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Club Review: 2012 All-Nude Boxers-N-Briefs
Near St. Louis, MO

   If you have been a follower of my blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that I mention Boxers-N-Briefs often. There are at least three reasons for this. First, it is often the closest all-nude male strip club to where I am working. Second, it was the very first all-nude male strip club that I visited and I had so much fun that I have continued to return over the past few years. And third, I have always found at least one sexy male dancer at the club that made me want to come back for more.

   So, it may come as no surprise that this year when I was deciding where to celebrate my birthday, I chose Boxers-N-Briefs. My group of three stopped in at BnB on Saturday, May 19. It is funny to me that even now when I walk into an all-nude male strip club, I have a momentary shock as I see the first live nude dancer of the night on stage or on the bar. I'm sure this is a result of my conservative midwest/southern upbringing. The shock of course is one of excitement and an urgency to get inside and see more.

   We entered the club and followed a sign that said to pay at the bar. We paid the $10 cover and ordered our first drinks. Do not expect cheap drinks here. They weren't. But that's not unusual for a club of this kind. There are nightly drink specials that will save you a few dollars so check them out before ordering. While at the bar, ask for the bartender Rob. He is one of the nicest people you'll meet and a great bartender. Tell him Mike from Males In Motion says hi.

   As is our normal procedure, we found a table near the bar so we could watch the dancers on the bar. There are usually two at a time and they rotate throughout the night. There is also a shower and the night we were there, we watched three different dancers in the shower. Very nice! After they finish, they will walk around with a bucket for tips. Drop a buck or two (or more if you wish) into the bucket. I mean just think about it...a hot male dancer, naked, soaping up and rinsing off in the shower right before your very eyes...most enjoyable and worth giving a tip!

 (Pic above: BnB Male Dancer Chino...Hey Chino, thanks for letting us use the pic. Sorry we missed you this trip. We'll catch you next trip!)
   If you want to tip the dancers at the bar, make your way to the bar and take a seat on one of the bar stools. The dancers move around to the customers and stop to dance in front of them. They start out in underwear but as the tips begin to come in, they remove the underwear but wear socks so they have a place for you to put the tips. A dancer will usually stay in front of you until you have stopped tipping, then will move on to the next customer.

   The highlight of this BnB excursion was a dancer that goes by the name of Bailey. He is tall and slim, brown hair, and has a light scattering of body hair on his chest and flat stomach. Bailey kept my group company often during the night stopping by to joke around, flirt and keep us interested. He found out from one of my friends that it was my birthday and stopped by to give me a shoulder and neck rub. Thank you Bailey! If you get the opportunity to stop in at BnB please spend some time with Bailey. You'll be glad you did.

   If you would like to be the center of attention for a dancer, purchase a private lap dance. Ask the bartender the pricing. You can receive a lap dance from a male dancer while he is in underwear for one price, and for a little more, he will dance fully nude. There are club policies and laws I'm sure concerning their conduct while in the private lounge, just ask the male dancer for the specifics.

   There is a stage with a pole in another area of the club. When it is busy, there will be at least one and sometimes two other dancers at that stage. The stage has chairs all the way around it. You can sit and watch the dancers and tip from your seat. Keep an eye out for your favorites and step to this stage when they are up.

   I have a few pointers to share to make your experience at BnB the best it can be. Saturday night is one of the busiest times at the club. The dancers are a mix of straight and gay. The straight dancers are usually gay-friendly, however, as in most male strip clubs, when the ladies arrive, the straight guys tend to gravitate in their direction. It's only natural. I recommend that anyone, but particularly gay men, go to the club on a Thursday or Friday night. You will get more attention, and isn't that what we want! When there are fewer customers, but several dancers, they work harder for the tips and you'll be the one who benefits. Also, if you like a dancer and want to tip him, move to the bar or stage where he is dancing when he first steps up. If he is a popular dancer and there are a lot of customers who want to tip him, his session may be over before you've had the opportunity.

   Male strip clubs like BnB hire new dancers all the time. It is rare to see the same dancer at the same club for several years. Dancers come and go. The mix of types changes as well. On this trip most of the dancers were slim, younger, caucasian or latino and cute. If you are into size, well, there were several dancers who would make you happy. All of those in the shower shows would have met your expectations and more.

    Links for Boxers-N-Briefs:
  • BnB Website
  • Location:
  • Phone: 618 332 6141 AFTER 6:30 PM, TUESDAY THRU SUNDAY

IMPORTANT: Follow the directions to the club on their website. Do not rely on your GPS. It may take you through areas that you really don't want to go. BnB is in a safe area.

   I'm already planning a future visit to Boxers-N-Briefs. Until next time, go find Bailey at Bnb. And don't forget to tip!

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