Sunday, April 1, 2012

The 9 Inches of Success Inch Three: Make Sure
It Looks Good To Me!

   This blog continues my series, "The 9 Inches Of Success", where I am giving you nine inches and if you're smart, you'll accept every inch. **wink** Well, it's not actually inches but characteristics found in successful exotic male dancers. The first two blogs in the series were "Give Me Some Attention" and "Tease Me To Please Me". In the third installment of the series I hope to impart a piece of wisdom that says, "Make Sure It Looks Good To Me". What we're really saying is this...I'm the one who has the money in my pocket. The exotic male dancer wants me to take it out of my pocket and give it to him in tips. So, if you want to motivate me to tip your briefs, thong, costume, or jockstrap, then you'd better make sure it looks good on you, but more importantly, make sure it looks good to me!
   I've always thought there should be an alternative to the Hooter's restaurant, a favorite for many a straight man (and a few lesbians I'm sure). In my dream restaurant Baskets and Buns, or something just as campy, I would have well-built young male waiters, bartenders, etc., wearing costumes that were created for their individual strengths. In the designs there would be a cowboy, cop, leather guy, baseball player, military men from each branch, etc. Each costume would have as a base, a pair of briefs, shorts or costume pants that fit perfectly. Because...being the voyeur that I am, I want to watch my waiter when he's walking toward me and when he is walking away. And I want to see that he amply fills the important regions below. And for those that have great arms and/or a great chest, well, those strengths would definitely not be covered, but put on display. Still with me? Read on.
   Now, let's take the costumes and move them to the bar or club and see the exotic male dancers wearing them. As any reader of mine knows, a cowboy hat on a dancer will have me up and tipping quickly. For others, a sports figure, a marine, sailor, or leather sir will do the same for them. And yes, I don't always have to have additional props or pieces of clothing. If a male dancer is wearing a pair of briefs that displays his 'boys' in their fullness, or clings to the bubble butt, then I'm motivated to tip. And I am not alone. We all make quick judgements on what attracts us. I was recently at a club where two male dancers were doing their thing on a platform by the dance floor. Immediately after my group of five had entered the room, one of my friends said, "I like the one on the left". The dancer on the left had a more muscular build and was wearing black boxer briefs that fit him well. The other dancer was cute and a little slimmer, but an attraction judgement was made. Which one do you think my friend tipped? Yep.
   There are many styles of underwear in a variety of colors available to purchase. Personally, most guys prefer certain styles and colors. However, the smart exotic male dancer will not necessarily select what they like, but will go a step further and select something that the potential tippers will like. If you are a go-go boy at a club then make your underwear selection on what is popular with the crowd at that particular club. For example, if it is mostly a college age crowd, then pick something that is current, popular and trendy. If you are dancing at a leather club or event, well obviously, something in leather is a priority. If you are dancing at a club and most of the costumers are men of a more 'mature' age, then my motto has always been, "Show some skin and they will come in." If legal, something that leaves little to the imagination such as mesh will work well. (And they'll tip more too.)
   The main thing is make sure that what you are wearing fits well, is sexy, and captures the attention of the crowd at that specific venue. And don't be afraid to bring changes. If tips are slow, try changing clothes and wear something else. A different style or color may cause a little spark to ignite and motivate a bar patron to drop a few bills in your waistband.
   We are watching! And we will be tipping! Until next time, see if you can catch my attention! It will be worth your while. And for all you exotic male dancer fans out there...find a dancer that catches your eye, and tip him well!


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