Thursday, April 12, 2012

Males In Motion's Most Wanted: Exotic Male Dancers We Want In Our Fantasy Club

   As I travel, I revisit a favorite daydream. I take notice of closed or abandoned buildings and will often say, "that would make a great male strip club". So, although I would be the first to admit that I wouldn't know how to manage the business side of such a club, I do have the desire to own such a club. And the second part of that daydream involves selecting the current working exotic male dancers that I would most want performing in my club. I've pulled my daydream from my thoughts and placed it in a blog. I've concluded that at this point in time, the exotic male dancers listed in this blog are the men that I would most like to SEE, scantily clad (or 'no clad') dancing in my club. They are in no specific order, just view them as a group. They all have particular assets or talent that they can bring to the stage.
Ethan - Chicago
   It's obvious that Ethan has what it takes to be a successful exotic male dancer. You'll want to follow Ethan throughout the Chicago area. Watch his facebook page to see where he will be dancing next.

Travis Irons - Houston
   We first labeled Travis our 'Naughty Boy' back in 2010. Travis is sure to keep you entertained. Check his facebook or twitter accounts to follow him in Houston and around North America.

Jay - NYC
   Jay can be found in features and pics in several Males In Motion blogs over the past two years. He is definitely one of our favorites. You can follow Jay on his facebook page throughout New York City and North America.
  • Jay's Facebook Page
  • Males In Motion Blog Featuring Jay

JP ~ Montreal
   JP dances nude at Stockbar and is often featured on He has become one of our favorites because of his great looks, hot body, and how he moves on the stage.
The Men Of Pan Dulce - San Diego
   Hot latin men dancing in my club! That would definitely be one of my dreams come true. And if they look like the Pan Dulce men...well, "Que empiece la fiesta!" Follow these guys across the state of California.
   Now you know what my daydream club dancers would be like! Let me know about your fantasy club. Who would be peforming? Add a comment below or click here and send me an email! Until next time, dig deep into your pockets and pull out those dollar bills. Then place them deep into the pouches of your favorite exotic male dancers!

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  1. Gee, Hummm No-BLACKS Or LATIN's .....ok !

  2. I do not submit to the unreal world of forced political correctness. Those who truly know me are fully aware that I love exotic male dancers of all ethnic backgrounds. If they are hot, they are hot. If they are not, they are not. Yes, the fact that I didn't include any blacks in this particular blog, doesn't mean anything. Now for the Latins, I just ask, did you really read the blog?