy Rooster ~ Miami, FL

Photo Source: The Floppy Rooster Facebook Page
14. I want a holly jolly Christmas at The Floppy Rooster in Miami, FL. Maybe they'll let me climb their pole. No, seriously, I've seen pics where they climb the pole to the top.

G Lounge ~ New York, NY

Photo Source: G Lounge Facebook Page
15. I want to sample the fruit cakes at G Lounge in New York, NY. I love cakes! And when I am soaked in rum, all the better.

The Abbey Food And Bar ~ West Hollywood, CA

Photo Source:
16. The dancers from The Abbey Food And Bar in West Hollywood, CA are my type of holiday carolers. I want them to sing Christmas songs to me while I sip more eggnog. Well heck, they don't really have to sing. Let's just turn on some music and let them do what they do best.

   Well, that's my list for this Christmas. I must leave you now. There is so much to do to get ready. I still have to pack the fudge for shipping. There are presents to be wrapped with condoms. I want to hang a wreath on the whore. I've got to stuff the Stockings. They are brothers, Dick and Phil. I've got to go shopping. I need whipped cream, honey and a cucumber. And that's just for the bedroom. Until next time, Happy Holidays! And don't forget to tip the boyz. I'm off to the mall, if I hurry I'll get to catch Tommy kissing Santa Claus.

   If you want to drink some seriously good eggnog, watch the video below.

From Christmas 2014: The Twelve Days Of Christmas.

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