Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The 9 Inches Of Success Inch 4:
Show Some Skin And They Will Come In

   I hate to do it but sometimes the truth just can't be hidden any longer. So, in an effort to be straightforward and truthful, I must declare in this blog to all exotic male dancers, 'It's not your dancing ability that they are coming to see.' The reality is...the crowd will follow where they think they can see more or 'do' more when they tip. When you get a group of men or women who are sexually charged and slightly inebriated, high or even drunk, they tend to throw their inhibitions to the wind. I have seen fans who try to grab-and-hold-on for the ride. I have seen fans who have tried to provide an oral service to the dancers while they are dancing. I have watched fans dry hump a dancer until forcefully removed by a bouncer. It is up to the dancer to set their own personal boundaries, and then follow the policies of the club/bar, and the local laws.'s been said. Those of you who fancied yourself as a great dancer well, that's ok and it is an important asset. However, if the truth be told, fans of exotic male dancers are entering the bars and clubs to see naked men. Or if they can't be naked, they are entering the doors to watch hot men wearing very little clothing and they just happen to be dancing.


   Case in point: In the stats for the blogs that I have written for Males In Motion over the past few years, I have had the most hits on blogs with titles that contain the partial phrases 'nude male', 'naked male', 'nude men', or 'naked men'. It's a no-brainer. So, if you are going to be a successful exotic male dancer, you're going to have to reveal some skin. One of my favorite phrases for Males In Motion is "Show Some Skin And They Will Come In". You can be a very talented dancer but if I'm not teased by the absence or removal of clothing, and if I have another choice, I'm going to take my ass and pocket change elsewhere. I'll be following the dancing boys who are more open to exposure. It's simple gay male behavior.


   Now although I definitely enjoy naked men dancing such as those at Swinging Richards in Atlanta, Boxers-N-Briefs near St. Louis, and Stockbar in Montreal, we all know there are clubs where nude men dancing is not the preference, and/or it is not legally allowed. So, what can you do at those venues where wearing only your birthday suit is not allowed? I have a few suggestions about that. (I'm sure you're all surprised.)


    How To Show Some Skin When Nudity Is Not Allowed
  • Wear underwear or costumes made of tight fitting material that leaves very little to the imagination.
  • Wear clothing made of see-through mesh if allowed. Even wearing mesh underwear with a thong underneath hints to nudity even though the 'boys' are covered.
  • While dancing give a little peep show of what you're packing. To me this is often more fun than having everything totally out there. Now, do this only if there won't be repercussions such as getting fired or getting arrested.
  • If you're comfortable with it, give a little sneak peek of your junk when a fan comes up to tip. This will encourage more tipping. But as mentioned before, do this only if you won't be fired or arrested.
  • Make yourself available to dance at private parties where clothing can be optional. But it is important that you show or reveal only what you are comfortable doing. The audience will always want more from you. Know your limits. If they ask for more up front than you are willing to provide, do not work this event. If they ask for more than you initially agreed upon, then either stand your ground, leave, or make a new arrangement (with more money I might add).


   So, if you want my tip, you've got to either show me what I want to see, or give me extra attention, or both. Yes, I'm easy but so are most exotic male dancer fans. Set your limits because I'm going to push to see what I can see, or do what I can do. It's just my nature. Until next time, I'll be watching for the peep show. And I'll tip.
(Photo source for all pics in this blog: Males In Motion archives)

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