Sunday, December 19, 2010

Club Review: End Up Club ~ Tulsa, Oklahoma (Second Review)

   The End Up Club is marking its three year anniversary this month. We congratulate them for this accomplishment. We dropped in on a recent Saturday night to see how far the club has come in its three year history. I actually bar hopped that night and visited End Up twice. For the first visit, I went by myself while my significant other attended a meeting. Tulsa is a location that I can easily get to from where I live and since End Up is in my region, I have always wanted this bar to succeed. I'm not sure how they measure success but since they are still here three years later, they are due some credit for being able to stay around. The bar and night club business can be brutal.

   Upon entering the bar I was greeted by a dancer who was playing pool. He was the only dancer that I recognized from a previous visit. There is a lot of turn over in both dancers and bartenders. As you know, being greeted is something that I think is crucial for the success of any club. I walked up to the bar and the bartender was busy refilling the ice container. He apologized and said he would be right with me, and he was. He was assisted by another bartender or barback and they were very attentive to the needs of the customers. As part of the anniversary celebration, the well drinks for the night were $2.00. So, I had one or two. So far, so good. I want to add here that every time that I have been to the End Up, the bartenders have been exceptional. They are always quick to wait on you, and they do it with a friendly smile, and no attitude. Thanks guys, it makes a difference.

   I made my way around the club and took a seat at the far side of the bar near the pole dancing area and watched a couple of dancers at the pole. Let me stop here and say, the male dancers at the End Up Club are almost always young twinks. I have visited the club several times over the past 3 years and although the faces and names change, the body types do not. I'm not sure if this is a preference of the owner, or if this is the type of dancers available for a club of this kind in the area. For those of you who like the twink physique, this is your gold mine. With that in mind, the young twink mentality is there as well...a little less mature, a little less polished, but they are cute and can be a lot of fun. We will say that there were a couple who probably need to get a membership at a local gym, but most of the dancers were very fit. But I probably need to remind myself at this point that it's "different strokes for different folks" and there are fans who like the cubs.

   I watched a tall, cute and slim dancer with dark hair work the pole. He then received a few tips from nearby customers. When he finished his session at the pole, he stopped by and asked me how I was doing. He went by the name of Trevor. We talked for a while and I discussed Males In Motion and a few other things about exotic male dancers while stuffing a few tips in his underwear. He was wearing the Papi brand and said he liked those best because of the different styles they have available. It being part of my personality, I dropped a few tips I call pearls of wisdom about exotic male dancers and working the crowd. He was very polite and listened. After a few minutes, he left and made his way around the room talking to other customers in the bar. Trevor did his job, gave me a little attention, listened, and then worked the rest of the room. It worked for me! And on any future visit, I will see if Trevor is still working there and drop a few dollars his way.

   I left to pick up my partner and we returned to the End Up about 30 minutes later. When we returned the same dancer at the pool table greeted us. Trevor was at the pole again and stepped to the side area to do a lap dance. He was fun to watch. He stopped by our table and spoke with us for a few minutes. The dancer who had greeted us at the door came by as well. Another dancer had replaced Trevor at the pole. He was a small well-defined dancer. He wore red underwear which for his small stature, was filled out nicely. He was very talented in his work at the pole and entertaining to watch.

   I recommend the End Up Club for guys who like the twink-type dancers. And I must admit that each time I have visited the club, there is always a good crowd by midnight. It is a dive type interior but we never knock those, we've had some of our most fun experiences in that type of place. Go with friends, and go expecting to have fun....and you will find it. Until next time, support the local male strip club in your region. And tip the boys a dollar for me. If you visit the End UP, tip Trevor a dollar for me and tell him Mike at Males In Motion said hello. He'll be the tall one.

Location: 5336 E Admiral Place, Tulsa, OK 74115
Phone: 918-836-0915



  1. As the owner of the End Up I want to thank you for for an honest review of my club.

    As far as us adding more muscular dancers... yeah it is a hard thing to find in Tulsa...if you know if any send them our way our clientele would love to see some beefier looking men.

    As far as me, i like my men in all different shapes and sizes... i like someone who is genuine and can laugh... maybe i am giving a little too much info... lol

    but again thank you... and hope to see you all in here again soon!!!

  2. OWNER: do you permit clientele to be in udnewear too?

    1. I asked one of the bartenders and he said "no, customers are not allowed to be in their underwear." That would only be allowed on special nights like an underwear night where everyone can wear their underwear to the bar.