Thursday, December 30, 2010

Introducing My New Blog: Budget Travel Tips For Gay Males Seeking Exotic Experiences

   Keeping myself current in the exotic male dancer industry requires that I do a bit of traveling. I try to live within a budget and when I visit a bar or club to watch male dancers and write reviews, I want to have plenty of cash for tips. It's all about the boyz! And as I have said many times before, when it comes to hot male dancers, I am easy and my money disappears much too quickly. So, over the years I have developed a few strategies that help me save those dollar bills in other areas. This gives me funds when I decide I want to visit the VIP room with that hot blond dancer. And then of course, if I want to follow up with the lean and defined dancer with the tribal tattoo on his left thigh, I can do that as well.

   I had started writing a blog about traveling to cities to visit clubs with exotic male dancers, and began to think of so many tips, ideas, and information for saving money, that I knew there was no way all the information would fit into a single blog. At that point the little light bulb flashed above my head and I had an idea. The thought popped into my head "How about starting a new blog for gay men who like to travel and have exotic experiences, but must stay within a tight financial budget." So, with that focus in mind, Males In Travel was born.

   I have started the new blog this month as a companion blog to Males In Motion. Ladies (and my straight male friends), I am not trying to exclude you and I feel that the tips and information and the pics of men will be of interest to you. However, in this case, I felt I could only write about what I know personally. So, the focus of the new blog is for gay men. And to all readers, please remember that this blog is for men who need to travel on a budget. I will not be writing about the circuit parties, resorts in tropical islands, or luxury hotel stays, that is of course, unless they can be found at a discount. The focus will be on less famous venues where gay men can have a great time for less money. And I hope everyone will like the idea of saving money.

   One feature of each blog in Males In Travel is an Eye Candy section. This section will feature an exotic male who for one reason or another has inspired us. He may be our latest online crush, an exotic male dancer, a porn star, an escort, a masseuse, or the hottest guy we saw that week on Facebook. We've added a pic here of Damien Diego from for a sample. However, he is wearing more clothes in this pic than is the norm for the Males In Travel blogs.

   The focus of the new blog is exotic travel experiences for gay men on a budget. This involves all the things that we like to do when we are not on the clock at work. We are gay men so sex figures prominently in that equation, so we hope to assist our readers in finding those locations for a quick "hook-up" or a search for that special someone for the long haul. We will also be throwing in a few suggestions for pampering yourself with an exotic massage, or maybe an exotic visitor to your hotel room. We hope you'll come along for the ride.

   And since I will be developing my travel ideas fully in that blog, I will stop here and let this be a simple promotional tool for Males In Travel. Until next time, I'll wave when we pass on the road. And don't forget to save some money on travel so you can tip the boys!

NOTE: We invite all our readers to submit articles and/or photos for the Males In Travel blog. If you know of exotic travel experiences on a budget that our readers would like to know about, we want to hear from you. Read our blog Calling All Amateur Exotic Travel Writers And Photographers for more information.

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