Thursday, December 2, 2010

Male Stripper Costume Tip 3: Eleven Sexy Underwear To Remove For 2011

   Males In Motion has its own perspective where men's underwear is concerned. Either we want it to give us a hint or outline of what is underneath, or we want it seductively removed. So, we have written our own descriptions of our choices for Eleven Sexy Underwear Choices For 2011. We focus on what we think is important for underwear that is worn by the Exotic Male Dancer. And remember we encourage the exotic male dancer at the club, on stage, or in the bedroom. Everyone should feel sexy in at least one of those venues. Read below and see what style would best fit your needs.

Pikante Arabesque #2 Boxer 8332

   These form fitting boxer brief style underwear have a tie front. We ask, what exotic male dancer fan would not enjoy the opportunity of untying this crotch lace? The striptease is alive and well. Fantasies are easily created when a dancer wears these exotic and jewel tones. The waistband will securely hold those dollar bills as they are eagerly tucked.

Male Power Wings Bikini 490-054

   When the "boys" and the butt have to be covered but you want to show as much as possible, the bikini brief is a perfect choice. The colors red and black are often associated with sensual experiences. The male basket is proudly covered in red and outlined in black giving it emphasis and focus.

Unico Reto Boxer 102D087-86

   Athletes, as well as exotic dancers have a habit of grabbing their privates and tugging. These boxer briefs places all the "goods" in a pouch that seems to be made for this activity. We also like this brief because as we slide a tip in the waistband, our hand can easily (and accidently of course) brush across anything that is "jutting out" in our direction.

Gregg Homme Real Silk Maximiser 76624

   Do we really have to say anything about a thong? Our minds are already racing with what we would like to do with the male who is currently wearing these. If you have the junk in the trunk and the bubble in the back, then it is your duty to wear this for the fans. Enough said.

Timoteo Classic Super Low Brief UB1001

   You guys with the six-pack abs, this is your brief. You've worked hard to firm up your mid-section and it needs to be showcased. And we like to at least visually follow that happy trail, if not by touch. These briefs also enhance the size of the pouch. So, if you would like "things" to appear larger. This is an excellent choice.

Andrew Christian Flashback Trunk 7148

   Yes, these are swimming trunks, but they are perfect for dancewear. If you would like a little lift to the butt, then this item is your gold. It features an invisible lifting support built into the seams of the lining. The use of color in the design works with the lifting support to create a fuller look to the caboose.

Male Power Butler Costume

   A little role play never hurt anyone's love life. This "Butler" costume reminds us of a certain famous male revue and includes shorts, cuffs and bowtie. This costume will serve well for special occasions or exciting private evenings between you and that certain someone. This is pure fantasy. All we can add is "let the fun begin". (I'll take a mansion and 4 or 5 of these please.)

Cocksox Blue Underwear Brief CX01BLUE

   We love these! The Cocksox says, "the family jewels are covered because that is required by law. However, I am going to make sure you see what you came to the show to see." As exotic male dancer fans we can find no fault in the Cocksox. The soft material is sexy, and the fit is seductive. A warning to dancers: The temptation to touch is almost overwhelming.

Timoteo Quake Signature Jock Strap UR1003B

   We've noticed that this jockstrap is popular with several exotic male dancers around North America. And it is popular with Males In Motion as well. Every male stripper needs a jockstrap in their dance wardrobe. The fantasies of athletics crossed over onto the male dancer stage many years ago. This look is as popular as ever. Don't forget to keep making room for the tips!

Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief 9118a

   We like the name and the look of this brief. "Almost Naked" is what we want in a striptease. This anatomically correct brief is said to feel like you're not wearing anything at all. WOOHOO Commando!!! It also touts that the design of the waistband is "anti-muffin" and minimizes the look of love handles. This is perfect for during the big meals of the holidays or less active winter months.

Body Tech Heaven Yellow Bikini WAH764-YELLOW

   Ok, just keeping it real here. We listed this bikini brief at the top and here for not only the product, but the pic of the model wearing the product. So, if this brief caught our attention, then we're sure it will catch the attention of fans everywhere. Now be honest, doesn't your hand just want to reach out and...tip, yes, tip him. That's what we're all thinking isn't it? (SMILE)

   There you have it! Those are our Eleven Sexy Underwear Choices for 2011. Find anything you liked? If not, check out this link for Nuwear's Underwear Close Out Specials. Until next time, strut-your-stuff in that new underwear baby! Oh, and don't forget to tip the boyz!

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