Monday, November 29, 2010

Too Damn Cute! ~ Exotic Male Dancer Anthony ~ Chicago!

   He's just too damn cute! Recently I received an email from a blog reader requesting that I do a feature blog on Exotic Male Dancer Anthony in Chicago. And being the customer service oriented type of guy that I am, I said sure I'll check him out. It must have been fate because just a few days before I had looked up Anthony on facebook and been captivated by that face. (Well, I started at the face.) And so I immediately asked to friend Anthony on Facebook. (And NO, I didn't already know him Facebook! But I wanted to.) I just thought that it would be nice to see that face pop up in my friends box frequently. Sure, it's emotionally shallow of me to behave this way but hey, he's just too damn cute! And besides, he has the complete physical package as well: face, hair, chest, legs, arms, muscles, basket, and oh the butt...

   ...Sorry, I went somewhere in my head for a moment. And of course, Anthony has perfect teeth and likes to wear a cowboy hat. I'll be financially ruined. Once I start tipping him, I won't be able to stop.

   Although he has been dancing at several Chicago clubs like Cocktail and Spin for a while, Anthony recently joined the hot guys of Chi-Town Boyz and Hunters Hunks. That places him at Hunter's in Elk Grove Village on Thursday, December 2. And he will be at Temptations In Franklin Park for Stud Puppy Tuesdays on Tuesday, December 7. (I love that title, "Stud Puppy". Makes me think of...) Sorry, drifted off again.



   You can keep up with Anthony's appearances on his Facebook page. He is always updating his status and posting where he will be performing. And it usually has the tag line of "come and see me at..." Try this little experiment, go to his Facebook page, read his post about where he will be performing, then pretend that you hear him say, "Come and see me" and then imagine you can see that face as he flashes that smile. Ok, and now try to say no. You can't do it!

   Anthony and Males In Motion hope you have a great Holiday Season!    When you go see Anthony (because I know you can't say no), please tell him Mike from Males In Motion said hi, and tip him a dollar for me. Until next time, ask Santa to send me an the one above please. I said "please"!


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