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2010 Males In Motion Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers

   First of all, THANK YOU to all the Exotic Male Dancer fans who have read our blog, supported our website, and given us feedback in 2010. It has been one of our best years and we are very grateful for your participation and response. We commit to providing you with even more news, info and entertainment in 2011 featuring the hot exotic males of North America. (And expanding to Europe in 2011).

   In this blog we are posting our Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers for 2010. There are a lot of sexy dancers out there and we would add many more to our list if we could. However, we have to go with what we know. Which means our list is chosen from dancers we have seen, reviewed, or had contact with in some way during 2010. If your favorites are not in the list email us let us know who they are and where to find them online. We'll try to watch and tip them in 2011. Our top ten are to be considered as a group and are listed in alphabetical order.

Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers For 2010

Anthony, Chicago

We featured Anthony in a blog back in November. He had been requested by a blog reader. His face pops up in Facebook albums connected with clubs and individuals all around the Chicago area. What a cutie!
Read our blog about Anthony:
Too Damn Cute!

We noticed Cory about six months ago. This guy stays so busy. We see his sexy chest and more promoted at clubs all across Ohio.
Read our blog about Cory:
Cory In Demand

Cory, Ohio

Fabion, Milwaukee

Fabion was the first exotic male dancer that we featured in a blog. We were drawn in by those eyes, that face, that body... Let's just say he inspired us, and definitely gave us something to talk about. You can read more about Fabion in our blog:
Fabion, Milwaukee's Best
We featured Greg in a newsletter a few months ago. Greg had posted a video on You Tube that, well, you need to see it if you haven't. Greg has had a great year, he also posed for Playgirl. To find out more check out his facebook page:
Greg's Facebook Page or his website.
And our newsletter for the YouTube video:
Greg's 2011 Calendar

Greg McKeon, West Hollywood (Playgirl)

Jonas, recently Club Arrow, Nashville (closed for now)
Jonas became one of our favorites of the year immediately when we visited Arrow Club in Nashville, TN. We reviewed the all-nude male strip club in a blog and Jonas was one of our main attractions. Read our review of the Arrow Club for more.
UPDATE: Jonas and some of the dancers from Club Arrow have formed a new Male Revue for 2011. You can follow their scheduled appearances on their facebook page.

We first noticed Tim in a YouTube video when we were featuring the work of Ramzhome. Tim made such an impression that we felt it necessary to showcase Tim's talents in his own blog. You can see and learn more about Tim in our blog:
Tim's Blog (Whiplash!)
Also, check out the video work by Ramzhome.

Tim, Dallas

Matt, recently LaBare Austin
We came across a photo of Matt that was taken with a phone camera and shared it online. The response was unbelievable. Fan "word-of-mouth" reviews have made it to our ears of what a nice guy Matt is as well. We will be featuring Matt in a blog in January 2011.
Check out Matt on his Facebook page. See if you can find the pic that caused such a stir! (UPDATE: Click here and read our 2011 blog featuring Matt...Tribal Fires in Austin!)
We've labeled Travis Irons our naughty boy but we also found Travis to be that guy you'd just like to hang out with. In a recent Facebook post Travis announced he was staying in, wrapped up warm on the sofa, and watching a Family Guy marathon. Travis, I've got my blanket, hot cocoa in the mug, and some popcorn...I'll be over in a few. Read our blog featuring Travis:
Naughty Boy Travis Blog

Travis Irons, Houston

The Boys Of F*Word At Splash, NYC

Through his "makes-me-want-to-touch-that" images photographer Michael Bernal introduced us to the boys of F*Word Fridays at the club Splash in New York City. We couldn't single out one hot male from the night to place on our list so we decided just to include them all and count them as two. It's the group that makes the experience what it is. And Michael we still look forward to each week as updates are posted in your facebook photo albums. Thanks again! Read our blog featuring Photographer Michael Bernal and the boyz of F*Word:
Michael Bernal's Blog: Capturing the Magic!.

   Thank you for reading this blog. Our future fantasy dream is to have a year end celebration night where we bring our Top 10 Exotic Male Dancers together for a great show under one roof! WOOHOO!!! Until next time, find your local top ten male dancers and celebrate! Oh, and please tip the boyz something extra for the holidays!

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