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Add A Male Stripper To Your Private Party

   It's time to take your party to the next level! Males In Motion recommends that you hire an exotic male dancer for your next private event. You've become the 'host-with-the-most' as they say, but why not create a party event this year that exceeds all expectations? In this blog, I will try to answer a question or two, and provide a few tips that hopefully will contribute to your next party being the one everyone talks about for months after.

    Mike's Recommendations For Hiring An Exotic Male Dancer
    For A Private Party
    • Alcohol and Food
    • Location and Decorations
    • Getting The Word Out
    • Entertainment: My advice to you is to ask an exotic male dancer what they charge. If they charge more than your budget can afford, tell them what your budget is and see if you can make a deal. Ask them how long they will dance/entertain for the amount you have available. If they are willing to come for a shorter time, you still get your special entertainment, and if tipping is going well, they will stay longer. Male dancers who have recently started, or who have had few gigs lately, are often willing to work for less. Some money is better than no money. But be aware also, the male dancers who are in demand will cost more but will usually also deliver high quality entertainment.

    • Go with a holiday or event: New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gra, St. Patrick's Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Holiday Season, Football Bowl game, Olympics, Grand Prix, World Series, Oscars or other awards show, etc.
    • Or, go with a male image icon: Cowboy, Leather, Sports, Military, Hollywood Movie, Firemen, Policemen, Gladiator, Medical doctor, Super Heroes, etc.
    • Or, go with an ethnic or other type theme: Hawaiian Luau, Mexican Fiesta, German Oktoberfest, Beer or Wine Tasting, etc.

    • MAKE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR THE MALE DANCER CLEAR ~ I recommend that you provide a written description/list of what you expect from the exotic male dancer. An email will work for this. Just make sure that the dancer did receive the email. Include the following information in the email.
    • What time should the dancer be ready to perform? What time is his gig finished?
    • How much are you going to pay him?
    • What costuming do you expect? Ask him to wear something that reflects your theme. Also, ask him to bring 3 choices. That way if you do not like the first one, you have two other options. This also will provide costume changes should he need them.
    • What is their responsibilities for the night? Go-go dancer standing on a box? Work the room and act like a host? Will they be doing audience participation events like lap dances, birthday celebrations, etc.?
    • What are the limits for audience interaction? A private party is less formal than dancing at a club or public event. Nudity is often allowed and/or encouraged, or even required. Make sure that you and the dancer have an understanding of what will be required for the gig as it relates to audience participation. Determine this up front before you agree to hire the dancer. When everyone knows the expectations, it helps eliminate any misunderstandings.
    • Provide a safe place for dancer to store their things while performing. The last thing you want is to be responsible for replacing items stolen from the dancer while he is performing at your party. Most will travel to your place and change into costume, underwear, etc., once they have arrived. A room or place where their personal items can be locked up would be helpful and considerate.

    • Once their job is completed and they are ready to leave, pay the dancer what you owe them.
    • If you have agreed to pay by check, then have it filled out, signed and hand it to them
    • If you are paying cash, create a receipt of cash payment and have them sign it. Then hand them the agreed amount in cash. I like to add a little extra for a tip, if and only if, they did an exceptional job entertaining.
    • Some dancers will require prepayment and do accept credit cards.

   I hope this information has helped you start planning for your next party. It is time for summer fun which means pool parties, 4th of July celebrations, picnics, barbecues and lots of outdoor fun. Make plans now to hire an exotic male dancer for your summer events. If you are having difficulty finding an exotic male dancer in your area, check out the Males In Motion website. Click on 'Dancer Search' and select your area from the drop down menu. If you are still having trouble locating an exotic male dancer, click here and send me an email. In the email tell me the area where you are located and the date of your event. I'll see what I can do to provide you with options for hot, sexy male dancers for your party.

   Until next time, send me an invitation to your private party! And, don't forget to tip the boyz!

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Selecting A Male Stripper For Your Event Or Private Party

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  1. Good info Mike! :) and don't forget the photographer for your party that can capture some memorable images!

  2. Thanks for sharing. If you are ever looking for work give Portsmouth Exotic Dancers a call!