Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's All About Dick

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   As a photographer who creates images used to promote the exotic male dancer entertainment industry, it is important that these images capture the attention of my target market. That specific target market is gay men and straight women who enjoy male strippers, go-go boys, male pole dancers, male revues, and male eye candy. That audience likes dick and ass. For that reason, I often dress the models in Andrew Christian underwear. The reason is simple. AC underwear enhances 'the boys', kisses the ass cheeks and as a result, assists in making my images achieve their visually sensual goals. I've placed some of my images and those of other photographers in this blog for you to decide for yourself. Do you agree?

Photo Source: The Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans, LA
   Andrew Christian underwear is designed to display the dick and ass at their best. And it does. The penis and balls are pulled forward and put on display . The fabric hugs the head and shaft of the penis so that a glimpse is seductively presented in the image. This is one tease that I go for in creating images that motivate customers and fans to attend events where exotic male dancers are featured.

Photo Source: Flaming Saddles ~ West Hollywood, CA  Photo by Jason King
   It is my personal opinion that the design of Andrew Christian underwear can help to create an illusion of a longer penis to those who might be seeking such an enhancement. See for yourself, have a friend try on different brands of underwear,including Andrew Christan, and model them for you. That would be a fun activity anyway, just remember to make a comparison, before you get sidetracked into 'other things'. Warning: The sight of a man wearing a pair of AC underwear might cause you to engage in activities that will result in the removal of said underwear.

Photo Source: Southern Nights ~ Tampa, FL
   Because I feel the underwear can make a contribution to the success of exotic male dancers, I chose to become an advertising affiliate with Andrew Christian in 2017. This decision was made because I believe in the product and its benefits to male dancers. You will see ads featuring their underwear in my blog and on my website this year. Anyone who has followed the brand for any length of time, knows that they consistently feature sexy male models in ads, videos, books, etc. You can view each of these on the AC website. These same models have become celebrities in their own right and make special appearances in bars and clubs...wearing the AC brand underwear! Do you have a favorite? I do. I've always favored Cory Zwierzynski (below).

Photo Source: Cory Zwierzynski Facebook


Photo Source: Sidetrack The Video Bar ~ Chicago, IL

Photo Source: Fubar ~ Los Angeles, CA
    Many of you may have competed in their Trophy Boy or model contests. My first introduction to Andrew Christian was through such a contest. Jake Hauser worked with AC for a time after winning one of the contests. I had followed Jake previously and during that time with the Men Of Skin out of Kansas City, MO. I am a fan of the Men Of Skin and have photographed them many times.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   I also use other brands of underwear in my photography costumes but I recommend to all exotic male dancers to have at least one pair of Andrew Christian underwear in their garment bag. The AC underwear helps them to provide a wow factor that the customers/fans will enjoy and we hope encourage them to place more tips in the waistband.

Photo Source: Area 18 ~ Tulsa, OK   Photo by: Rick Craig
   Until next time, try on a pair of Andrew Christian underwear. check out the sale tab on their website. And customers/fans don't forget to show your appreciation by tipping the dancing boys!

We love how AC underwear looks on exotic male dancers!

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