Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bottom Of The Cup

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   One of my favorite simple pleasures is that first cup of coffee when I wake up. I have been a coffee drinker/fan since I was 17 years old. That was many moons ago. Over the years the way I brew my coffee has gone through several evolutions. This past year my java fanaticism moved forward with progress. Now I make one cup at a time and I'm loving it. So what? You might ask. What does this have to do with male strippers, big bulges and bubble butts? Keep reading and I'll explain.
   For years I was the collect-the-gold-stars at Starbuck's coffee drinker. I have now joined the Keurig revolution. I don't do pre-made k-cups. I have the little plastic cups with paper filters that fit them. I also splurged and purchased a very nice coffee grinder so I could grind beans (for the great aroma that fills the room). The days of full pots at home in my old Mr. Coffee, and coffee drive-through are over. The fact that I love coffee hasn't changed. What has changed is the technology and lifestyles around me helping a new way of making coffee to emerge and become popular.

Photo Source: Michael Hill Digital
   Everything changes. And just as my coffee procurement has changed, the exotic male dancer experience has changed as well. In a past blog I spoke about how our industry and related businesses go through a sifting and shuffling approximately every three to five years. From my point of observation, 2017 has been a period of drastic changes in the industry. Some of these changes have been gradual and have finally reached their fruition. Others were abrupt and surprising to those involved. I still love tipping the dancing boys, lap dances and male strip shows. But the environment in which these activities take place, has changed around me.
   I've witnessed several bars/clubs that feature exotic male dancers close their doors. I've watched people in the industry step out and move to different unrelated careers. Male dancers have put their pants back on, at least in public.
   Why are these changes occurring now? There are two main reasons that I have observed personally. First, the customer base for this type of bar/club has changed. Second, bars and clubs have had to go into survival mode and have had to split their focus both in their entertainment and the target market they are trying to reach.
   The male strip club customer of the past was mainly gay men. The ladies enjoy their male revues but this type of entertainment is more of a Las Vegas or Broadway production. The bar with the male dancer on the box is still around but is becoming a rarity. At one time this was the staple for male stripper entertainment as the gay patrons would stuff dollars in the waistbands of the local college boys who were working their way through school by showing some skin. Some of these expanded and there would be several male dancers on a larger stage or on the bar. A VIP room or lounge was usually available for private lap dances. This type of entertainment venue is beginning to disappear due mainly to a drop in customer patronage.
   What used to be a place for gay men to meet has been largely replaced with phone apps. There is no need to go to the club to find those of like-mind, or like-attraction. With the increase in diversity, many in the LGBT community are not necessarily seeking an exclusive LGBT type bar. Global Male Productions is based in Southern California and provides some of the hottest male dancers for bars and clubs in the area. In a recent email pertaining to the closing of NUMB3RS in San Diego, they stated, "It is very sad to see another legendary gay nightclub close it's doors leaving Hillcrest, San Diego's prominent LGBT community. As diversity flourishes in our societies and communities, and the younger LGBT generations have a lesser need for exclusive LGBT nightclubs, it is quite possible that we will see more and more legendary nightclubs close it's doors in our LGBT communities over time."
   In order to get bodies through the door clubs today particularly in smaller cities are having to cater to many different types of customers in order to survive. There are often event nights held to reach different groups. There are clubs that have a male stripper night, drag show night, lesbian night, leather night, etc. There are those who are now serving food or having cookouts on weekends. Except in larger cities, there are not enough customers frequenting these clubs when they have a single focus such as male strippers. It is a tough balancing act to try and keep everyone happy while making sure enough revenue is passing through your door.
   What can be done? Let's go back to coffee. When I have finished off that first wonderful cup of coffee, what do I do? I pour another cup. The analogy can be applied to the exotic male dancer entertainment industry. A bar or club can be revived and brought back from the brink when the customers begin to return. Let the bars and clubs know that you are grateful that they provide a place for the sexy male dancers to perform by parking your butt in a seat on a regular basis. There are three attitudes you can adopt to help bring about a resurgence of the male strip club. Be present. Be generous. Be demonstrative.
   Be present. It is more important now than ever to support your local dick dancer bar. That support can be in many different places. First, and foremost, visit the clubs as often as you can. Make your local dick dancer bar the destination for taking friends for life celebrations such as birthdays, promotions, etc. When you travel, visit a male strip club before you go back home. (Then tell me all about it.)
   Be generous. Always tip the boyz. If you have a limited income, select one particular dancer that you really like and tip them to encourage them to continue dancing at that location. Tip your bartenders.
   Be demonstrative. Take an active part in assisting in the success of the bars, clubs, events and male dancers. Support them on social media... like or heart their posts so they know someone is following them. Then share their posts with your friends' list. Check in when you are at a male strip club to provide that club with free promotion. Where it is allowed, do live broadcasts letting all your followers know how much fun you are having.
   If you are a dancer, do live broadcasts while at the club inviting your friends to join you. Also, posts your appearances online several times before the event. Make sure that you include the name of the club, the address, and any other important information. Support the clubs that provide a location for you to perform and earn tips!
   Until next time, I'll see you at the club! And I'll be watching for your "likes", "shares", "heart" on the male dancer posts! Let's keep this industry strong! Save the bulge!

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