Sunday, February 26, 2017

Could you check under my hood please? ~ Ricky "the Mechanic" Spanish ~ Our February Obsession

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Josh New
   In the 13 years that Males In Motion has been in existence, It would be hard to remember a dancer that has caused such a stir. Everyone is falling in love with Ricky. Customers resemble a deer in headlights upon first contact with Ricky. They go into this staring mode where their eyes follow him around the room. They then realize those dollars are not going to stay in their pocket much longer. Yep, Ricky is going to get them sooner or later. Watch as they start looking around the room trying to locate the ATM. I try to reassure them that they are in good company. It has happened to many of us!

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Asher Photography
   Is it his infectious smile? Is it the "hello!" body! Is it the personality that makes you want to reach into your pocket, take out dollars, and keep placing them in his waistband? Yes, probably all of that and more.

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page
   We fell under the Ricky "the Mechanic" spell a few weeks ago on a visit to Area 18 in Tulsa, OK. We could see he was something special then, but we had no idea the effect he was having on others. Over the past few weeks, we've observed posts on Facebook where all types of propositions have been sent Ricky's way. Of course, these were all in fun...*wink, wink*. Ok, so one or two of them might have belonged to us. I might have said something like "my radiator overheated and is in need of repair". I mean, after all, his dancer name is the Mechanic. Who wouldn't want a mechanic like that under your hood? Just sayin' ...


Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Asher Photography
   We've got more... who wouldn't want him to park his car in your garage? Who wouldn't want Ricky to come check out your back seat? Who wouldn't want Ricky to put it in drive? I can keep going but for now, I'll leave the stick shift alone,and postpone that oil check until later.

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Rick Craig
   And what song would be playing on the radio in our car? We went back a few years for Pebbles and her "Mercedes Boy". I've posted it below so you can let it play and look at Ricky's pics. Go ahead and listen to the music and take Ricky for a ride in your Mercedes.

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Josh New
   We've named Ricky "the Mechanic" Spanish our February obsession. And I think it's pretty obvious why. If you find yourself in the Tulsa, OK area, stop in at Area 18 and check out Ricky's engine. And if you aren't in the area, click one of the pics and follow him on social media. Ricky does live broadcast from the club some nights.

Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Asher Photography
   Until next time just remember, life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long. And, don't forget to tip the boyz!

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  1. You are right on about Ricky, I would have to say for me it's his lips.