Tuesday, January 26, 2016

...Butt Changed My Mind
Male Stripper Butts

Photo Source: G Lounge ~ New York, NY
   I had planned to tell a different story for the first blog of 2016, butt changed my mind. Yes, the butt is a powerful thing and while perusing the pics posted from New Year's Eve and earlier in December, I noticed a trend. The butts were beautiful in December. I thought it only fitting that I pause for a January blog and pay homage to the gluteus maximus.

Photo Source: Icon ~ Astoria, NY
   When tipping an exotic male dancer, I always at least once, ask the dancer to turn around so I can tip his backside. I do like a nice ass. And of course, as I tip, it is necessary to squeeze a globe or two. That's just to let the dancer know that you appreciate what he has either been blessed with, or has help to create in the gym, or both.

Photo Source: Neighbours Nightclub ~ Seattle, WA
   I am a true aficionado of the male behind. I like the way they move when a man walks. I like the way that they can fill out a nice pair of jeans or underwear. And when they are attached to an exotic male dancer, I like the way they shake, flex, and then relax. Yea, I like all of that. And we won't even talk about the mountain range that appears on a bed when a man is lying on his stomach. I'll let your imagination go there. If you need a few minutes, just let me know.

Photo Source: Oil Can Harry's ~ Austin, TX
   I have officially declared 2016, the Year Of The Butt! I call upon all readers of this blog to please share nice butt sitings at every opportunity. I'm looking forward to seeing more male butts on Instagram; more male butts on Facebook; more male butts in text messages; more male butts on Twitter; and more male butts on any other social media you use. If you think you have a nice butt, please send me a pic of it and I'll post it at the bottom of this blog. As far as I'm concerned for this blog, every male is an exotic male dancer whether he dances at the club, at an event, at a party, or in the bedroom.

Photo Source: Silverado ~ Portland, OR
   You can send me those butt pics through my Facebook page or email it to mike@malesinmotion.com. If you want any type of recognition for your pic, etc., just let me know. Oh, I'll accept covered butts and uncovered butts; jeans or naked; etc. Until next time, let the butt change your mind. Enjoy the gallery below and as I receive pics I will be adding to it. And don't forget to tip the dancing boy butts in 2016!
Gallery Of Butts

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans, LA

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans, LA

Photo Source: Christian Cakes on Facebook

Photo Source: Piranha Nightclub ~ Las Vegas, NV

Photo Source: X-Room at Mardi Gras ~ Springfield, MA

Photo Source: Cobalt King ~ Daddies of Eden

Photo Source: Share Nightclub ~ Las Vegas, NV

Photo Source: Revolver Video Bar ~ West Hollywood, CA


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