Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Club Review: Club Push ~ Fayetteville, Arkansas

   A group of friends and I met at Club Push in Fayetteville, Arkansas on a recent Saturday night. The purpose of our visit of course, was exotic male dancers. Club Push is part of a growing trend of bars and clubs that hosts male dancers one night a week. I had visited the club several times in the past when it was the Tangerine Club to photograph female illusionists. I have developed friendships and have photographed several of the 'ladies' including Taylor Madison Monroe and Tyler Rane. With Club Push now adding a night for exotic male dancers, it was only right that Males In Motion stop by and show our support. (Photo by Michael Hill)
(Taylor Madison Monroe ~left and Tyler Rane ~ right in photo above. Photos by Michael Hill)
   Club Push is located just a few blocks from the main campus of the University of Arkansas and is the local home for the alternative crowd. However, you'll often find a mix of people types and persuasions who enjoy the dance floor, the drag shows, karaoke, and male dancers. Club Push, now under new management and a new name, has undergone updates and renovations. The updates look great especially the back patio. There are three bars, one upstairs between the entrance and Karoake room, one downstairs beside the dance floor, and one out back on the deck patio. It was my duty of course, to sample a drink at each bar and I found all of the bartenders to be friendly and attentive.
   The 'Push Boys', the current male dancers for Saturday nights, are friendly, approachable, and passionate about being dancers at the club. Gentlemen, (and ladies) go and enjoy the eye candy, it is worth a Saturday night visit if you're ever in the area. Place a tip in the waistband of their well-fitting, perfectly selected for the occasion, underwear. And tell them Mike from Males In Motion says hello. (Photo by Michael Hill)
   Also, stop by the Karaoke room and say hello to Brian, a friend of mine for several years. On your way to the Karaoke room you'll pass the first floor bar. We started our night at this bar and noticed a new bartender that I immediately placed in a fantasy in the role of Chippendale dancer. He may not be a part of that organization but definitely has all the right assets to become one. I must say it was a great start for a fun night!
   Until next time, find a club in your area featuring exotic male dancers one night a week. Go out and support the boyz! Tip them well. We want those one-night-stands to keep going strong!

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