Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cory ~ Ohio Exotic Male Stripper In Demand

   According to Webster's dictionary the word "tease" can be defined as to tantalize especially by arousing desire or curiosity often without intending to satisfy it. In the exotic male stripper world, Cory has mastered the art of the strip-tease. He tantalizes us by seductively removing his clothes while asking, "Want to come out and play". And of course, our answer will be...well, hell yea!!! Being tantalized wouldn't be such a big deal if he didn't have the goods to back it up but he does. So he begins to dance and then to "arouse our desire" and other things as well.

   By featuring Cory I am satisfying some of my blog readers who like a man with a hairy chest. Just as the smooth-chested boyz have fans, there is a large and growing group of fans who prefer a little fur. And this sexy Ohio male is just the type to make our fans happy. He is a man, not a boy. The pouch on his underwear must therefore be man-sized in order to comfortably secure and present the fellas. And several of the pics in his facebook album show that from the back he is a well-rounded individual as well.

   If you are looking for an exotic male dancer in Ohio or the surrounding states, somewhere in your search you will discover Cory. We've been keeping tabs on Cory through Facebook for about six months. He is in demand and the list of locations where he is performing continues to grow. We've seen posts for his appearances in cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, Sandusky, Toledo, and Akron. He has also posted performances in the states of Pennsylvania and Kentucky. In fact, Cory has helped us to add several locations to our database as we discover clubs where he has performed, that we didn't know about.

   Follow Cory through his Facebook page. You can book Cory to entertain at your party or club from there as well.

   Fully nude performances are not an issue with Cory. He has performed in the "raw" at Flex Bathhouse in Columbus, OH and at Club Cleveland. Hopefully for us he will be performing at either again in the future. I asked Cory about a little facebook rumor that went around a few months ago. He seems to have stirred up a little trouble when he showed a little more than he was suppose to in a certain club. Well, as a fan, I say...WOOHOO!!!! The fact that Cory likes to push things to the edge makes us like him just that much more.

   During these cold winter months go find Cory and let his dance warm you up inside. Show him how much you appreciate that hairy chest and tell him Mike from Males In Motion said "yum", I mean "Hello". Until next time, give a man-sized tip to your favorite exotic male dancer.

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