Saturday, September 30, 2017

We Can't Get Enough - DeMarcus Montrese ~ Males In Motion September Obsession

   Eye contact is made! You can't look away, not that you would want to. Of course, that happens after you've already scanned up and down and back again. Then you realize that you haven't been breathing for a few minutes and you exhale. Then the ol' imagination takes over. I wonder what it would be like to kiss those lips. I wonder how it would feel to rub a hand across that chest, and then slowly move in a downwards direction. I wonder what it would be like ... (you take it from there.)
   I'm just keeping it real. I know that's what we're all thinking. That is where my mind went when I first noticed DeMarcus. That was several months ago. And I've been following him regularly on social media ever since. And then this past week, he shows up in a pic from Charlie's in Las Vegas...and is dressed as a cowboy. That was the last straw. The obsession which had been moving through me was then complete.
   If you can move past his smoldering good looks, you'll find that yes, he is a pretty face and hot body but he's so much more. DeMarcus is a talented dancer, actor, entertainer, designer, etc., and all of this just makes you admire him even more.

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   And did I mention that smile. Talk about lighting up a room. Ok, so I'm gushing again. So what? I'm allowed to enjoy some substantial male eye candy that is packaged with such quality. Honestly, I can't get enough of DeMarcus. That is why he has been chosen as the Males In Motion September Obsession.
   I've placed the Taio Cruz song Higher featuring Kylie Minogue in this blog to try to explain how I feel when I see DeMarcus. Click play and listen to the song as you look back over the pics of DeMarcus.


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   You can find DeMarcus performing in Las Vegas. Check his Facebook page to see where he'll be when you're in Vegas. Tip him once for me! We're convinced you'll develop your own obsession for DeMarcus.
   Until next time, support your local dick dancer bar. Keep the boys dancing!

Click below and watch those sexy French Canadian boys!

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